This NYT Article Might Make You Cry

January 25, 2011

Not to bring everyone down, but I came across this truly moving story about two gay fathers and the adopted son they recently lost and felt the need to share. It's inspiring to hear about this incredibly unique family and the legacy they've left behind in their small New Jersey town.

Whether you're moved or not, there's no denying that the world needs more families like The Tims.

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Thanks for sharing here Rob. Truly a story full of grace!

That story isn't sad. It's inspiring. It's a story of the greatness of the human spirit. With all the truly sad news of humankind's inhumanity toward each other, this one celebrates the goodness in us all. This is the news we should all spread instead of the terror and insanity.

Send this to the hate mongers opposing gay marriage.

Thank you for making my day. Let's all strive to do better!

Thank you! How are you?

The line about his puppy is what put me over the edge.

Life is short good people. Live. Laugh. Love.

Thanks for sharing such a heart felt story.

Great story. Lost Lover of 15 years this past June so know grief. It was a second loss. Prior Lover of 16-17 years passed on also. So two funerals. Time does heal, but you never forget, they become your Guardians.
Blessed be your Guardian and his dog to watch over you both.

Thanks for the story It is Inspiring

Truly an inspiring story.
I was very moved by the commitment of the two fathers. The fact that they did not give up on
their responsibilites. They stayed in it for the children the took into their lives.
they may have abandoned their partnership, but they did not abandon their responsibilities as parents. unlike some hetero parents. My heart goes out to them for their loss.

thanks for sharing. as an adoptive parent, I find this especially moving. Peace be the family-- and us all.

A blessing, thank you for sharing, life is about giving and they certainly did x love and thoughts are with them xx

Thanks for sharing this. It truly made my day. I've bookmarked the original article and will be sharing this on every blog, forum and thread that questions our humanity as gay men.

While the story is certainly inspiring, it is also very, very sad. I helped in a small way in the raising of a beautiful young girl who had a rocky start in life but who has thrived and avoided all the pitfalls the doctors said might happen after such a traumatic birth. I no longer live with the family but shie is still absolutely the most important person in my life and without fail, every week I make time to spend with her. My heart goes out to this courageous young man's fathers and firends and they should know that millions of people around the world are sharing in their grief and thinking of them. What wonderful men to have taken on a child with such medical problems and what a great demonstration of love and commitment this story is

This story makes any difficulties in my life seem so insignificant...truly an inspirational story of the will and courage of a young man and the undying love and commitment of two truly beautiful men with hearts of gold...thank you for sharing this remarkable story

I have seen such events happen and have attended services for friends who had friends who had prematurely left the planet. This type of family loss is shared by all types of people and shows how all people everywhere share the same human things where who we sleep with is not the focus of what a world cares about when its time to just live life without feeling so special that guys are flaunting and acting in a way that wouldn't be acceptable if a straight couple couple was getting frisky in public either. Overpopulation leads to more compromise being necessary because we arent in the woods alone anymore like when thee were fewer people.

Words cannot express how very VERY proud these two incredible Gay Men make me to be a Gay man, an American, a Christian, and a human being. I know that there MUST be more men like this out there, but these two MEN wrote the book on how to love for love's sake. The Maggie Gallegher's of the world would benefit immeasurably from even the smallest dose of the Milk of Human Kindness that flows in the veins of The Tims. God bless them, their two sons, and that wonderful Rocky. If I could, Rocky would never be without Carrots, Apples and Sugarlumps for the rest of his life.