Daddies That Sizzle

April 30, 2011

The other day, one of our wonderful members alerted me to the hotness that is Patrick Wiese (above), a contestant on Top Chef Canada. A talented daddy of a man who's culinary skills only add to his heat. It got me thinking about my lifelong dream of marrying a man who can cook. I am by no means a foodie, but eating is one of my favorite things ever in the world, so to have a lover who doubles as an in-house chef would be my ideal. I've set some cooking goals for myself as of late (mostly to do it) and seeing as this is such a wonderful forum for sharing, I was hoping I could get some tips and recipes from all you cooking capable hotties out there.

If you're game, please share any or all of the following in the comments:

- the sexiest meal you've ever had or cooked
- the best meal you've ever had or cooked
- the sexiest date you've ever had involving food/cooking/eating
- an edible aphrodisiac that you believe truly works

If you're feeling extra giving, provide us with a recipe. I'd offer to cook said recipe naked, but that hasn't ended well for me in the past (hot oil is hot).

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Since I retired a couple of years ago I have been the chief chef from 9 to 5 in a recently enlarged and updated kitchen. Attempting things I shyed away from for years and experimenting with variations on themes. Biscotti was the winter theme and very successful. As summer approaches I think flans and other cool deserts will take their place. Meanwhile, I collect more (!!!) cookbooks or books ABOUT food and their origins. Nekkid cooking does have its drawbacks - but its ok with Biscotti, believe me. :-)
If you like Ill send you the recipe on my latest variation on Snickerdoodles.

Bon appetit,

- JD

nekkid biscotti is indeed doable--just make certain you use the oven mitt!!!

Here is a tasty and easy family recipe....

Crab Spaghetti

1 8 oz pkg of thin spaghetti
1 can 10 3/4 oz can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
3 Tbl butter
Use empty soup can ( above ) to measure 1 can Half and Half
1 pkg of extra sharp cheddar cheese ( I think the poackage weight is 10 or 12 oz) grated
1 lb Backfin Crab meat
1/4 tsp pepper.

Cook spaghetti as per package directions for aldente....drain..... Heat soup, half and half, butter and 3/4 of the cheese and heat until smooth. Pick through the crab meat and remove any shells etc, handle the crab lightlyt as not to break up the lumps. Combine cheese sauce with the spaghetti and crab meat. Put in greased pyrex dish. Sprinkle the remaining cheese over the top....bake uncovered 400 degrees for approx 30 minutes until hot and bubbly.


Oh come on, guys! You and I all know there is nothing hotter than fresh chocolate-dipped strawberries after a hard day at work (served by a hunky, shirtless man). Of course, there is that risk that some drippy chocolate will get on your hot, shirtless man's chest, however that's a risk I would be willing to take....

Long long ago, in a far away time... I dated a guy that was "the" top restaurant guy in Seattle. On our third date, he wanted to take me to his beach house on the Olympic coast, 3 hours drive from Seattle. I was a little on the poor side, and thought I would help by driving if he provided the food. It was a stormy drive there, but eventually we arrived at this picture perfect cabin on the beach. We unpacked the car for half an hour with foods I had never eaten or experienced. He immediately started preparing food. I LOVE FOOD! I will eat anything that does not eat me first, and then some! I made a fire in the fireplace, and he pulled the tables and chairs back, so that we could lay on the wool rug in front of the fireplace. It seemed so "Doris Day/Rock Hudson" that I did not know what to do... I did not have to wait long, he took the lead and we munched on every expensive European cheese available on the west coast. This was followed by making love for hours, which he made it his goal to see how many times he could make me orgasm! I stopped counting at 23. The entire weekend was about incredible pastas, cheeses, meats, baked goods from scratch, deli items that I still don't know what they were!... and making love. He was a master in all areas. There is something special about sharing a meal with someone you care about, and my most fond memories are sex and food outside, or on sunday mornings with lead heavy banana bread and earl grey tea, English style.

Was in St Petersburg Fl. a couple of weeks ago and had one of the best meals I ever had. Nothing too fancy but oh, sooo good! Seared tuna kabobs on a bed of rice with a garlic, ginger, wasabi sauce drizzled over it.
If you want to see a fantastic movie about food, watch Babette's Feast. First half a bit slow, but once it gets going it is a feast for the taste buds and the soul. It won best foreign film Oscar that year.

One of my Redneck neighbors invited me over for an Oyster Roast on his farm. He put oysters between layers of wet burlap on his very large gas grill. We drank beers, ate oysters and went howling at the moon in the middle of the night. I'm now convinced that oysters are in fact an aphrodisiac. Or maybe it was the beer.

I love cooking. My dad was a chef so I learned to cook when I was a kid. I'd love to find a younger man who wanted me to cook for him. What could be more romantic than cooking your man a delicious meal?

Patrick is a very hot guy and I am lucky that I can see him around here in Toronto several times a year, but you are right about having a partner who can also be a great cook. It's a double treat. I admit to being hopeless in the kitchen, but my partner loves cooking although he can be messy and he loves to experiment with new recipes. He claims I'm the main reason he likes to cook because he enjoys seeing me eating and he knows how much I appreciate it. That's romantic enough by itself, I think.

Oh my god. Hot oil is defintely hot for sure. Ive never felt it but seeing the pan sizzle is enough to get the idea. I hope guys who end up experiencing that oil get to the doctor for a quick check. The idea of romance may not be politically correct these days since that can involve hi emotions that could be seen as a disorder depending on the culture that is examining the happy romantic guy.

Being a Chef while I don't believe any foods are true aphrodisiacs, many of them do have minerals that contribute to maintenance of the old sex organs. Foods though can help set the mood, to make sex happen. The very fact that oysters have the reputation of being and aphrodisiac makes one think along those lines when eating them, especially if your eating them with someone you already are having sexual thoughts about. The Chinese have a philosophy that a proper evening should contain stimuli for all the senses. So it must contain music, drink, food and sex. When you think of it how often does a nice dinner with interesting foods and drinks accompanied by soft music lead to sex. Hopefully every-time.

fuck me pls me irani
من ایرانی هستم لطفا کلیپ سکسی از خودتون برام بفرستید

I disagree with cynical/clinical chef BobbyR food is the most sexual thing ever and involves every sense - like sex! That guy is hot too from Top Chef Canada but the whole show is packed with the sexiest men in the country. I used to live in Toronto where I assume the show is shot and never saw any of those men there!! Tune in or download its pretty fun to watch all those guys sweat over a meal! mmm

mmm Patric - hot "neighbor" category :) ... he got eliminated previous week though :((((

Very sad that Patric was eliminated - he is hot to look at, but his cooking was super weird LOL he could cook shoe leather for me and I would eat it! mmm