Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine (In My Pants)

May 11, 2011

There's nothing worse than having swamp-ass. Let's just get that out of the way. And with the temperature on the rise it's important to get some airflow into the often overheated nether regions. Luckily, Swedish underwear brand The White Briefs and men's style magazine Fantastic Man have teamed up to create a collection of mesh underwear just in time for summer.

I thought mesh clothing had gone the way of New Kids on The Block, but seeing as the boy band has made a semi-stylish comeback, it seems only fair we welcome back the breathable material with open arms, and in this case groins, as well. It doesn't hurt that both the underwear and undershirt were designed with comfort and style in mind.

"The cut and fit of the three pieces were also a chief concern. Rather than restricting the wearer, the pieces follow the natural line of the body, complementing movements. The briefs feature a boxy, high-waisted cut with a double-layer of mesh in the crotch for a little added support, while the vest arches across the chest to curve pleasingly around the armpit. Even the t-shirt gets a little added attention on the cutting board, with arms nestling midway down the bicep while the high neck draws the attention up to the face."

You have to admit, they look pretty sexy on the models and if we can't be naked all the time, this seems like the next best thing. The collection sells online with prices pitched between €35-60 which you can find here.

(via Cool Hunting)

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Sounds like a great idea for whomever is seliing the stuff for sure and would be great if they were 19.95 plus shipping and fondling for a pack of 3 - hehe. Well..anyways...if anyoe was naked all the time then they would get so used to it that they would need to have something on from time to time just in order to feel like they are doing something naughty when it comes off. Naturally the main thing is knowing a guys mind and character. if you've seen the guy demonstrate a concern for his fellow man then that sort of thing doesn't need a uniform to look and feel great for sure.

In San Francisco, they would be appreciated, but not because of fear of swamp-ass (we're looking forward to a nice, cold summer).

Hmmmmmmmmm, just did a Euro to $$ conversion:

86.294 US Dollars (USD) is equal to 60 Euro (EUR)

Maybe it's just ME, but 90 bucks for a nutsack is a bit much??

Perhaps they look GREAT on 22 year old models, but the "rest of gents"?? Think: Speedos.

90 bucks for underwear?!? Want a cure for "swampass" (a disgusting term to say the least...). /how 'bout a shower with good ole soap and water on a hot day??? It saddens me that our Community has become so "lemming-like" in our thinking...

Not to mention, of course, that Rob's missing the whole point with his "You have to admit, they look pretty sexy on the models" comment. OF COURSE they look good on the models. That's why they're models.... they could wear burlap sacks and they'd still look good. This shit would look stupid on most people, just like most of the crap they sell at International Male (if they're still around; I haven't been afflicted with one of their joke books disguised as a catalog in a long time).



These are very similary to Sunspel's vintage briefs -- -- which I normally wear for long-hauls flights because they breathe so well. I find them at Selfridge's and they are not --that-- expensive at around $30/pair they last and are well worth it.