The Lucky Ones

March 17, 2011
Category: Wellness

It being St. Patrick's Day and all, it got me thinking about luck. Whether we realize it or not most of us out there are pretty lucky. So much so that we often take the lives we lead for granted. And in an effort to sober you up on this boozy holiday, I thought it best to get real for a moment and turn our attention to some of the work and charities that need our support and donations in Japan right now.

There's quite a few to navigate through, but The Chronicles of Philanthropy has a pretty thorough round up of all the charities out there, including a descriptor for each so know exactly where your money is going.

And as always, the Red Cross is accepting donation via text message. Just text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10. Super easy and then you've done your good deed.

I know many of you have probably already donated, but the more news we read the worse it seems to get over there, so double up on your donations if you're feeling generous. And if you haven't already consider this your reminder. Don't make me post a picture of abandoned puppy dogs that need saving, cause I will.

Help Japan Poster by Zac Neulieb: $22.50 printed on semi-gloss photo paper, 100% donated.

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Oh - you had to mention the little furry ones. Lets help them out fellas!

Humane Society International:

Rob..thank you for your thoughtful post. It is important to recognize that with all that is happening in our piece of the world, nothing compares to what Japan is currently experiencing.
your post made me pause and think and gave me perspective.
Time, money, clothes all can be of so much assistance particularly now.

Mr. Ron

Thank you for posting this, Rob.
On behalf of all Japanese and residents of other nations who happened to live and traveling in Japan, I would like to cordially thank you for all the contributions given or to be given for North Eastern and Central Eastern Japan. We are afraid that we cannot repay everything back to you in our life time but you guys showed how important to unite and help each other.
Please be wise to select organization when giving donations. There has been some phishing actions reported.
Since Japan is a part of international community, there is nothing I can do about money market. On the superficial level, currency level is rising high which means if money being transferred locally to Japan, your precious donations can buy less.
However, I am sure large and trusted organization know this kind of situation.
Japan is somewhat short of energy. food and water in the Tsunami and quaked areas.
I would like to mention that we are amazed and surprised how much support all of you, including your governments have given and are giving even additionally.
Thank you guys for all your support and genuine love.
Sonny from Central East, Japan
Although the live stream may be in Japanese, USTREAM is showing current news. YouTube has a lot of clips in English that may not be seen public TV news as some of scenes are beyond something BEARable.

I know some guys who have a very skeptical view on the idea of helping through charities and so forth. However that only leads to more complacency and then the very things we are skeptical about then get even more shady over time as a result of people not caring due to supposed assumptions that are applied with broad brush strokes to anything and everything. Jokes about pictures with puppy doggies are common and have to realize that we can't get so skeptical that we make the world a worse place through the spreading of certain attitudes to not do anything whatsoever other than please ourselves. The mention of puppies here made me realize that doggies are nice for the reason that they don't assume a lot of things and they just are nice cuddly beasts with no agenda or advanced motives based on wise ole sayings. A lot of good stuff is done in the community that doesn't even have anything to do with government and presidents dont even know about it as its none of their business to meddle with. Hope everyones having a nice day and be sure to not fall into a way of thinking that just sais "screw it" at all times.