Daily Daddy: Sexy Cupid

February 14, 2011
Category: Eye Candy

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or National Singles Awareness Day, I think we can all agree that Cupid can be a fickle little bitch (guess which day I'm celebrating). I keed, I keed. Actually, I love Valentine's Day. Say what you will about it being a Hallmark created holiday, but we move so fast these days that maybe we need a day to stop and appreciate how incredibly special and rare finding love can be.

For all us lonely hearts out there, a day like this makes it especially easy to be bitter. It's almost to be expected from us. But maybe this year, we should flip the switch and love the heck out of this day. Whether we want to "love" up on a fuck buddy for an hour or shower our friends and family with platonic affection, there are a million different ways we can celebrate this day and not feel like a shmuck. So let's do that.

Here's to you Cupid! Whether we've been hit, hurt, or still awaiting your arrow, we're thankful you exist.

Oh and if Cupid looks anything like the above picture, he can shoot me with his bow anytime.

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nice job with the writing; this little piece kept me smiling the whole way through!

Yeah a very nice piece with the right sentiment about what Valentines Day should mean for all of us regardless of whether you are with someone special right now or not...there are nice guys on this site and i got chatting to one on Valentines Day for a couple of hours so as Rob says think positive thoughts...oh and by the way i think the author of this piece looks way more hot than the cupid picture shown!!

wow! I love that very much.

love??????? f that b s i am so bitter.....i have given up !

Oh my gawwd. Such naughty words but its not just Cupid that can be a bit of a bitch for sure. Dont let a beetch get you down. GO and slap that naughty beetch on the bum and maybe it will trigger something that a 1000 books couldn't have solved.

There's little or no love out there in the "market." Seems like a piece of ass is the goal for most Daddies and Hunters. Fortunately, I'm a cock-eyed optimist (no pun intended) and "know" that some day I'll meet up with a normal guy that wants my heart instead of just my hard.

Honey never give up, or just stop looking and it may fall into your lap. You are so handsome I can not immagine. Just have the time of your life and if you are in Atlanta I will help you !