Daily Daddy: Morrissey

April 25, 2011

Is their anything more attractive than a man who can express his feelings? Better yet, one that can do it through song? Aside from being one of the most influential artists in music, Morrisey is one sexy mother. From his days leading the Smiths to his rockin' solo career, the man's got depth and sex appeal to spare. It's no wonder so many of today's indie artist borrow, cover, and learn from his musical greatness. And sure, the sexual ambiguity thing can get a little trying, but I guess when it comes to musical artistry like his, interpretation and exploration are all part of the fun.

"Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" is played at least once a week on my iPod. Are you a Moz lover? Got a favorite tune of his? Sound off below.

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There's a Light that never goes out.....

If he weren't such a twat, I'd agree with you!

Oh, and if he could express any sort of positive feeling, rather than angst and despair!

Agreed Looking 4t.

I reviewed Morrissey's Band, The Smith's, "Meat is Murder" LP--they call it CD now but back in 1985 they called it "LP". Yeah I am old Urghh Thought he was handsome as hell and still is.

I had my own music column in my college paper. It was so cool. I got so much promo shit from Record Companies. Made me feel more important than i actually wasLOL. I wanna think that my review helped introduced him to arch catholic conservative Seton Hall. But I think the people who were all ready into The Smiths, had already been dedicated to them by then.

I wish I got to meet his "Depressive Highness" himself, but no such deal. I did get to meet another amazing seminal band of the 80's, however, "Hanoi Rocks"....They influenced such diverse rockers such as Axl Rose, Vince Neal and Kurt Cobian. Have to say, they were the coolest dudes ever to come out of Finland LOL. A real nice bunch of guys. Too bad their drummer, the only Brit in the band, "Razzle" died a month after I met him, in the passenger seat of Vince Neals car in California. Neal got vehicular homicide for that and spent six months in jail.
Anyway, I could go on and on about music...so I will stop here

Seriously, I do not think anything comes close to "how soon is now"....Dark, etherial, and yeah, the true definition of existential angst. He was the stylistic bridge between Siouxie and the Banshies post punk to the Cure's gothic spirituality of the pre-grunge era. This dude, despite his self absorbtion at times was truly amazing with his encompasing arrangements. Morrissey's inclusion of "Edgar Allen Poe" Lyrics and "Vincent Price" like vocals on this tune were.....inimitable and infectious.

Really, though, Morrissey has to get over himself. I mean how depressing is it when you have topped the charts on "both sides of the pond"lol.? Needless to say both his record sales and concert ticket sales throughout the 80s and early 90s hardly made him a pauper. He at least had enough money to afford the best psychotherapists in both London and New York...hummm??

Still, despite is imperfections, he was and is a musical genious. In my humble opinion, anyway


Spelling: Siouxsie.

He has aged gracefully. Who can ask for more than that?

hence my name on here. I find him incredibly sexy and handsome. I have too many favorite songs oh his to name; but a couple that I always listen to is "Charming Man" or "Frankly, Mr. Shankly".
He's very talented and with such a great voice. He only gets better and better looking with each passing year.

I've always loved Morrissey and The Smiths. And yes...I had a huge crush on Morrissey back in the mid 80s when I first saw him.

For 51? Looks like HELL. That's the WORST "bad dye job" on the hair I've seen in a while.....

Do you know a lot of 51 year olds who look as good as he does? Lots worse dye jobs around (if it is dyed)-give the guy credit. And I'm no fan of his music--as others have said, too depressing.

Hell Yes! Moz is the man!

Morrissey is my guru...

He is the reason I made it through high school!! His songs resonated with me back then, and still do!

Suffer little children, headmaster ritual

With all due respect to the author...

He is such a sniveling wishy washy whiney git.... (at least in his music although I suspect it continues into his personal life).

Of course, my favourite song of his is "Interlude" which he recorded alongside a real man, Siouxsie Sioux!

Thank you!!! ;))

Wow. I like Morrisey & didn't even know it...have always loved "How Soon is Now", and knew it was from the Smiths, but that's it.

(shoot me already--I grew up in cowshit, KS, where all we ever heard was .38 Special, Molly Hatchet, and Three Dog Night...)

I always loved the dark humor of "Girlfriend in a Coma".

november spawned a monster, hairdresser on fire, interesting drug to name a few........the smiths were actually my fav. it was always the lyrics. i'm sure this was all morrissey

ok he has aged so beautifully - he's even hotter now

I've seen this happen, in other people's lives, now it's happening in mine....

Lots of songs about being in the closet:
What difference does it make?
Still ill
Handsome Devil
That joke isn't funny anymore
How soon is now?
Is it really so strange?
These things take time
I want the one I can't have
Such a little thing makes such a big difference
Yes, I am blind

"You took me behind a disused railway line and said 'I know a place where we can go, where we are not known', and then you gave me something that I won't forget too soon"
"If you ever need self-validation, just meet me in the alley by the railway station - it's written all over my face"

You could have picked a better picture:

"You ask me the time
But I sense something more
And I would like to give you
What I think you're asking for....

I discovered (and immediately loved) The Smiths when I was high school back in the '80's. I wasn't attracted to Morrissey back then (Jon Eric Hexum was more my type), but I saw a photo of the now mature Morrissey a few years ago and thought "DADDY!!!!".

"If there's something you'd like to try
If there's something you'd like to try
Ask me, I won't say 'No', how could I?"

Huge Morrissey and The Smiths fan here. Too many great songs to mention, if you like one, you usually like them all. Anyway, I was in Los Angeles in 1997 when I moved there and I was driving down Santa Monica Blvd listening to the radio coming home from an interview. KROQ, the famous alternative station in LA was having a contest to design a record sleeve for Morrissey and were constantly playing the advertisement about the contest, etc. Not 2 minutes after hearing the ad, I'm stopped at a red light, I look over and Morrissey is sitting in a black Mercedes convertible right next to me. He was holding hands with his hot redhead bearded boyfriend. I couldn't believe it and just stared for 15 seconds or so not knowing what to say. They caught me looking but they both smiled, so I smiled back. The light changes and off they go, so I start following them like a lunatic, LOL. I'm trying to keep up in my Isuzu Trooper (slow as shit truck). They knew I was following them and were a car ahead of me. I got stopped at a light that they got through. I went through the red light and chased them down about a mile later in West Hollywood. I followed them when they turned off Santa Monica, both of us going through another red light. They turned onto Alta Loma Street so I followed them to the top of the street. They made a U-turn right below Sunset Blvd, so did I. They drove to the bottom of Alta Loma and made another U-turn. I was making a U-turn still trying to follow and as they passed I yelled to them, "Hey, pull over". I made a quick U-turn and within 15 seconds they pulled into a garage and I watched from my truck as the garage door went down and they disappeared. I never did get to meet him, but I had a good time breaking the law in my attempt to catch him :-)

I saw The Smiths' first American gig at Danciteria, New Year's Eve 1983 (Nina Hagen's gig that night got cancelled) and thought they were great. As for Morrissey's solo years, once Johhny Marr was no longer on board neither was I.
I think I'd rather have John Doe from the band X or a younger Iggy Pop.

Expressing oneself through singing and art and talking is one thing but then getting close to someone after the Broadway song and dance is over is another thing for sure. Some guys are in perpetual dress rehearsal mode and never will be ready to get past the initial song and dance. Hope everyone has a nice day for sure.

Handsome Devil is the best Smiths song.

Late Night Maudlin Street (solo)
Last Night I Dreamth that somebody loved me (Smiths)
are my current faves but it changes weekly if not daily.