A Royal Decree of Sex Appeal

April 28, 2011

I don't know if you heard but there's a wedding taking place tomorrow and it's kind of big deal. I'm not sure if it's actually a big deal or if the media is busy feeding an interest they created in this new tabloidian era. Either way, it's here and the world will be watching. But William ain't the sexy stud he used to be (Team Harry here), and so I went on a search for an even hotter royal. Enter Prince Carl Phillip, aka the Crown Prince of Sweden, aka the Duke of Värmland, aka Sex on A Swedish Stick. He's been popping up lately with all this talk of royals getting married and is now officially on my radar.

I must admit, as pleased as I am with this find, I originally set out to find a hot royal daddy. I seem to have come up short though in that department. So daddy and hunters of the world, please join me in my quest to find a hot older daddy king, prince, or duke for our viewing pleasure. If we're ever going to picture our very own royal wedding, we'll need some pics for reference so links are appreciated.

Happy Royal Hunting!

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I think Prince Carl Phillip is a-fucking-dorable! But I'm still a big Prince Harry supporter (it's my "thing" for redheads). All in all, though, I wouldn't toss Wills out of my bed either!

It's easy to see why Diana would have a liason with Harry's father...that gorgeous red hair.

Oh, another vote for HRH Prince Harry in the war over who is the hotter of the Windsor Princes.

However, with all due respect (and a few apologies), my vote for hottest royal would probably go to HRH Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orleans... He's younger than I but OHHHH DADDY!


feh. You can keep your inbreds - give me a hot sexy working class man anytime over the royal snots!

Oh my. Prince Carl Phillip indeed. I always knew it was my destiny to be a princess.

Prince Hamdan of Dubai is not a daddy but he is a hot little cub ! Those eyes, OMG, those eyes !!

id like to clean his house anytime ,sexy guy !

Prince Hamdan of Dubai is fucking killer cute!

I am not sure, but I believe that Prince Carl Phillip of Sweden is not the crown prince of that country. He is the younger brother of the Crown Princess of Sweden, who will succeed her Father, having been the first born. They changed the law decades ago, I believe. But, I do agree he is cute.

Harry is the really hot one. I think he just exudes sex and lust. Wonder if he is uncut??? That would be the icing on that cake!!! A beautiful uncut cock with a huge red bush.....could it get any better? Not in my book.

I'm with you! I always think sex with a redhead would be an evening of almost Biblical proportion - burning bush and all that!!!

Biblical proportion...burning bush...laughing out loud!! Needed a smile before going to sleep...thank you!

Just hope that he doesn't shave or trim that gorgeous burning bush. :-)

Does Prince Felipe of Spain not count as a Daddy? He's like seven feet tall and gorgeous. (He is also married to a woman who looks like a supermodel.) Crown Prince Haakon of Norway is also pretty hot.

Felipe is gorgeous. I live in Madrid and sat behind him and his wife in a movie theater once. He's much more yummy in person! She's a former Spanish CNN reporter, I think.

King Hussein of Jordan is a good looking daddy!

I'll settle for Kate's brother! I'd make a princes out of him any day!

He looks like a right ole poof, no?

absolutely.....the sexiest guy around. and intelligent as well...he read the scriptures perfectly

Let's not leave out some of the more suitable daddies: I'm surprised no one mentioned Prince Michael of Kent, younger brother of the Duke of Kent-now in his 60's. Always hot in full beard either in uniform or a well-tailored suit. Didn't see much of him at the wedding this morning because his wife's big hat obscured his face during most of his few appearances!
Also Dinoboy73 mentioned King Hussein of Jordan-the poor man has been dead for 12 years.
His son, Abdullah, is now the king and also very hot-mid -to-late 40s I believe.
My own personal favorite is Prince Joachim of Denmark, younger brother of the crown prince-a dead ringer for a younger Cary Grant!

Prince Michael of Kent is fucking hot

Charles(?) of Monaco - gorgeous child - gorgeous teen - gorgeous dad, man! Quiet dignity, a bow to the uncut gallery: I don't think he is but my personal prejudice is he nor I (laughs here guys) have to deal with one. Someone has said someting like 'dammit man, he's hot'!

My vote is for Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway. He was absolutely beautiful as a teen and in his early 20s. Now in his late 30's his version of hot is smokeinnnn!

Jockamo47, can we talk? I'd like to know more about Haakon Magnus and I have heard outrageous things about those Norwegeans.

Jockamo47, can we talk? I'd like to know more about Haakon Magnus and I have heard outrageous things about those Norwegeans.

He is not a royal but the father of a princess. Kate's Middleton.s father. WOW!

Saw the wedding- My favorite British prince is still Harry. Red heaeds- those snowy white butts almost glow in the dark. And what a cute couple he and Kate's HOT brother made walking back to sign the wedding registry at the end of the service.

Its true that in an age of tabloids that the media needs to create a circus show now and then and stir up controversy and hoopla of the moment that then fades as fast as it built up. Hopefully the media wont chase the new royalty in speeding news vans to cause a royal accident in a few years. Some of those media guys are very sinister in the ways of sharp witted tongues without even having a life outside of the media circus. Hope everyone has nice day for sure.

So no gay royals?

There have been many rumors about the present King of Morocco and his gay escapeds in Paris, the son inlaw of King Michael of Romania -can't recall his name but he is married to the Crown Princess, Prince Edward of England Count of Wessex and his 1st cousin Viscount Linley (Princess Margaret's son) as well as Albert of Monaco. Many here have commented on Prince Michael of Kent who I have had the privelege of seeing in person and he is very attractive and much looks like his grandfather King George V and cousin Tsar Nicholas II. Prince Michael's father was Prince George Duke of Kent a handsome RAF pilot killed in WWII, who was known to be gay.

Wills looks too much like my nephew, and I have a ginger-fetish, so I'm on the Harry side. Carl-Phillip is cute, but looks entirely too "make me like what I didn't know I'd like" for me.

Forgive me Sir for suggesting the possibility of lusting over your nephew (I have a couple of gorgeous babes myself) but there are some redhaired slices of masculine perfection that can almost get me off, hands off!

I agree that Harry is the sexier of the two. William is actually kinda dorky looking but he sure looked handsome in that uniform with the hat on and I wouldn't kick him outta bed. I have a thing for sexy neck hairlines and that pic of him kissing Kate had me drooling.