Be Uncut: It's the Law

April 27, 2011
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We all know foreskin is no stranger to polarity. People tend to either have really strong reactions when it comes to world's littlest turtlenecks or, like me, have grown indifferent and accustomed to its appearance. But amongst those people who have severe opinions on the matter, there's a group of "inactivists" who are looking to have circumcision banned in San Francisco. When the man behind the proposed ban, first started his crusade against the cut, most people laughed it off like so many other silly San Franciscan bans (remember the one on happy meals?). Well, the measure just got one step closer to realness bringing in the required number of signatures to put it on the ballot this November. Those signatures need to be verified as registered voters of course, but if the 7,168 needed names turn our to be legit it's sure to be a lively debate.

But why wait?

As a Jew, I often wonder what my peeper would look like in it's original encasing. Would it be super long and come to a point far over the head? Would it be the kind that doesn't even seem like you have a hood? Would sex be infinitely better with some natural skin glide? We will never know. But those wonderings wondered, I'm glad it's over and done with. I have several friends who got circumcised later in life and just hearing about the discomfort and ordeal is enough for me to be thankful it was done to me long before any memories of it could be retained. Do I agree with the logic that foreskin is a "god-given" right and that we should get a choice? That's a little more complicated. I believe that free will is of the utmost importance in this world. However, in this particular case I think the pain and risks that come with having it removed later in life might make many a man wish they didn't have to consider the choice.

I break it down like this: Am I mad at my parents, religion, or mohel? No. Has it had a significant impact on my life? No. Do I think about it often? Hardly ever. I've probably spent more time today thinking about it for this post than I have in my entire life. Mostly I feel indifferent about the whole thing.

But what about you all? Let's get snippy about it and debate/discuss below.

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I can't imagine why anyone would get clipped later in life, but if that's what you choose, it's what YOU choose. All religious discussions aside (I presume any ban in SF would exclude religious exeptions), the genital mutilation of infants is a barbaric practice. why not lop off the little guys' and gals' earlobes while we're at it?

Actually , scientific studies show that men who have uncut genitals [especially men of color, like myself] are more prone to infections than men who are cut. Many cleanliness issues arise from uncut genitalia, so I don't really mind that it was cut off when I was an infant.

Myth, not a fact.

Source of these studies, please.

Not a myth a fact also there are more incidents of penile cancer with uncircumcised men. Who would choose to have the foreskin removed when they have reached the age of majority . I am not a young man and have met several men that have had the surgery in their 20's they said it was the most painful thing they have ever endured . Being a Jew myself I am glad I have been "cut" . I find uncut penis so ugly and they bear a resemblance to other primates. We are men not apes . Two of the world's greatest religions circumcise the male child .

that is a sad comment. So these men who have been cut later in life a too bis a sissy to deal with pain but have no problem with a baby having to suffer it. The fact that YOU find uncut penis to be ugly and have a resemblance to primates just shows you have no problem criticising anything or anyone that is not like you. If Jews like yourself chose to defy nature and want to skip washing your penis that is fine but most people bathe every day and wash everywhere. Yes we are not apes but does that and nutty religions conclude that one race or religion knows beter than the rest of the world? That is as funny as one claiming themselves to be the chosen ones...
Reality check religion can dictate to you what ever you allow it to but that does not make it any better than any other religion, everyone who is truly a free thinker knows that religion is the source of wars, land grab, violance, and even the reason why GLBT have endured so much sufferage.
I have been told by most cut men that they wish they had been given the chance. Just as I wish I has been given the chance to NOT be baptised into any fairytail supernatural worshiping divisive religion. I am glad my parents did not follow throu with any circumsision and to this day 45 years later I have never had any funk or disease associated with having my hot manly foreskin intact. And man do cut men seek out these wonderful gifts of (ehem) god.

So because you can't remember the pain, you choose to believe it wasn't there?

As for the "greatest religions" they started doing that horrid practise out of cleanness millennia ago. Today we know better and can shower or bathe. Also, they have coated enough lives in the last few centuries to prove there is nothing "great" about them.

If younthink that a piece of skin in your knob makes you a primate, I am sad to say you haven't seen any primates. They don't have foreskin.

Really sad to read there are people out there who are as narrow minded!

i ve been uncut all my life, never had any issues problems and never no complained bout the my hood. matter fact most have enjoyed it. i keep it very clean and always very hygentic with my cock head around my cock head and the hood covering my cock head. once this guy was sucking my cock and i dont know what he did but the underside where the my hood attaches to the head of my cock tore and started bleeding. well i had to let it heal for a couple of days.

sorrt but is BS

What does color have to do with hygiene.................??????????????????????????

I have been Intact for 54 years, and never had a UIT I wash my body............

besides a cut cock does not have a clue what they LOST ..............
or they would be very pissed,
I would be very unhappy if I lost my sex organ.......see guys with foreskin you do not need lubrication but it still comes, the operating system control for your entire sexual system is located in the foreskin and corona ........ I think when they remove the skin, depending on how badly it is done,
and most are botched, depends on just how much of the head is deactivated from the neuro net .............. Ive been studying this for many decades.............................
I've seen enough scar tissue, deformity from scar tissue to know it is not worth the risk to ruin a beautiful bio machine like the human penis.

Interesting subject and I would not give up my foreskin for anything. I prefer uncut and natural and am happy to meet others who are the same.

I am a 48 year old, uncut, Irish-Italian Daddy. Many guys, American guys anyway, my age are cut. For many years of my formative dating life, by the Hunters that I dated who were much closer to my own age, I was considered a bit of a novelty. Often, in fact, guys sought me out because I was 'natural' rather than 'unnatural.' I am told the feel of the skin rolling back and forth between someone's lips during oral sex or when surrounded by a sphincter during intercourse is quite pleasurable.

The novelty began to wear off when I started dating guys a generation or more younger (such as the 26 year old I am dating now). It is much more common for American guys of those generations to be uncut, many of them having been raised by parents who grew up essentially as hippies in the late 60's and 70's. The good news for those guys: mommy and daddy left them just the way nature intended. The bad news for those guys: mommy and daddy also taught them that bathing as often as we American's tend to do is bad; it ruins the natural 'oils' of one's skin.

How do I know this? Well, I've gone through this over and over again with the Hunter I see. He is one of those boys who grew up 'natural' and being taught that bathing more than every couple of days was 'bad'. I love being uncut. Except for a brief period during junior high school when I was the only uncut guy I knew, you know how hard it is to be 'different' in at that age, I've always been glad to be uncut. He is also glad to be uncut. So, here we are two uncut guys together. Our 'uncuttedness' is different (my foreskin pulls back all the way when I am hard, his doesn't), but still, we are both happy to be just the way god made us. The one area where we differ, though, is how often we give the undersides of our foreskins a good scrubbing. He believes it is damaging to use soap in an area of such sensitivity (even when he does shower, he doesn't use soap down there), while I scrub that area to within an inch of its life. This is one of those relationship things about which we often argue. I believe his being 'musky' is less than appealing and he believes I am destroying the skin on my pecker which he loves so much.

That said, as big a supporter of 'natural' versus 'unnatural', I get why people don't like it. Take it from me, when you are in bed with someone uncut who hasn't taken a shower in a couple of days, when they peel back that foreskin, you KNOW they've not bathed. Don't get me wrong, I like the healthy, natural smell of a hot guy as much anybody else. The smell of someone who's just worked out can be hot. Heck, as a guy who loves rimming as much as I do, while I like a Hunter's hole to be clean, I still know that an asshole is going to taste like an asshole. But, the intense smell that can come from an uncut guy who hasn't bathed in a while is a major turn off.

I am not suggesting people keep the areas under their foreskins constantly spotlessly clean. Being uncut, I can tell you that isn't always possible. But, I do agree that if you are an uncut guy, unless you know your partner is really, REALLY into 'natural' smells, perhaps a little rinse under the tap or the quick, subtle use of a baby wipe before an amorous encounter will likely make your partner happier and therefore your time together more enjoyable for you both.

I know what you mean... I'm uncut and once (when I was 18), I had a quick shower and headed out. I didn't clean under my foreskin and when someone went down on me later that night, he found loads of "cock cheese" which stop all pleasure for everyone and was really embarassing for me... since then it is washed everyday... but does get a smelly towards the end of the day.

I have never been with an uncut cut guy and I intend to keep it that way. Why would the state get involved?

You are right.
The article mentioned that SF bans happy meals.
Are we to be denied OUR happy meals??
Happy because they are without the uncut cheezy stinking fucking shitty smell!!!
There's one good place for a stinky dick. Up the tunnel of love. Give em the brown eye but deny the deep throat til they get it clipped!

you are the most ignorant queer ive ever seen...

really what a dumb ass

I was born in San Francisco, as were my brother and father and uncles. We're all uncut. Circumcision was atypical for non-Jews in California until somewhere around the mid-1970s. I don't know exactly what changed, but I suspect it was the influx of people from the east requesting it because that's just how it was where they came from. My sons were born in NYC in the mid-1970s and the doctors and staff at the hospital where they were born thought I was from another galaxy when I said I did not want them circumcised. I am a firm believer that unless it is for compliance with religious obligation or specific medical reasons, foreskin should be left alone. I don't think an outright ban is appropriate; leave it at no more than requiring parents participate in a seminar with purely unbiased and candid information regarding the pros and cons of non-religious circumcision. Most parents never receive such input and just go with the herd (or whatever their medical team is pushing).

I would just like to add if I had the decision I would still be uncut I love the look and the feel of an uncut cock!! I don't think I would go through the trouble of adding back the foreskin though.

well m from Yemen, 28yo. I've never been with uncut in my life which i spent it all as a prisoner
in Yemen. Yemen is one of the Islamic country in the Middle East, the Islamic rule says that the men should be cut because of a healthy and personal Higgins. we live in a hot place, in the summer could be bad for the uncut, because it could be a good place for germs to leave, the problem is, the uncut man doesn't have time to clean him self through the day. I've dated men in Yemen just for one night and sometimes we have to do it in the car because there is no place to go, they are cut but are so dirty, imaging what will happen if he's uncut? I've had my chance

This has been a sore subject for me since I can remember. Being born in Ohio and raised there, my father told me I was left intact because... he didn't want to spend the money and that he and his father were not. I went to the YMCA with my father for father & son activities like Indian Guides. At that time, no one wore swimming trunks in the pool. I was the only guy out of ten uncut. Out of ten fathers, only 1 was cut. I think what really needs to be done is required 'informed consent' on any procedure like this. There are way too many complications from infant circumcision including complications leading to death and doctors are not telling parents any of that. I have always wondered why there wasn't a standard for the actual procedure in the area of "how much to take off". I have seen guys who had way too much taken off and suffered in pain for it when erect. I was once with a guy who had a botched one, the repair was a badly done skin graft. I really did not enjoy being with him, poor guy. Of course, he was married and the dumb thing about it was that he had 3 sons...all had been circumcised. If you read the Old Testament, God instructed Abraham just to remove the tip of the foreskin...not the whole damn thing. In my opinion in the US its been a very lucrative procedure, done without conscience of doctors. The AMA does not approve of it as a 'routine procedure." Feeling out of place and self conscious, I had it done at 26. I regret that.

I think it's just another example of how religious nutcakes try to assert control. Modern day genital mutilation. I don't want my tax dollars paying for this shit!
I also see it as being a parallel issue to intersex rights. Those born with both male and female sex organs. In those cases the parent chooses what sex the offspring is to be and then approves of sex reassignment surgery to establish it independent of the gender identity of the child.

Circumcision should be classified as elective/cosmetic surgery. If you really think it's important pay for it yourself don't drive up other peoples insurance just cause you feel everyone should have it done.

Yes - education of men and women is needed re: the benefits of circumcise or not. I am cut - and yes, my son is. And I am not Jewish or Muslim.
But I do like uncut men, and I have never had the dubious pleasure of being presented with 'cock cheese' when I'm with one. And yes - I love the aroma of a man and his sweat, etc.
Should it be banned? I don't think so - only because it would be considered another government intrusion into the lives of the citizenry.
It is thru education and 'enlightment' that it will stop. But really now - how many straight men or women even discuss foreskin, and it's pros and cons.

I, for one, do not understand how anyone can do this to a baby. Yes, foreskin is a choice! If you don't want one at an older age, I will in no way stop you. But for Christ's sake, at least let a person choose. I see no difference between male and female circumcision, they are both retarded practices and I'd be the first in line to stop baby's from being mutilated.

Cut here.

Like many commenters, I have mixed feeling about the subject. One interesting factoid is the stong correlation between uncircumcised dicks and HIV transmission, at least in Africa:

It's not the parents' body. It is the child's. While parents are allowed and expected to make decisions to protect the wellbeing and safety of the child (i.e. necessary medical surgery), we do not allow parents to excercise total control over the permanent state of a child's body. If a parent wanted to give their 6 year old a tattoo, people would go nuts. It's an unnecessary procedure that that has no positive impact on the minor child. I can't brand my kid. I can't decide to give my kid cheek implants that make it look like a cat. Why? Even as a parent I can't make decisions that may negatively impact my child's body or wellbeing.

As for those who complain about the uncleanliness of foreskin, this is an issue of poor personal hygene rather than a flaw of physical biology. If we are going to use this as a standard for decision making, it could also be interpreted as an argument for removing labia. Having met several men that seemed unable to sufficently clean their backsides, would it be reasonable to use their poor hygene as a basis to propose that every child have his/her anus fused shut at birth?

Happily Uncircumcised.
Seems silly and actually a bit cruel to do for religious reasons-- to me.
A person should have the choice as a consenting adult. Some have foreskins too tight- and I can see surgery to help, but other than that I see no "good" reason to do it. If you can brush your teeth once or twice a day, you can wash you friggin dick.
Yesteryear, wandering around the desert with no excess of water to bathe constantly, I can see how it could be easier to keep your pecker clean if it were cut. If left "dirty"- sure it could get infected and smelly. That was then... same with eating shell fish and pork~ we don't really have those problems anymore. Those restrictions were a sign of the times.

I have a very close straight friend. He was lucky enough to have parents that didn't have him circumcised at birth.

In his early 20's he met the lady he decided to spend the rest of his life with. However, there was a stipulation. She would only marry him if he got himself clipped. (Now between you and me, this would have been a deal breaker, I would have told her to go take a flying leap. But his love for her was stronger than his grasp on reality.) He had day surgery for the procedure. He waited four weeks for the healing to take place, married her and had his first sex with her on their wedding night. In under a year, she divorced him on the grounds of incompatibility. Not only did she take him for half of what he owned, but she'd already taken a part of his physical being.

This story rolls around to this. My friend tells me that his penis IS less sensitive than it used to be without his foreskin covering and protecting the glans, as well as the fact that the foreskin itself had an abundance of nerve endings in it that he no longer has.

Multiple lessons learned.

I am not cut..and at 69 years old I don't intent to do it concern is when I see uncut and the head doesn't come out entirely??? What must the smell be under there and the risk of infection....I know if I go a few days without washing it's not pleasant to smell..Need some feedback on that one...just email me at


With all the more urgent issues in the world, how is it we find time to focus on this? And where does it end? Are we going to hold our parents responsible for our birth? that we were born males rather than females? that we are gay? that we were not genetically engineered? that our fathers did not marry a better mom? that they chose to raise us in one religious tradition vs. another? that they allowed us to have too much sugar when we were children? that they dared send us to a public school rather than a private one or vice versa? yes, just where does all this selfishness end? As gay men don't we have more important things to worry about: how we treat our elderly gay brothers, how we take responsibility of our new freedoms, and how we can genuinely love other men. We have so many other important things to concern ourselves with. Instead, we continue to think with our dicks.

There's a woman on the talk radio circuit who's life mission seems to be to stop male circumcision. She makes some good points. She no doubt favors the legal initiative. She also sounds a little weird -- almost like she's obsessed with foreskin.

It's considered hot and edgy to impugn Bible-based religion but I like the way the Bible says don't kill the unborn baby and that males should be circumcised.

Spiritual guys know that their sexuality is subordinate to a Higher Power and circumcision makes that statement.

The pagan position seems to be that killing the unborn baby is fine but male circumcision should be illegal.

I'll vote for the Bible.

Your comments regarding Paganism were in bad form. Completely ignorant and malicious, in my opinion.

That is not what Paganism stands for. Do not twist this to match your backward thinking. Educate yourself before making such comments.

But you know, on second reading, I take it all back. I'm really feelin' you on this one, Bro.


Wow... all of this for a little piece of skin? I may just move to SF and then get circumsized, just to break the law!! Or not!!

I think this proposed law is completely stupid. Uncut cocks get more diseases and pass more diseases then cut ones. This is NOT a myth, it's well documented reality. Personally, I don't care if my man is cut or uncut, as long as it's clean (that stinky cheese smell is disgusting!). I can tell you that i have NEVER regretted having a cut cock. Much easier to clean. I understand this dude thinks circumcision is genital mutilation. I disagree, but I understand his position. Women in Africa in certain tribes have their clitoris removed by their elders so that they never enjoy sex. THAT is mutilation and it's sick. Men enjoy sex fully with OR without the extra skin on the end. So it is not remotely close to the same argument. These folks with the obsession are a dangerous bunch. They sound just as crazy/freak show insane as the folks who want to kill doctors who perform abortions. Be careful, folks. We do not need legalized weenie patrols.
Hopefully this legislation won't ever become legal. I know i personally will never vote for it.

I'm mystified by the people who claim that circumcison shouldn't be done unless it's a religious obligation. What you're saying, then, is that you want to pass a law that says atheists can't circumcise their children, but religious people can. It sounds kind of crazy when you look at it that way, right? If it's wrong, then it's wrong and should be outlawed, regardless of whether or not you believe in magical beings.

For me, it's pretty simple. Nobody gets to mutilate my genitals but me. Leave your kid's dick the hell alone until he can decide for himself what to do with it at age 18. Is that really a controversial idea? If you're against abortion, don't have one, and if your against foreskin, don't have one. But leave your kid out of it.

Here in Massachusetts, we passed a law saying that you can't discriminate against gay people who are trying to adopt a child. The Catholic Church asked for an exemption because discriminating against gays is, you know, what they do. The state rightly denied them that exemption, because if it's wrong for people to discriminate against gays, then it's wrong for CATHOLIC people to discriminate against gays. The church can't say it's ok to discriminate because their imaginary friend told them so.

Actually, it IS okay for the Catholic (or Mormon, or any other church) to discriminate against gays or any other group. That's the free exercise of religion. What Massachusetts said was that it was not legal to do so WHILE RECEIVING GOVERNMENT FUNDS. That's an important distinction. Religions are free to discriminate. They just can't use taxpayer money to do so. The Catholic church was mad that if they continued to choose to discriminate against gay adoptive couples, they would lose governmental subsidies. They chose to shut down rather than self-fund. Then they blamed the gays for shutting them down.

I was born in a U.S. military hospital. My dad was enlisted at the time, so my delivery was free. The circumcision was considered "optional" so it cost my parents $7.00. (so nobody's tax dollars paid for it) Best seven bucks my parents ever spent. If being "cut" as a baby is the most physically or emotionally traumatic thing to ever happen in a guy's life, he will have lived a charmed life indeed.

The debate over whether studies about uncut men being more prone to infections and whether it's not a problem if they bathe is nullified by one simple fact: not all guys (cut or uncut) bathe as often as they should. I'm very attuned to my sense of smell and can be aroused or turned off by scents. I love the natural (but not dirty) smell of men. I've experienced clean uncut men and I've encountered one or two NASTY uncut men whose cheese I could smell through their underwear. I wanted to ask if they had a cold and that was why they couldn't smell it.

If this becomes law in SF, it will only boost business in suburban hospitals, and possibly lead to some deliveries in cars by nervous parents on their way out to those suburban hospitals. That's not healthy for anyone.

I suspect some of the people in favor of this law are also against government intrusion in their bedrooms. I don't want the government anywhere near the tip of my dick.

I'm really surprised that no-one has mentioned the compelling new research that describes the reduced risk for HIV infection when a man is circumcised (a couple reputable references below)... and it has little to do with the uncircumcised penis being "dirty"

Circumcision is child abuse. There is no good reason for it medically or morally. We would not have evolved with a foreskin if it were a negative survival trait.

Furthermore, having reached a certain age, I can say with some authority, the loss of sensation over the years definitely limits my sex life.

Technically, it is illegal in all states, all we need to do if step up enforcement.

Maybe that should be the next T-shirt, "Circumcision is child abuse!"

thats absurd its not child abuse, its the families choice as to what they want to do with their child, what right do YOU have to condemn them for their choices, it is in no way abusive it does not ruin the boys life and if he really wants it back he can get it back he wont even remember being cut. geez chill out. i bet ur "pro-life" against abortion too cus u seem to love taking a families or mothers choices away from them.

it is fucking child abuse, you dont think ritualistically slicing off the most sensitive part of a boys body is appalling, and detrimental to a BABY? you are fucking deranged, looking at your name you have a LOT of growing up to do, max (probably jewish) skate (probably a brat, or a twink) 2001 (are you even old enough to be on this site?). it is not the families choice to make if a child should or should not have an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT part of his anatomy. im uncut, i love my foreskin, everybody i know loves my foreskin, the 2 jews i fuck around with love my foreskin, you can make any argument you wish, but it doesnt mean shit if everything you say is wrong, its not unhealthy, it doesnt pass on disease, its not ugly by any stretch of the human imagination, its fucking sexy to see a mans hood sag over his tip, i love having it slowly lowered onto my tongue, so i can manipulate every crease with my mouth, and to see a mans jizz slowly pour out of it, fucking amazing, so you are wrong, kthxbai~

As far as making it unlawful to be circumsized is redicilious. It is a private family matter. As for myself i am cut and am glad, only i wish the doctor had left just a little bti on as he clipped me so tight if i get a real hard hard onsometime is is uncomfortable.

from what i have seen Europeans are taught from a very early age how to keep them selves clean. That doesnt seem to be the case in th eUSA. I had a few instances where i met uncut men and the smell head cheese and stickyness was unbearable. I woudlnt go near it. One guys siad "whats the matter?" I responded when was the last time you washed that thing IT STINKS".

Soap and water is still cheap there is no reason why you cant wash that dick every day or a few times a day after you pee if you are uncut. Personally i wont go with a man who is uncut unless he is exceptionally clean and doesnt have skinthat has skin that has skin. I jus tthink it looks ugly. No offense guys Just my preference like trimming pubes or other hry parts a man is suppsoed to have. I want to be with a man not a boy or guy tryin to look like a girl.

Being an uncut bear from England, I have to agree with you. I guess the reason would be that here in Europe, we are used to being uncut - there is no history of circumcision as standard procedure after a birth as there is in the US (the rumour here is that doctors in the US perform circumcisions because they get paid by the government to do them, but I'm not sure if that's true). Because we don't have this, we are raised by uncut fathers, and taught how to keep them clean.
In the US, the 'natural' phenomena is a recent thing (as previously stated, due partly because of the hippy rebellion in the 60s and 70s), and these parent's who had circumcision thrust upon them, have no idea how to care for an uncut cock, and so have no idea of how to teach their kids to clean them.

Personally, I think religion has no right to the human body - it is the mind that craves belief in the imaginary friend, and so the mind should be the only part that religion gets - and so circumcision should be a choice, made by the owner of the cock, UNLESS there is a genuine medical reason to have the foreskin removed.

OMG I wish I lived there where men are natural Intact....
Here in south central Texas it is almost impossible
to find an nice white man who is intact....................

You try to tell cut men what they lost, they cannot comprehend............

I compare it to the main console, and keyboard controller for your entire sexual system located in the foreskin and corona............
Dude they took your play station controller.
After the usual bad clip job the corona is likely deactivated,
depends on how bad a clip job, as to how bad the deformities, scare tissue,
damage to what was a very large neuro net located in the foreskin.

With foreskin guys you do not even need lube or a partner to put your self into heaven for very long periods.
Also INTACT penis can easily be brought off with one finger and very little effort, fore skin.

Over a period of many decades I have found that cut guys are very hard to get off.

Some people find a substitute in other parts of the body like the anus.

Why are so many American men bottoms, could it be loss of foreskin ???
Only time will tell the truth

Baby mutilation for cosmetic or religious reasons is barbaric.

Nature provided the foreskin to protect the glans. Whether you keep it clean or not is an entirely different question.

If when adult a man decides he does not want his foreskin, that is his own decision, in the same way that you can decide on any other form of cosmetic surgery.

Cut or uncut just seem to be different fantasies to me. My bf is uncut, my late husband was cut. I really don't care as long as they keep themselves clean, and for only me... I don't want either of my bf's cut or uncut to share their wear-with-all with another man. My man is my mate, and I mate for life...

Autism has been called upon, though not throughly researched as a complication of circumcision. The US has the highest number of autism cases in the world. 98% of all autism cases are males. What country has the highest number of circumcisions in the world????

With everything going on in the world these days I can't beleive that this is what folks care about. Feed some children, find someway to help Japan or end our never-ending wars, cut or uncut is stupid and most who are cut are grateful to their families for saving them a lot of hassle throughout their lives. If u r going to rise up against something , make it worthwhile