This One Time In College...

March 18, 2011

Coming off yesterday's news that college is not the hyper-sexualized same-sex experimentation free-for-all that everyone makes it out to be I breathed a small sigh of relief. It seems that every summation of college includes some form of sexual experimentation, and it's something that I never really experienced. Being out during the majority of my college years may be the cause of this, but it doesn't make me any less relieved. You see, throughout college I befriended many a straight guy. Let me rephrase, many a straight guy I wanted to bone. And drunk upon drunker night I would hope that somehow, someway, their curiosity would be piqued enough for them to want to try something new. But alas, this never happened leading me to believe that all this talk of the sexually fluidity that is college was merely a sensationalized fantasy gays had concocted and spread to the masses.

Then again, maybe I wasn't doing it right.

I should note that the study cited here was based on experimentation in young college women, but figured the findings may still hold weight considering any straight/gay experimentation amongst guys in college is probably on the low down never to be spoken of again.

Until now of course...

For those of you who have indeed flipped a few in college, please regale us with any stories, findings, or opinions you may have on the subject.

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Actually, most of the men I bedded (or who bedded me) -- until relatively recently -- were straight guys. Often, they initiated, sometimes surprising me. One such man is in my story "No te Vayas," on my webpage (

My roomate hit the jackpot several times with seemingly straight boys, I think its just the luck of the draw or you and i both missed the signs that were invitations to fool around!

I think it rather depends on your sense of Gay-dar. Whether you can easily spot the hesitant vibes being given off by a 'straight' guy, or whether all that sexual testosterone flies straight over your head, leaving you in a somewhat confused ambivalence. I didn't get to college or uni, preferring to earn some cash, but I do regret not getting the earlier chance to be more Liberal.

It also depends on your looks and the luck of the draw.

I went to a small HBCU (historically black college/unirsitry) in Charlotte NC, not the most liberal environments to be gay. I wasn't in or out the closet I was your normal avaerage quiet college freshman who made the mistake o befriending a country closet case the guys in my dorm questioned about. After a night of deep conversation about what it was like being different on our yard feelings came out and we had sex, kissing & sucking & fucking each other, it was beautiful. Then one day he walked a someones room over heard them talking and thought I had said something about us, which I didn't, so he told everyone I gave him a blow job. sure i had people talking about me but I endored & moved on, it ended out friendship but this isn't about him, this is about TJ. TJ was one of a kind, tall dark chocolate complexion, with a body chissled by God. A full exhibitionist, every time he went to the showers he walked down the hall buck naked for the world to see, mostly to show off his big dick which all the guys on my floor couldn't help but look at but was affraid to admit they did. I was a little intimidated by him beacuse he liked to joke on guys claiming they were staring to hard at his dick, being the gay guy I was trying to avoid any unnecessary harassment, lucky for me he never jonesed on me. Anyway it was Thanksgiving week end, there mayhave been a total of maybe 20 people on campus who didn't go home, him & I were two of them and the only two on our floor. One night I was coming back to my room and passed him as he was going into the showers, then it happened, the five second rule, and to my surprise he looked back too. He had this big grin on his face and nodded for me to come in with him, about a minute late I was stripped down and in the shower stall across from him, lucky for me we had no shower curtains. As we watched each other shower I popped the hardest erection i've ever had in my like up until then he just smiled and kept stroking his soapy dick. It was already big but when it got fully hard it was bigger. We finished showering and I followed him back to his room. TJ was was blunt and to the point saying he knew i was gay from day one of school and didn't have a problem with me, the one he did want to know was if it was true guys give better head than females, he didn't have to ask me twice, in seconds he was lying on his bed with his dick in my mouth. I almost choked trying to take all 9-10 inches of his thick dick down my throat but i got it. when he started thrusting his hips forward I knew he got the anwser he wasn't expecting, guys, the moans he was making certified that. I thought the blow job would be it but out no where he said I want to fuck you, what was i gonna do say no, he reached into the desk drawer next to his bed pulled out a condom and lube, I laid face down on his bed spread apart my legs a nd braced for it. Penetration was slow and easy, once in his took his time, he didn't think it was going to be as tight as it was but he loved it, once i was used to him being inside me I told to go for broke. To this day it still ranks as one of the ten five fucks of my life, because of him it why i like guys to not pull out when they come. The only thing we didn't do was kiss, after if was over he asked if we could do it again sometime, that year we had a lot of sometimes. The coolest thing about it was he wasn't the jealous type, he didn't mind me hooking up with some of his boys who were also curious about who gave better head. TJ where ever you are those were the

Great story! Thanks.

If you 'flipped' a few in college, which I did, they were not 'straight'. Hetrosexual men that are 100 percent straight do not cross the line. The men may have been bi-sexual.( if there is such a thing) I wonder why gay men delude themselves into thinking that they have had sex with a straight man. But then, gay men like to believe that because on some level it's a form of conquest, and a sign of self loathing and low self esteem, which is typical in a society that persecutes sexual minorities. Hetrosexual men have a higher value, hence, for many homosexuals it brings them closer to the ideal man they would like to be with.

College is not the free for all experimentation with alternate sex. College just provides that period of time away from people you grew up with where you can experiment, away from people you know, and do things you normally would not do around your friends and relatives.

The funniest thing was when someone at a university posted images of an on-campus party on his social networking home page and then the secret party room was then closed and sealed after it was shown on the site and then shown on local Boston area news. Apparently there was a small room that was behind a ventillation panel which had been discovered by the dormitory guys and they used it to store booze and have parties. They would still be doing it if the electronic socializing hadn't led to lots of kewl horny buddies and then being discovered. Verbal spanks were applied to the guilty students minds but Im sure they weren't deterred in the overall attitude to do such stuff but they learn as time passes for sure. The way Charlie Sheen talks is not a very good example for anyone to live by.

It's kind of funny that all the straight guys I had sex was while in middle school. I was lucky to have classmates that were 2-3 years older than I. Some of them even had some chest hair already. I guess I always have been attracted to older men.

i went to church sponsered univ., but found a couple of guys to fool around with. I wasn't openly out, still am not, but I am so efeminate everyone just assumed I was gay and let their guard down cause I didn"t bother anyone unless they let on they wanted to play. I like the ladies also, But most didn'twant anything to do with me, the only guy in the interior design program. It was great being away from home and finding some dick once in awhile. Still doing it and loving it.

silly silly ME. I went to college to get an education not socialize and figure out who i can screw. I also was the only male in a female dominated profession in an agricultural college in a small town and so I had to watch my Ps and Qs. Then when i went to college a 2nd time, i went to a larger college in a larger city.

I do remember the nickname cupcake from my dorm roommates who were really freindly at the beginning and shunned me for the rest of the school year. It didn't matter to me because I escaped the town on the weekend to a larger town where I would walk down the street and get YOU FUCKIN FAGGOTT when on numerous occasions I would have either a glass beer bottle or a glass soda bottle thrown at me from a passing car from people i don't know.

Oh those FUN college years