Daddy Pillow Fight!

May 20, 2011

Some Friday fluff to carry you into the weekend.

I'm sure they'll be plenty of comments about the men, the skin, and, of course, the song. Let's hear it.

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the best

The song may have been song by Justin Bieber, for all I know... and the video itself was "cute" at most... But the eye candy made up for the rest!

The one question I had was, "who's the artist and why have I never heard him before?" Then I thought, "who cares ...... cute guys!!!!" Thanks for posting this and for brightening up my Friday night! ;-) Now I’ve got a new artist to listen to.

I want that orange shirt guy's phone number he wrote on the card !!!!! :)))

That was great i'm still smiling

I think the text message is the best part...
- - -
To: Manly Movers
SOS!! I need to ship a sorry ass hooker asap.
- - -
How many times would we all have sent that text?!

WoW!!! its nice to be out of Asia
real dude for grab?

Very kewl. Doctors should reccommend some fun like that but then their would be fewer clients because more folks would be smiling for sure.

great video. fuck the monogamy, I want them all... :PPP

Odd... A generic, but upbeat tune about sexual infidelity. I get that it's just a pop song (and not a very good one at that - third rate Erasure, fourth rate George Michael...), but does anyone else feel slightly degraded by the emotional marginalization of the video. If this had been an Annie Lenox video, it would have been campy, yes, but with more truth and less infantalization.

I mean, if I'm going to watch porn, I'll watch porn, and expect it to be dumb-ass pretty men fun. This was just gay ghetto vapidity. I don't want art, but at minimum, I'd expect MTV...

He is a very good singer DADDYBEAR GGGRRR

Nice to see them playing around and showing how the real solutions are more humanly spontaneous oriented as opposed to professional approaches that exist do to people being too busy to care about folks beyond ones own taste in wardrobe and a world of connectivity coming through one liners on the Internet instead of real life connections. Hope everyone has a nice day for sure and dont forget to throw a pillow or swat that backside once or twice :)

"emotional marginalization" Hell no! Just a lot of fun!
Thanks for a bright spot as we await "the end" lol

Ummm "emotional marginalization"?

No - it's a cute pop song with cute boys by a guy with a good voice and sense of humor. I'm pretty sure that's it.

Come on kids - why even think snarky? The guy was just trying to entertain. not change the world.

I really liked it. Fun and catchy tune, and hot men. Apparently this has gone viral the past few days.

Good for the artist - who's name is Matt Zarley.

You've got it exactly right: Boys, why even think snarky?

It's candy. Very sweet, very silly. It's not going to make you smarter or stronger, but it's lots of fun.

thats so gay

WwhhAA ? Matt Zarley is gay?
But I picked up his album *debut* at walmart, back in the day. ;p

It was cute & fun, but would like it to be X rated instead of G! This is a site for gay & bi men to hookup for SEX, so let's show dick & ass in the video, not just underwear!