Daily Daddy: Who'd You Rather Edition

February 21, 2011

Seems only fitting that we talk dirty about dead president's Lincoln and Washington on the day America's chosen to remember them. So let's keep it simple, who'd you rather: Abe Lincoln or George Washington. You can factor in any kind of extraneous info you like into your decision making, just be sure to tell us in the comments section below.

And while we're at it, and because choosing between these two is fairly limiting, if you had your choice between presidents 1-44 who'd you go for?

Happy President's Day!

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Grant!! He looked like a good ol' musclebear!!

Who would I rather have a deep conversation with? Lincoln.
Who would I rather ... with? Of the two, I'd say Washington, though neither really trips my trigger.

Of all the 44, I would get turned on by (in order of office): J. Q. Adams, Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore (a suggestive last name), U. S. Grant (woof-- I actually DID have the hots for him for while growing up-- as far as historical figures go), Chester A. Arthur (I do like a big Daddy), Benjamin Harrison (another classic polar bear type), TR (but only in his later years), and big Daddy Taft. Grover Cleveland, John Adams, and LBJ are 'maybes.' So I would have definitely gotten around in the White House.

And for those who are wondering about how overtly sexual JFK and Clinton were, by reputation the most sexually promiscuous of our presidents (aside from all the cheap talk about 'Washington sleeping here') was Warren G. Harding, who used to have sex with his mistresses in a closet in the White House, and used to go with his Cabinet to a nearby brothel after Cabinet meetings to drink, smoke, gamble and.... (At least, that is his reputation. I was not a witness.)

For the best White House tag team (Pres and V.P. combo), I'd take Garfield and Arthur (when Arthur was Garfield's VP). ;)

Ironic that Buchanan, the only President whom we are pretty sure was gay, isn't showing up on people's presidential 'wish-list.' Lincoln and LBJ have been rumored to have dabbled 'on the other side,' but only Buchanan is seen as a definite "confirmed bachelor" with a live-in male domestic companion.

Young TR could be my hunter any day :-)


George Washington, He was respected by every single man in the constitutional convention. And is the only president who won by unanimous vote. He declined to be king although they offered it to him, and had the good common sense to retire to his farm when his term was up and was never really involved again.
He had character, quality without pandering to the masses. He kept his head and kept his head above the fray at all times. Most importantly he was willing to brave it out with his men at Valley Forge rather than to leave and manage from afar. Gutts is what makes the man.

ABE LINCOLINS,cause he is a great n the best leadership apeople,anythings..i dont know cause im alittle english so u understand me..?how about rocket88?why him is not vulgar?

If I had to choose between Abe and George...Abe...he looks like he was hairy. If I had to pick out of the 44 president's so far..I'd opt for a 3 way with JFK and Obama

I'd never choose Washington. Kissing is one of my favorite things and he had wooden teeth. Who needs splinters in the tongue? Ouch!

As for the rest of them, I think Bill Clinton was perhaps the smartest president we've had in the last 100 years. I say that because of the way he kept (and still keeps) information in his head and is able to put ideas together and communicate. Also, because I think the brain is a man's biggest sex organ. Finally, if I have to pick, I'd certainly rather be with someone who has been publicly proven to enjoy sex!!

JFK or Clinton. Both are proven to be sexual:) and would be able to have a conversation worth remembering.

Well, I'd jump Abe any day! For one, I love that style of beard. His sense of honor and equality is endearing, and also the fact that he suffered from depression just makes you want to cuddle and comfort him.

Of the other presidents I can remember off the top of my head... Hmm...

Ol' Teddy Roosevelt seems like he was the rough and adventurous sort, so he might be fun. Dwight Eisenhower seems like he might be fun to try and dominate. >=)

Ulysses Grant was pretty handsome, too. Get him so drunk he passes out, and then... heh heh.....

I agree with EbonyLeatherMan I would go for a 3 way with JFK and Obama

Hayes, Garfield, or TR would probably be my pics.....addicted to facial hair, after all, we're talking 'bout a roll-in-the-hay, right?

Rutherford B. Hayes.


I'm thinking that good ole boy Jimmy Carter would be interesting in the sack, all the more so if he could convince brother Billy to join in..............................(EG)

who ever had more slaves would be me, but my slave boys would be white ... I believe in 100 % total servitude, not just sexually, but do the chortes / errands, bdsm, and sex ... bring back slavery, boys knew their place back then

Yeah... no. I'm holding out for Grant too.

George Washington looks quite unhappy because of his wooden teeth and no air conditioning cooling off the white house yet but Im sure it seemed like the times back then were as modern and revolutionary as they are today. History goes in circles due to repetitive dogma that some folks can't seem to leave behind in the 8000 year old caves and just be themselves. If Lincoln were smiling then the rumors about his private pastimes would make him less likely to have us hanged if we approached him I suppose. Have a nice day everyone and don't bother marching to anyone's tune.

I think Jefferson... pretty handsome man, could build great homes for us to live in and he was KNOWN for his wild side...

I bet Nixon would be a good anger fuck. And so, sooo wrong.

I don't think I've ever spent this much time checking out the mugs of our Presidents! lol

Gotta go with bearish Grant, followed by the clean-shaven Theo Roosevelt.

Between Abe and Washington - Abe for sure -
As for the others ;-) in order... (or orgy?)

Adams (the first)
Teddy perhaps - think he'd be pretty rough tho
(rough riders - hmmm?)
Harding - hmmm - just the name?

More recently - -

Kennedy - err - rather - can I have
his son? :-)

I think Dubya would be interesting to tie into a sling and just invite everybody - what you think?


I agree ya all!!

Clinton or JFK
Clinton sticking that stogie in me while I pleasure him.
JFK because he made Nailed Marilyn! And had her bumped off!

JFK didn't bump anyone off. Marilyn Monroe just burned out after a way too slutty life where intimacy was artificially created with chemical assistance. Life can be like that over time for many folks in the gay bar life if they don't settle down and realize that friends are a precious thing even more than getting dizzy in public and then people get the wrong impression of what gay people are like through Hollywood, Broadway and the clubs that are more noisy and flamboyant but certainly not the mainstream of the community for sure.