An Interview with "Doctors and Dads" Star Bryan Slater

June 29, 2011
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If there are two things that I love in a porn, it's doctors and dads. As luck would have it there's a new flick for your dick that's called just that. One of the stars of "Doctors and Dads", sexy porn daddy Bryan Slater, let us examine him and his work via phone interview in anticipation of the movies release (out now).

AA: So tell us about your new film "Doctors and Dads":

JK: It's a Joe Gage movie, he directed it for Ray Dragon who's producing. And I've worked with Joe a lot. Joe and Ray, lately, have been exploring the whole upper range of ages in gay porn. Just last year Joe Gage won best director at the GayVN awards for a film called "Dad Takes a Fising Trip", and although I don't know that it was ever verified, that it's one of the few mainstream releases that has older porn actors in a movie. And he was actually nominated for best actor for his work at the GayVN, which is really kind of cool. So this is kind of continuation of that. The gist of it is, I play a doctor, and Spike plays a father who brings his son, played by Black Alexander, into my office and the father's concerned that he, the son, is maybe a little hornier than he should be and its up to me to examine him, and to convince him that there's nothing wrong. Of course I take advantage of both of them.

AA: Do you prefer doing movies where there's a little bit more plot? I ask because as viewers I know a lot of people have a preference.

BS: It depends. I've certainly done quite a bit of both and Joe Gage tends to be very scripted. And every one else tends not to be, he likes that. He's a little old school that way and I just love him so much that I'm willing to go do whatever he's got in mind. So I get it because I know his aesthetic and his is all about the build up to having sex. Kind of cranking up that tension. It's a fun challenge and it certainly makes being the lead more interesting.

AA: From what I hear it can be pretty complicated.

BS: Sometimes it can, well for instance, again, I have to use Joe Gage because I think the most complicated stuff I've done has been for him. I did a shoot for Titan that he directed called Battlecreek Breakdown and I actually had to get to town a day early for a costume fitting. That was a first and so they were working with a costume studio, and I had to be fitted, and they had to make some alterations, they needed a day in which to do all that and then the next day we went on location and shot the scene, and the scene actually had blocking and the cameras had blocking and actually moved some during the shooting of the scene, we had a shot at night which even further complicates things.

AA: Do you identify as a Daddy in real life?

BS: That's kind of an interesting question. The short answer is yes...ish. Three years ago when I got offered my first scene I saw pictures of my scene partner before I agreed to do the scene. These were very much amateur pictures, you know like cell phone type pictures that I saw of him. So it's difficult to tell really anything about him, about his body about his age. I did not know his age ahead of time, but when I arrived on the set I expected to be paired with someone about my age, but this guy looked 18 at least. I thought, "Oh my god is he legal?" And after I forced him to show me his ID to verify that he was legal, I realized, he's fine, it's no big deal. Then the next sort of realization was, I thought, "oh my gosh, this is my very first scene and it never occurred to me that I was entering this industry as a daddy." I don't know what I was thinking; I guess I wasn't thinking of it at all. Clearly if you're pairing me, and at that point I was 42, if you're pairing a 42 year old with a 24 year old, its a daddy-son team.

So I have to tell you, I was not terribly comfortable with that idea in my head, because it was new to me, because I had never really thought about it before. I had a good time. But I just thought, "wow, I'm a daddy?" I don't feel like a daddy. I don't even know what that even means or feels like. In the years to come, I have discovered that, yes that is in fact where I am, and pretty much why I tend to get cast. Even though frequently I have been cast opposite people who are about my age, most of the time I'm cast against someone who's clearly younger than I am. And I actually really quite enjoy it now; I'm perfectly fine with that. Please bring on the twinks.

AA: Well whatever you are, it sounds like you're having fun.

BS: I am. Well my boyfriend said, "If you're not going to have fun doing it then there's no point." And he's right. It's funny on the set of "Doctors and Dads", I had a conversation with Joe Gage after we wrapped the scene and I said, "Joe, I didn't have any kind of strategy when I started working in porn. I just took the scene and then was offered another and said okay and then just kind of worked that way. I sort of have a feeling that, at the age of 45, maybe this whole porn thing is running its course and maybe I need to be thinking about an exit strategy." And he looks at me and he's frowning and goes, "What the hell are you talking about?!" I said, "Well, I think maybe I've overstayed my welcome. I'm older and I don't know. How long can I really do this? Shouldn't I just quit while I'm ahead?" And he went, "do you not want to do it anymore?" "I'm having an okay time, mostly I'm having a fantastic time." And he said, "Then don't worry about it. You've got he best position of any one I know in the industry just because you don’t need to do it. It isn't necessary for your livelihood and you don't have to take everything that’s offered to you. You don't have to go out and meet people to get scenes, you just take whatever comes. And if nothing comes, nothing comes." And that's kind of the way I've been working. There's been no plan, except does it look like I'm going to have a good time, and if so I do it.

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Its always nice when a movie has a plot since just watching actions take place with no story behind it can leave you wondering what led to the need for a hero to blow things up or start kissing and using terms of endearment right away in the first place. When you know its entertainment then its fine and dandy but if a stranger showed up and said some line from a movie then the result might not be as nice as the way the director directed the scenes in the movie. Entertainment gets its fun from the fact that we can observe something without being drawn into knowing the characters personally much like being on the sidelines at a game and knowing the the moves wont go as professionally smooth in actual real life away from the screen or superficial professional settings. Real life wont be as much of a work of Hollywood genius but will be more real. Hope everyone has a nice weekend for sure.

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