IFC Gets Into The Hairy World of Competitive Bearding

April 22, 2011

There's a decent sect of gay culture that takes their grooming very seriously. Whether it's a monthly manscaping of their nether regions, a seasonal chest shaving, or a daily die cutting of their mustache, I don't think any are taken as seriously, or as competitively, as the men on the new IFC show Whisker Wars premiering in August. From what we can gather from the preview, to the men followed and featured on this show, their facial hair is incredibly important to them. Almost as if it's their livelihood. Which it very well may be if there's some sort of cash prize to be won at the beard competition this series seems to be leading up to.

Having grown what I thought was a fairly substantial beard, I can't imagine the lengths these men go to to maintain such a look for a long period of time. Seems like it's a pretty intensive (and surprisingly creative) undertaking.

I know that the opinions out there about hair are quite varied, but when it comes to facial hair, how much is too much? Let's start the polling below.

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As a follically challenged man myself... I'm often jealous of great lush, thick beards. Despite the fact I had a mustache at the tender age of 12, it took me the better part of the next 20 years to grow a facsimile of a goatee - The rest of the beard however, looks like a bad case of MANGE!

So, I find it aggravating when any Tom, Dick or Harry grows a beard AND doesn't bother to keep it neat or presentable. Am I jealous? VERY likely... But I also think of beards as lawns - If you want the property value to go up, then you have to make the effort to showcase your curb appeal!

What a witty, well-written response ("I also think of beards as lawns - If you want the property value to go up, then you have to make the effort to showcase your curb appeal!").

Wish we had more men like you.

Thank you! Perhaps too much HGTV?? LOL

Like anything having to do with personal grooming it involves a number of different things to get to the right combination. Matters such as face shape, proportion, hair type, beard density in various areas of the face, and personality of the wearer must all be taken into account. I've seen men who have gorgeously tended beards for whom they are really not the right choice due to a lack of application to one or more of the above considerations. I've also seen men who have managed to make far more of their facial hair than they would just naturally be able to because of taking some care about the sculpting and definition of their crop.

I consider BEARDED men some of the most attractive men on earth, and never understood why some guys can't stand the sight of hairy men.

Has anyone ever done a study to find out WHY some of us are attracted to hairy, bearded men while others just abhor the very thought of making love to a bearded, hairy man? If you have such a source, do upload it or send me an email (via my profile above). I would love to read more about that subject.

Bearded (like Hemingway) in Philadelphia.

A "study"? Isn't that pretty "self evident" when you read a profile that a MAN is looking for

"a smooth, hairless, slender, skinny 18-24 year old".........Hmmmmmmmmm. Sounds more like the anatomical features of a woman with a DICK.

Nuff said........

Love a man with facial hai and chest.. Men like that to me are hot. A smoth face and chest are not something that would turn me and alot of other men on or at least get us to take another look.
A smooth, slender,skinny male is not something most real men like. Vive us some real men with some hair.

I love well groomed hairy males, something about a nasty beard or mustache makes me think that such person has no high hygiene standards, just saying.....

Grooming is good to a certain extent but remember that the grooming of ones inner being is what matters more for sure. maybe a swat on the fanny to make that scamp behave too - hehe