The BEARatones present: My Fuzzy Valentine

February 1, 2011
my fuzzy valentine

Calling all Seattlites: The BEARatones have a new show coming up, just in time for Valentine's day. Their latest revue, My Fuzzy Valentine, is a cabaret-style show that takes a musical look at love and the people and things that inspire it, all served up with bearish good humor. And who doesn't love bear humor? Their group name is adoraBEARle! See how fun it can be!

After selling out their show last Spring, it's probably best to buy tickets for their February 11th and 12th performance as soon as you can. Tickets are $18 dollars and available online at, or $25 cash at the door. The Erickson Theater is at 1524 Harvard Ave., Seattle. For further information about the BEARatones and their upcoming show visit them at

They've got plenty of clips on youtube so be to check those out as well. In the mean time, here they are performing "California Dreaming":

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Its great to see mature groups singing the ole songs as it brings out the sensitivity and spunk and energy that the guys still have and are proud to come out and spread the memories that then make many other older shy scamps like me feel warm and fuzzy when seeing the various reunions and people getting together like that.

GREAT! nice mature bearband

my name is valentine Donna