I'm ready for my closeup Mr. Demille...

March 29, 2011
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Whether you're a Daddy exhibitionist looking for an opportunity to show the world what you got or your heart belongs to Daddy and you like 'em knocking at your door, modeling for Daddyhunt.com is the perfect opportunity to turn some heads!

Our models actually do more then turn heads, they exemplify the "no attitude" real men that appear on the site. Interested? We have some upcoming photos shoots coming up and we are in need of some hot daddies, bears, cubs, leather men, jocks, gingers, and hunters of all shapes and sizes in the New York City area. We're looking for hot, confident, magnetic, and outgoing guys to represent our community.

If you fit the bill, drop us a line (and a picture or profile name) to joe@daddyhunt.com and we'll fill you in on the details.

A picture says a thousand words. What do you have to say?

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I suppose that's a WONDERFUL oppertunity for gents in the NEW YORK area. Does that leave the rest of the country/world out of the running? Just wondering.....

Yes I with you agree you very good children

I got friends coming to visit who would be perfect models... when is this taking place?

There is that inner kid inside everyone that gets stifled by some strict styles of upbringing and then some folks get very serious and can never relax or have fun ever again where some of those English founded Universities are simply strict followups to very domineering private parochial schools where it takes a lot of harsh effort to stifle the natural human being and make the beastie conform.

The act of modeling reflects a natural thing in everyone where if your with the right guy then you can unleash and be your wacky self in private and engage in pictures and silly stuff that the world never has to know about whatsoever but its the same spirit of things to be yourself without conforming to a mass attitude of correctness that may issue white uniforms of conformity if we do not behave and spend all week in the reference section of a library. Hope everyone has a nice day for sure.