STR8s Against H8

January 26, 2011
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STR8s Against H8

There are many things I like about this behind the scenes video of this charity calendar. For one, the gratuitous exploitation of hot straight boys. Beyond that, I love love love when the straights take an active role in championing some of our causes. The truth is, we're a minority and while we can do a hell of lot on our own, if we don't have the support of our straight brethren, we're never going to win. It's simply a numbers game. But back to the video, these boys are smokin' and they are not afraid to show it! Between the colors of the set and the colors of their underwear, they're making all kinds of things pop.

Seems to me that in this generation coming up, the straight boys are gay-friendlier than ever. It's a non-issue for many of them and because of this, so many friendships that may not have happened decades ago now have the opportunity to blossom.

If you're interested in purchasing a calendar of these boys, check out the FCKH8 site.

What are your thoughts on the straight boys? Whether they're stripping down for our benefit or taking us out for drinks, do you find our relationships with them are getting stronger?

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GREAT !!!!!! FANTASTIC !!! I am shareing the video from here to Ireland. Oredering a carload of Tees for the H8rs at work. LOVE it Love it Love it. Thanks Rob for shareing this.

Whoa... where/when can I get it??

yes the guys are hot...and I appreciate the cause..but the approach?? I think is just redirecting ''hate'' energy..."no h8" was powerful because it made folks stop and think...this is antagonistically telling haters to 'get over it'..will it have that effect??...just my thots

one of my best friends is an absolute hunky fireman with muscles and chisled good looks who happens to be straight as an arrow. i am ordering him the t-shirt in a size smaller than he wears for reasons that are obvious to us gay guys. whoof! :)


IT is true that telling haters to "get over it" is a bit of an antagonistic approach where we can end up showing the same in-your-face attitude that we do not like when it comes from others. The best approach is to just be good people that dont have to walk downtown in tight pants or deliberately displaying attitude. Most straight people would not want to see straight couples being that way on the street and would tell them to get a room. Being men of character is the way to get respect rather than to act in a way that ends up fueling moves against gay marriage by the larger community.

I love my straight guy friends! I have many of them. They are great guys and I'm always amazed at how much we can have in common(of course, as with all people, there are also things we don't have in common). While there are some friends, aquaintances , and co-workers that seem to be a little uncomfortable with my homosexuality, or the fact that I might find some of them attractive, most are really cool about it, some to the point of flirting back with me! I think the key is that I'm not persistent, obnoxious, or creepy about it. I'm also of the opinion that gay guys might be good for a straight guys ego; straight women seem to be frugal on the compliments, but me and other gay men I know are not. I've also learned that it's easier to get to know a really good-looking straight guy than it is a gay equivalent. But most of all I think they just like me for me and don't really care about my sexuality, the way it should be.