Daily Daddy: Ulysses S. Grant

March 28, 2011

Sometimes it's fun to look back at history and wonder who could potentially make your heart and/or loins do the time warp. My time travels have led me to one Ulysses S. Grant, and I must say...he's kind of a hottie. I mean it's hard to tell with these old timey photos and paintings, but those eyes. Beautiful by even today's standards. And despite his historical ranking, our daddy of an 18th President was at least on the side of civil rights. Who knows, maybe he would have gone to bat for the gays if we needed his help back then.

What other historical hotties should we take note of?

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Yewp... he (Ulysses) was my pick when you did the piece on good ole Abe for president's day... He always made me think of a muscle bear BEFORE I even knew what a muscle bear was! YUM...

And to answer the question... he may not be from American history or even from the OLD days... but Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu is a major daddy bear!

How about Leland Stanford?

For me? Teddy Roosevelt.........Called him the "Rough Riders".....(Yeah, I'll bet!) And wasn't his line in history "Walk softly but carry a BIG STICK"??? ;)

Check out William Worth Belknap... a real daddy bear if ever was one!
William Sutter of Sutter's Mill gold rush fame
Sam Houston of the Texas Revolution
Oliver Otis Howard of black suffrage fame
Stupid but pretty Nelson Miles
and my favorite, John M. Chivington
Can you tell I'm a history buff?!?!

Franklin Pierce was really a looker--too bad he was also a drunk. :-(

I like James Garfield. Bigmuscle bear. Tough man too,
took him weeks to die, after being shot.

Garfield was always a hot looking man to me, as was Grant, although he seems a bit young in this pic. But have you noticed William McKinley's piercing eyes?

Custer and Crazy Horse could have made an interesting couple in another universe.

Google Putin shirtless too....
I like the one with the gun

He does look pretty good shirtless

There was talk in Hollywood for years about making a film of Grant's life to star Jeffrey Hunter (their eyes were almost identical). Unfortunately, he took so much flak for his portrayal of Christ in "King of Kings," because young Catholic teenagers were throwing their panties at the screen, that it ruined his chances of ever doing another biography picture.

I shouldn't be russian into this...and I may get bad marx and be purged for doing so...but this Georgian was smokin' 109 years ago... http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/ni/Stalin_1902.jpg

Now we know where George Michael got that style from!

Robert E Lee was a hot polar bear. I wouldn't have turned him down. I wonder if he was a top or a bottom. Either way works for me.

Those men and their thick moustaches! Wooof

george washington, wooden teeth, gum job?

I couldn't agree more and even if I have seen better displays of him than the one above i.e. I get hard every time I look at a $50, still besides his "daddy-ness" those eyes really could melt hearts and probably did. He does rank pretty high for HISTORICAL HOTTIES. Outside of all the horrific death, torture, slavery,rape,starvation etc going on during the CIVIL WAR I still bet there was some really hot sweaty army mustahce sex going crazy in those tents. I didn't peruse all of the above responses so I apologize if these are repeats but I do agree TEDDY ROOSEVELT was totally hot in that BAD ASS ERNEST HEMING-WAY. God just the name ROUGH RIDERS is hot but I am a top so I'd have to join. (wink) and while we're talking US Presidents I wouldn't have kicked TAFT, GARFIELD, or CLEVELAND outta bed either. And yes ditto on ROBERT E LEE. Hot Silver Daddy.

Another historical hottie is MONET a nice bellied bearded grandpa type. And an artist....HELL YEAH. GOOGLE IMAGE HIM

And I am with the guy a couple boxes up, STALIN was hot, DICTATOR or not. But you guys can have BEN FRANKLIN although I bet he was a REAL TIGER in the sack. He probably was, it's those nerdy smarty types who always catch you off guard that end up being the best sex/lovers you ever had. At least from my experience so maybe I will actually hang on to Old Ben and take him for a test drive first. I bet he had a real naughty mouth too. -wink

Totally agree. $50 bills are my favorite because of the pic of Grant.

Personally, Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata do it for me...

Monet, Debussy, ..pretty much any of the impressionists were sexy.

Interesting. I have no problem seeing through the "old timey photos and paintings" and getting the hotness of the subject. Ken Burns' series is back on PBS this week for the 150th anniversary, and I've been scanning the photos for hotness. There was a lot of it. The guys tended to be slender!

There are some portraits purportedly of young W. A. Mozart and Franz Schubert that reveal hotness, but it's not clear how authentic they are, and these two guys had health problems before dying young.

I never thought of Schubert as hot but he was romanitc and a member of the club. As to American Presidents what about Bachelor James (Buck) Buchanan, who in a few pics is bearded and rather fetching with interesting eyes and who was probabaly to busy "hanging out with the boys" to avoid or forestall the impending Civil War.

Mr. Grant almost looks a little like the actor "Aiden Quinn" with some characteristics that are similar. Something about a guys eyes are the same forever.

Speaking of beautiful eyes from back in history . . . He's a pretty young daddy here—


—but I fell in love when I first saw this photo in my college theater-history textbook.

Not in this country's history; but Michael Collins, of Ireland. One of the liberators of Ireland, father of the IRA. HOTTTTTTTT !!! Some say he was Gay

Grant is a good looking daddy in my mind. Makes me think so everytime I have see him on a $50.