Son Makes Gay Parents (And The Rest Of Us) Proud

February 2, 2011
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This video's been making the rounds since last night, but it's worth a share. Zach Wahls, the son of lesbian mothers, stood up in front of the Iowa House of Representatives in support of gay marriage as Iowans from both sides of the debate argued for and against repealing its 2009 legalization. The 19-year-old University of Iowa engineering student spoke eloquently about what makes a family and went on to argue that he was raised by two lesbians, and "is doing pretty well." At a time when we can't go a day without hearing stories of hate, it's nice to be reminded of all those in favor of love. Especially the young ones, who bring with them the tides of change.

Unfortunately, the House passed Joint Resolution 6, which would ban not only all same-sex unions, but domestic partnerships and domestic partnerships in the state, but it's hard to believe that even the most radical conservatives can turn a deaf ear to Wahls masterful speech. The good news is, Majority Leader Mike Gronstal has vowed to block any such amendment from getting a vote in the Senate, where Democrats hold a majority.

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Thanks so much for posting this. We need more people like Zach to step forward...

I have to say I have nothing but very HIGH praise for this young man He was not afraid to stand up to his local government and tell it like it is . And if we have more people like this young man to do so we can win our rights and it will come because it is like anything else in history if we look back there were many issues of equality and although it took some time it happened and this will as well And I do believe we are very close for it to happen
GREAT WAY TO GUY GUY !!! HMMMMM maybe this guy should be the next guy to run for President we have made it to having a black president . Now wouldn't that just put the cherry on the top to have an out and proud Gay man as one !!!!!!!

It is going to be painful for the regressives to deal with marrige and equal rights for all. This is but another step in the direction for equality and to make the vision most all of us have of America become a reality . No one can legislate love, to do so is to predetermine and control another's destiny. There will be more Zach Wahls that have the courage of their convictions to know and understand humanity and what is right in the eyes of the law, and to let those that oppose equal rights know, our voices will be heard.

It goes to show that what counts for real is not any static paperwork that comes and goes with the wind. Life doesn't have to be approved with anyone's good housekeeping seal of correctness. When you bond with someone then no one can tell you that its an invalid feeling for sure. A piece of paper doesn't make the intimate feeling any more real. The law is neither right or wrong because it can be edited at any time to suit personal tastes at the golf course depending on personal ideologies of those who promote specific directives behind the backs of the mainstream people. Some folks mistake legal and illegal as the same as right and wrong. I was at the unofficial ceremony of a couple of gay friends in Vegas a few years ago and they had family invited and it was a great event regardless of state recognition. That couple are still together through thick and thin even as one of them is in a wheelchair but they stick together like glue which is rare even when legal marriages occur.

Its sad for me to read about legislations and countries that ban gay and lesbian marriage and even proud to say that im in a country where human rights are acknowledged and wasnt easy at first for the community to accept,yet a few years later people have moved on and become less judgemental and wish is for a world wide freedom from judgement and persecusion for being gay.

Viewing events in the USA from across the Atlantic I do despair of and utterly despise the antics of Republicans, now that the Cold War is over and they can't bash the Commies [real and imagined] they seem to need some other 'bogeyman' to vent their spleen on, and Gays are an easy target. What does this say about them? What kind of people assert their identity and sense of self-worth by picking on a particular section of society? Would they, if they could, ban Black marriage? Would they, if they could, ban Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. marriage? Perhaps they should consider banning marriage between people with freckles, or people with a particular colour of eyes or hair? Of course all these examples are just plain stupid, but every bit as stupid as banning Gay marriage.
I wonder just how many of those who voted in favour of JR6 are on their second or third marriage, how many of them have disfunctional families, how many of them have disfunctional kids? And if straight marriage is THAT wonderful - why aren't they legislating to ban divorce? Thank God that I am fortunate enough to live in the UK where Civil Partnerships are enshrined in National Law as is hate crime and anti-discrimination legislation.

Some of those examples are very real andy49, Blacks did not get the right to marry until well into reconstruction following the civil war in the United States in the late 1800's; Know what they did when the law passed? By the hundreds in some towns post slavery Blacks went to their local court houses and tied the knot. I don't think a civil union is enough and it's settling for seconds, and acknowledging second class citizenship. Full marriage for all adults regarless of gender and sexual orientation will become the law of the land one day.

Hetrosexauls get validated everyday of their lives just because of their sexual orientation, that validation gives them the delusion of being superior because they are straight, sadly, many gay men and women with self esteem issues also accept that delusion, it's difficult to shake when it's being drummed into one's psyche starting from the day they emerge from the womb.

Remember to do what you truly believe in regardless of whether a mainstream political cult of any given generation over time thinks about it. Whatever it is that you feel about another guy then that is what counts for sure. Part of the American idea was to seek a place to live apart from mainstream social domination and that very act of seeking freedom to be oneself should continue to be the case and not have everyone line up at professional offices to be labeled and stamped to receive a good housekeeping seal of organic approval. The gay community is in the same boat that George Washington was in long ago when seeking to gain acceptance with the puritanical British aristocrats and royalty. If the marriage thing is approached in ways that makes us look more like regular people through being a part of overall human concern beyond a gay agenda then that would work better than the in-the-face flamboyant style of things where a march on Washington does nothing more than flatten the grass we are protesting on. Not wearing sexuality on the sleeve is a good thing to do as well because being a melting pot means confrontational styles should be avoided where people see what we are like as human beings beyond the bedroom.

As a gay Iowan, I'm proud of Zach Wahls and his eloquent courage in speaking the truth. It is shameful that some ignorant and fearful Iowans are fighting against our recently recognized rights as equal citizens. The unanimous Iowa Supreme Court decision recognizing the marriage rights of gay and lesbian Iowans was clear... "equal justice under law" applies to ALL Iowans, including our gay and lesbian citizens. Efforts to install discrimination in the Iowa constitution, now underway and supported by the Republican party and well-funded out-of-state conservative 'wrong-wing' groups, will hopefully be halted by our Democrat-controlled state senate. Iowa Democrats may pay a political price in 2012, but we can admire their determination to stand up to unwarranted discrimination. They, and people like Zach, all over Iowa, are the real heros in the on-going fight for true justice and equality. Research shows that attitudes are changing nationwide, and if Republicans are ultimately successful in their attempt to install discrimination in our constitution through constitutional amendment [a long process in Iowa], trends indicate that public support will eventually favor equal justice for gay and lesbian citizens here and around the country.

Don't just blame Iowan's for this act of cowardice dniowabear, it's part of the fabric of America. There are people that will do everything in their power to maintain the statusquo, even if it is against their own best interests. This is what you see happening with the tea baggers and the spinless Republicans on Capitol Hill trying to do the tea bagger party's bidding. Notice all the wishy-washy flip flopping the Republican House leaders have been doing?, Even voting against bills and amendents they sometimes support, sometimes do not, depending on whether the president is in agreement or not. They're being contrary just to stop progress in this nation, which includes anything to do with same sex marriage, for starters.

You are an amazing young man. Thank you for speaking up. All it takes is one voice. It may be a long and hard road, but one day, hopefully, within our lifetime, the predjudice and ignorance of those who are not willing to see beyond their own bias, will learn that gay parents, and gay couples can marry, and can raise a child to become an incredible human being as you are.
I wish you the best in your lifetime, and for all of those who face the struggle every day against society and it's opinions on what a "family" is and only view it as a male and female relationship, I would like to say we Thank you. I think anyone who hears the words you speak would be proud to have a son like you. I know I sure would.

Thank you again

I am choked with pride over this inspiring young man....and I am an Australian in Sydney. Zach - you are amazing!

Life is too short to make happiness dependent on a legal tug-of-war where law drama fuels a marketplace that's more about legal business for profit than about the exact issues that get stirred up in order to drum up an issue based clientele that will hopefully drag a case out for years. Whatever you feel about someone is all that matters.

What Zach Wahls did/said in front of the hostile Iowa Legislature (and the world) truly moved me to tears. How could anyone say that his parents, same sex or otherwise, did not raise this young man in every right way, not the least of which is to show the content of his overflowing character.

He belongs in the legislature - as an elected representative someday - or maybe governor.

yes, it is his right, it is all our rights, nobody has the right to deprived what we should have in this world, I repstect this guy, because he knows what he should do, and what he should have , and he has the amazing courage to stand out, he knows something is right in this world, he knows how to live in this world, he knows what he should say and what should not, my God, how I wish I can to live by a freely style, that is to say I can say what I think and I can do what I like, actually, I dare not, I am in a very conservative country,it is just a secrete be hidden deep into my heart, how I wish I can breath the freedom air, just like that guy.God bless him.

Amen, Zach!!!

One has to have the courage of their convictions, be willing to put it all on the line and prepare for the consequences; Freedom comes at a cost and it does not come easily. There are not enough LGBT people but Americans in general that are not willing to stand up for their rights or the rights of those that cannot defend themselves. When you have courage and believe in something you die only once; when you cowtow and let fear become your prime motivator, you die a thousand deaths daily.

I heard Zach's speech on Rachael Maddow. I was very impressed at what he said. I hope the "God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve" crowd was listening to him.

As a 71 year old Gay Man I sat here and listened to this three times. This young
man is so right. Only God gives us the right to find the person we Love in our Lives. When he gives us that person be it a Woman or a Man you need to do something about it.

Living together is not the answer. Being a Family like this Young Man was raised in would have been great for me. My Mother and Father Married and were Divorced when I was quite young. I had Two Gay Brothers that are now dead amd buried and I really know what it is like to be persequted. The three of us were not liked by many of the neighbors because my Great Looking Mother lived with my Grandmother and they couldn't understand what a Broken Family was doing being so happy in this world. I have had a hard time being raised in the 40's and 50's. harrased by the police etc. It is not easy being Gay but it is easy being a family.

God Bless this young man for standing up to the Bigots in Iowa who don't want to understand what it is like to not have a real family.

No bcarlsonb, it is not easy being gay, but it is difficult to keep the peace too, and both are worth fighting for. What is even more difficult is rolling over and letting the hate and the bigots trample over you. We must all stand up for what we believe even if it means getting your A** kicked. One must always stand up even if it means losing. This is but a continuation of the civil rights and 'equal' rights movement. Yeah, we're going to loose some battles but just like what happened at Stone Wall, we must remain intrepid and not loose site of the prize.

Zach Wahls unlike many of us has the good fortune of a supporting family standing behind him. Today we can marshal the support of one another in the LGBT community. The progression of equal rights is a long slow exacting process like a marathon, and like all marathons one must pace themselves and stay focused.

Go ahead and show the world that we dont need official recognition by anyone other than oneself and what you and your sweetie feel between yourselves. Many people raise their families against the advice of official social services and they will believe whatever they want even if government does not agree with their way of thinking. By the same token we should just feel however we want and government obstacles dont matter any more than when raising a family against the official dogma allowed by legal documents. Just be special to one person and thats enough for sure.