Win Tickets to *BLOWOFF* Some Steam This Friday in NYC

February 23, 2011

For the past several years, I'd hear about this party in NYC called BLOWOFF. Friends who had gone would tell me I would have love it - that it's a big dance party filled with my type of guys (i.e lots of hot daddies and hunters). And every year I'd put it off, only to regret it when I would see pictures from the event and kick myself for missing out on all the sexy, beary, daddylicious fun. From what I've seen and heard, it seems to be somewhere between dancing at a bar with friends and a full blown circuit party. Which to me sounds perfect.

Well come this Friday, I'll be blowing off with the rest and best of them at Highline Ballroom, and the great news is that you can too! We're giving away a pair of BLOWOFF NYC tickets to one lucky Daddyhunt member. Just let us know in the comments: "How do you usually blow off steam?" The winner will be notified this Friday via their Daddyhunt inbox.

For tickets and more info check out:

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May sound strange, but when I need to blow off steam, I get quiet, and alone, and release my steam slowly so as not to explode. I sit in the park, and chill the hell out. A dance party like Blow Out is for me, more of a celebration of being a single daddy.

I go out dancing!! As a very late bloomer, dancing had been a no go through my teens, 20's and almost all the 30's. I finally sat down with a couple of my more "party-like" friends and told them I wanted to see what it was like. They took me to a fabulous Easter bash in Atlanta (about 5 years ago) and I haven't stopped since. I should count my blessings, as a teen through the 80's & 90's I never succumbed to peer pressure... but I'm old enough now to know what I can get away with!!

So every time I get a chance to shake my non-insignificant ass off on the dance floor... I DO - and boy do I ever!! Hope to see you there!!

I usually call a few friends and have a spur of the moment party here. But going out dancing is even better.

The Dc Blow Off's are better than the NYC's to me, friendlier people in DC, less pretension.

If I need to blow off steam, I tend to call up my friends until every single one of them agrees to go out drinking and dancing. There's something extra fun about going out with a big group of people who just want to have a good time by shaking their asses on the dancefloor.

Might help that I'm a great dancer. lol

I tned to Blow Off Steam by first going to the gym and working out. Getting all hot and sweaty and my heart racing and revved up looking at all the hot Daddies and HUnters in the Weight and Steam Rooms. Then I take a slow, leisurely, steamy shower getting all soapy and wet - rinse off and head back to the locker room all refreshed and rareing to go. Shave, dress. Call some friends and meet for drinks at DILF and maybe go dancing.


Oh that's easy and a typical Friday night for the evening of the event.

It starts off with a text to an accomplice who's classy, yet willing to be trashy. You know, the friend who texts you the next morning for the dirty "deets" and to remind you of his name so you're able to make the classy exit. They'll remain nameless, but "said friend" runs down to Nasty Pig to pick up your tickets.

So, it starts off with happy hour that somehow turns into a bar crawl before you decide to make it to your 9:30 reservation for dinner. A feast for kings and the tasty beverage to boot.

Feeling (almost) satisfied, elated and ready for the festivities to begin we hop into a cab and yell, "Blow Off". Without reservation or further direction we're magically on our way and within a blink of an eye, we're peeling out the cab and barreling into the Highline Ballroom.

A wink, a nob, an "accidental" push into the HOT!! scruff. The music is kickin, cuz the DJ's are finger lickin. Mould and Morel DJ in tandem a fantasy of mine "in" and "of" itself.

FLASH FORWARD: shirtless hairy men, dripping sweat – I just felt a tingle typing those words and a mild flashback. Somehow, said friend has wandered off and there I stand jovial as ever texting in the dark.

FLASH FORWARD: a night in shinning armor wants to share a taxi. Grrrr, sure! Taxi, elevator, bedroom, condom, lube, condom, lube, condom, lube.

The next morning the sun rises with burning rays and you look out the floor to ceiling windows over the Manhattan skyline and notice this HUGE ball. Oh yes, that’s the New Years Eve Ball Drop in Times Square in the not to far distance, sitting right there like my cherry was waiting to be plucked.

Friend fails! No early morning text with “the name”, so you stroll to the kitchen ask for espresso and scan the mail for “the name”. You turn, accept the espresso in a demi tasse porcelain cup and say, “Thanks, Chris!” To which he says, “no its Ted, Chris is my exes name – we’re recently separated.” (blush).

FLASH FORWARD: Monday morning at the office, the sad and the lonely ask in desperation, “So what did you do this weekend?”. To which I modestly reply, “The usual, I just like to BLOW OFF some steam”.

True story? Only if you see me….. say, “Hi”.

I tried - I went twice and found it unsatisfying, musically and in terms of interactions. The music is extremely loud and uninteresting. I'm not trying to be negative, just voicing a point of view.

No offense, but that is like going to a water park and saying "It sucked because it was extremely wet." What did you expect to find at a dance party?

I blow off steam by fucking older muscular men.

Well, depends on what kind of the day I had/going to have

If it was a stressful day, and I am tired, theres nothing better than a good ol' wank, as they say. If I'm tired, i'll go for the professionally produced hardcore sweaty porn. However, if I'm not as tired, I like to explore the undiscovered gems in Xtube! I love amateur porn, and it gives me an opportunity to use my imagination, more easily. Also, if I have time, sometimes I make my own jerk off videos, because sharing is caring. And, porn is best served with tea. Pinky up, or no pinky up.

And sometimes, jerking off is not enough. All you need is those daddies to get you going! So Rockbar and The Eagle tend to be my preferred destinations. A perfect combination of conversation (Eagle-Rooftop! yay!) and sleaze!

And ofcourse, theres always Daddyhunt to keep one's juices going, and set up some nice little dates with some adorable hotties! And then... I don't kiss and tell... perhaps kiss me, and perhaps I might tell.


I go and do an hour on the elliptical machine and work up a sweat. And if that doesn't work, I start cleaning things out of my apartment. If that doesn't work, I go and do laundry where I can usually meet a hot guy to take back to my place while the washing is going on...and then the edge is "Off".

did I just say that?

Who won?

When life get's me down and I need to blow off steam. I hang out with my buddies for a nice dinner and drinks. It's filled with jokes, laughter and smiles. It reminds me of why I have such great friends, and is better than an sex I could have in it's place.


Wed nites at my friend's for big dinner w many great guys.
The other nites, I am a daddy and do as daddies do...look to spend time with a quality hunter/boy.

They say a picture can tell 1000 words but an image can simply lead to assumptions based on not knowing any facts about the image source just like how the babble of movie critics means about as much as a consumer complaint blog on home shopping sites telling you that every single product is like totally bogus. The wise ole tales of folklore can be quite fluent in a club to achieve the desired result in the back room but the compliments and chatter can then turn into headaches and sensitivity to light and sound the next day where the happy go-lucky dude can't remember the names associated with the phone numbers written down at the event. However there are other things and events in life where true friends charge up that stuff in you that remains strong for a lifetime and not for a single night where social networking with electronic smileys is the new virtual reality without being quite real.