Daily Daddy: Khal Drogo

April 18, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

Today's Daily Daddy is a barbarian ripe for some water cooler discussion. HBO's much touted new series, Game of Thrones based on the books by fantasy author George R. R. Martin, premiered last night. There was a great mix of royal and sexual intrigue, as well as lots of eye candy to choose from in this well rounded cast of attractive medieval men. One in particular that struck my eye, was Khal Drogo (played by Jason Momoa, of the upcoming Conan the Barbarian remake - guess he knows where his bread and butter is). He doesn't say much, but the leader of Dothraki, a group of violent and sexual tribe, doesn't need to.

I won't give too much away, but sexiness aside, I think his storyline could be one of my favorites if it goes the way I hope it will. Hint: I'm a sucker for an unexpected love story, think Beauty and the Beast. But as of right now he seems to be a major player in the battle to reclaim the throne of the fictional Westeros.

Did anyone else watch and enjoy the show last night? See any other characters that who's throne you'd want to sit on?

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Whoa, Hot damn... too bad I don't have HBO.

I did have the hots for "Ares" of the old Xena/Hercules shows. Sure his dialogue was a little too... Eh, who cares he was HOT! - He passed away... Kevin Tod Smith (16 March 1963 – 15 February 2002) rest in peace.

In my opinion, the show so far was just OK. The sets and costumes are great and the lighting appropriately dark and moody and the filming great which is the norm for HBO. Therefore the show is quite good visually. However, there is a lot of overly dramatic or sometimes just plain bad acting. That being said, many reviews agree that the first episode is lukewarm, but say it gets better as it goes. I guess I will need to give it a while longer before switching off.

I just didn't find Kal Drogo that hot. Sure he has the well muscled body that goes far in most gay male minds. But, personally I don't think muscles are the "must have" when it comes to finding someone sexy. My vote goes to Sean Bean as Lord Eddard "Ned". Now that's a hot Daddy to me and was sexy in Lord of the Rings as Boromil too. I would sit on his throne anytime. However, his "Rings" character seems awfully close to the same as "Thrones".

Look around because there are also many sexy looking guys in the background or in brief side parts. The reviews mention lots of nudity which only seemed on the female side in the first episode. However, there is mention of male nudity too. I bet we get to see more of Kal Drogo. Here's to hoping he doesn't get all the naked attention.

Another "series" about a world where everyone is straight, created by a cast and crew that undoubtly are not. I'm spending my time elsewhere.

I have to agree with mantikcore, Kevin Tod Smith was an amazingly hot man. With short or long hair, I'd gladly call him Daddy any day.

But since this is not in Australia & by the sounds of it I'm lucky in that respect. But when it comes down under I assume it go straight to cable TV.

This series is only a bit less sexual than the books, which are truly remarkable and some ofnthe best fantasy literature there is.

Momoa has been perfectly cast for the role and I think people will surprised at the role he ends up playing. I won't say more, but be ready for a massive surprise.

If you're expecting cliches in this series, don't. This is truly epic and truly original fantasy. If you haven't read the books, do. You think you like the characters now?... You've seen nothing yet!

Big fan of the books by Martin, waiting for the next one to be published still.

Thought the HBO series was remarkably well done. Saw some positive comments and some negative ones (who cares if the production crew is gay and the story isn't? Have you read the books?) I hope that those of you that have read the books enjoy the series; you know it only gets better.

For those that have not read the books - you're being introduced to a huge cast of amazing characters. George Martin does not hesitate in killing off someone who is a MAIN character. Amazing detail and twists coming, so enjoy and be patient. Any good story takes a bit of time to get going - you need to lay the groundwork.

Drogo's role is well cast, Momoa certainly has the physical presence expected from the leader of a 'primitive' sexually charged tribe! Hope to see more of him, wearing less.

I signed up for HBO this month JUST for this series. Side benefit is HBO's True Blood, which has quite a few gay characters/themes ala Alan Ball.

This reminds me of the movie called "300" and the guy even has the same eyes as the leader of the spartans. Do not worry. Anything that is on HBO will eventually be on some torrent download peer sharing site or available on DVD or in flash format when movie media becomes flash cards as opposed to the world of spinning discs.

I like the series and I think Drogo is hot, but I like the King of Winterfeld too. I think it will be a good series