Safe Sex Just A Lot Harder (In A Good Way)

April 20, 2011
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Sometimes putting on a condom can take all the wind out of your sails. You're all heated up, sexually present in the moment, ready to go deep and hard, but then you have to put a condom on and things can sometimes take a pause. It can take you out of the moment in a very physical way, and then it'll be another 5+ minutes before you're ready to go deep and hard again. It's no fun, and it's one of the biggest complaints we hear and have about condoms. "It's hard to stay hard when I put one on." But if this new condom does what it promises, putting one on just got a hell of a lot more appealing.

If the CSD500 gets approved, "the Viagra of condoms," they'll be no more excuses for the fellas trying to wiggle their way out of wearing one. The condom stores Zanifil® in the tip of the condom, "which has been clinically proven to increase blood flow within the penis which in turn leads to increased firmness, increased penile size and longer duration of an erection." If these claims, which we've all heard before, are true, this could be the best thing to happen to safe sex since, well, ever!

Would you run out and buy one if/when they're released or does this new super condom sound too good to be true?

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I'd be willing to give it a shot,...Can we also hope it is thinner that a firemans boot, as well?

I would definitely be willing to give this a try. I wonder how long we will have to wait before it is released to the consumer.

This could be a really good thing... and anything to encourage those to use condoms who otherwise might not (for whatever reason).

Sounds like a good deal to me, but I have to wonder how expensive this condom is going to be because of its claims regarding increased blood flow resulting in increased cock size, firmness and duration of erection. At present, I find it easy to maintain the intensity of the "moment" if I put the condom on my partner and make that as sexual an activity as the rest of what's going on.

Sounds good... yes I would try it

I hope someone is going to hand these out for free so we can see if they do work. This is one area where, it seems, lots of claims can be made without much to back them up.

i hope the chemical thats at the tip will not be adverse to anal tissues if it leaks.and will it need FDA approval at all?.. It sounds like a good thing so far...wish the article could address more specifics regarding Zanifil pros and cons.

i cant wait to try it they should trial it on guys my age first [just greedy hehehe.]

Why not eliminate the issue and go straight to the Zanifil? If it is good in this condom, lets try it with any condom.

You make a good point there. I wonder if the gel and condoms (as they currently exist) would inhibit the effectiveness of the other...probably shouldn't try at home without doing some research. Just to be safe :)

Why do I feel like you're selling something? :-(

Apparently the active ingredient is a gel formulation of GTN (nitroglycerin)...I would expect the regulatory agencies would be have some concern and require testing, as well as appropriate labeling, to determine safety for those already on nitroglycerin, as well as those who use poppers (amyl nitrate) or other ED drugs (Viagra, Cialis, etc.) to ensure there are no contraindications against using a combination of these drugs.

I would expect also that they agencies will require further testing before being labeled "for use in the prevention of HIV". We are all aware that some chemicals, in fact, aid in the transmission of HIV (remember Nonoxynol-9?). Although the GTN (as a gel composition) would be inside the condom, there will be questions of leakage/oozing (especially if used improperly) and the local effects on the adjacent partner's tissue.

I would expect these condoms to end up being "behind the counter" at the pharmacy.

I'd sure be willing to try it as long as it doesn't cost and arm & a leg !!!
And for some reason it sounds too good to be true???
Time will tell & the word will get out .....
Thanks for the info.

hell yes...i will be buying this...hurry it up!!!

Sounds like a good Idea. I really hate wearing them but have vivid memories of the bad years and don't want to take chances

absolutely. longer AND harder pounding times? sign me up.

I await the real facts before passing judgment on my willingness. We have far too often been sold a bill of goods by the pharma industry for various things. It makes me doubly reluctant since this coming from an even more suspect industry.

Wanna stay get hard and stay hard? Make sure that you're actually really attracted to your playmate before agreeing to "do the deed". it works for me.

Ah, the hole puckereth at the thought of a blue boner coming at it(are they flavoured at least, too?? ;)).......YIKES.......I'll do MY deed with my partner. How we do it is our business........

watching a man put on a condom is hugely sexy

Your whole negative take on condoms is pretty lame these days: unless someone is clueless about how to put them on, it can be really sexy and/or really fast. Taking us out of the moment? A) it doesn't B) I have friends who have become poz in their 50s: this is definitely a major non-thrill that really takes them out of the moment for a long time C) so you learn how to put them on in a sexy way: it adds to the moment
Sure I'd try these- why not?

I'M in to safe sex...................... I never plan on doing anything unsafe. All of us in the gay world know how to get HIV AND AIDS AND HOW NOT TO GET IT EVERYONE HAS A CHOICE MINE IS TO LIVE.

I'd definitely give it a shot. A man slipping on a condom is very sexy, and it shows that he is smart and safe ;)

Sure I would try a new condom. Let's hope whenever it does come out (We all know how long it takes approval of a new drug) that it will be thin enough & still strong enough to stay in 1 piece & let sensations through to feel great.

i am one of those guys that do loose the wind in my sails when putting on a condom.
my answer was to go totally bottom. which i do not have any complaints about.
the problem is, the top guys loosing wind. so, if this new condom promises continuous hardness for the top guy in your life, than i say YES! yes to new thrills and sensations. anything to keep things going, and going. thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

A condom is a condom. It takes away from the spontaneity and the moment. Just looking at them makes me go soft.
I've given up being honest and open, trying to meet people that are POZ that I get along with. And I won't date a negative guy. Tried it a few times. Doesn't work (even when it was an EMT I was dating). It really narrows the field and I get tired of the turn downs when I'm up front about it. So I don't go out anymore.
If I wanted to have sex with a rubber hole, I'd get my rubberized "date" at the adult store.
No, too many years of people telling me "oh, you can't even tell it's on". Riiiiight. Can't feel a thing...and for sure...not the person I'm with, with latex in between.

By the time I put the thing on, it's over.

Been POZ 27 years and I'm still waiting for the CURE. Rubbers don't do it for me and never will. They just make me feel like a leper.

Probably not. I'm lucky not to be one of those guys who loses an erection trying to put on a condom. Maybe I've just learned how to put one on faster?

if it works and its safe, why not?

sounds interesting. the delay and actions of putting on a condom very often ruins the moment for me so i just dont top anymore. wish 'they'd' come out with a protective lube.

It would be nice to have something that helped me keep a stiff when I had a sexy daddy that really, really wanted a good poke.

Be safe by not being as frisky with the whole town. When you get together with someone that you know and trust then both of you can get tested just to show the other guy that its okay to not use the drugstore method of intimacy for sure.

So, I'm resurrecting this old post because I think it relates to a very important topic. [I Kinda wish DH had forums, btw.] I've come to realize I have "Condom Collapse Syndrome"... sounds fun don't it? I have a hard time getting the thing on. Once on and I can get to business the lack of sensation makes it almost impossible to maintain an erection. Has anyone experimented with different sizes (width/thickness) to overcome these type of issues. I want to think it's because I didn't use a condom for 10 years with my ex and I am just not used to it, but I think it's more than that. The discomfort - smell, tightness, lack of sensation - really makes this a pain. I'm not willing to bareback with casual sex. It would take a lot of trust to get to that point. But, if the sex ain't pleasing us both, that probably is a far off goal. And at the risk of being accused of trying to sell stuff or spam the blog, I am going to try this:

Thin condoms from different companies. Anyone try any of these. The Kimono ones say they are the thinnest in the US. Also, any leads on other brands that aren't in their sampler pack would be appreciated.

As for the condom in the original blog entry... I don't think I want that stuff on my cock. Sorry, I grew up putting those little pills under my grandma's tongue every few days when she would start passing out. Not exactly sexy. :o) Plus, the fewer chemicals involved the better. I don't think anyone out there makes condoms and lube designed for anal sex... do they?