Semen Sickness

January 20, 2011
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I had a friend in college, a female, who revealed a big secret to me on one of our trips back home on winter break: she was allergic to semen. We joked about how it would at least get her out of swallowing, but I remember thinking what a terrible discovery that must have been. Then I thought about all the implications that would come with it and realized that sex with a semen allergy is probably void of a lot of fun.

Fast forward some years later, when I'm sharing this story anecdotally and am directed to a new study that was just released claiming that, while rare, some men are allergic their own semen. I thought I was pretty empathetic when my girl friend told me about her malady, but this pushed my empathy meter off the charts. According to the report, men with post orgasmic illness syndrome (POIS) have been documented since 2002 and can experience fever like symptoms immediately following ejaculation. Can you imagine getting sick every time you jerk off!? Have sex!? God forbid have a wet dream!? My heart breaks for these men. The good news is doctors have been testing hypo-sensitization therapy, a common allergy treatment, and have seen reduced POIS symptoms in patients.

Begs the question, would the pleasure be worth the pain?

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Interesting topic, and one I'm quite familiar with. I don't have true allergy to semen, but certainly a strong sensitivity to it. If I swallow, my throat immmediately begins to close, so I make sure I don't get in that situation. When I was younger, I always kept a towel handy, because my skin would form little blisters wherever the semen landed. That, thankfully, has disappeared with age.
But I'll be the first to tell you that this little problem certainly hasn't hindered my sex life. Now, a full-on allergy would most probably be a much bigger problem.
And here I thought I was the only one! My doc had never heard of it, but thought it certainly was possible.
Oh, and it makes no difference whether it's my own or someone else's.

That would be horrible to be allergic to swallowing semen....Personally I love to swallow cum..When I was younger I was allergic to chocolate and I thought that was bad....

If you are allergic to protein, then that would be the problem.

I've had a reaction to the semen of a couple men I've been with. It causes welting on my skin if I don't wipe it off within a few minutes of exposure. But the reaction isn't bad--reddening and mild swelling of the skin and itching. It's gone after about 20 minutes. Hasn't slowed me down one bit.

I've had the same reaction with a couple of guys. Scared me when I first saw it since it was so fast.

I am new enough to being with men, but DAMN..if I were alergic to the jizzle...well....I might as well hang up the towel..I still think there are good times to be had..but if you are allergic to semen then that would REALLY limit your options. I mean, in the words of Jonah Hill in SUPERBAD..."I dont know what I will be into ten years from now". I have never been into other guys cum....but at least I know I have the option to get into it in the future!!!!

The ... jizzle?

oh wow, this is very intresting.. I have never heard of this kind of allergy reaction to semen or someone's own semen.. Someone should be doing loads of research to find out why some ppl are allergic to it and find a allergy pill for it. I mean there are allergy pills for pollen and whatnot.. So why not..

Shouldn't swallow anyway cause it's unsafe.

Who told u that? I bet you are one of those weirdos that sucks cock with a condom, huh? Its not unsafe, the acid in your stomach will destroy anything in the semen.

There are many ways to be (sexually) intimate that don't involve semen. Sex is all mental (and maybe a little of the heart if one and/or the other actually cares for his partner). The physical body response is just the last stop in the process.

I love cum, can't seem to get enough of it. But, I do get a runny nose after a while while giving head and after I take a load in the mouth. No swelling or other side effects. The runny nose clears up afer a little while and I am ready to go at it again. Never thought it might be an alergy.

Is that really cum on the guy that is pictureed? If it is his he must have a cannon for a cock and nads like bull!

it's from an old porn bukake movie and the guy in the picture was privileged to be on the receiving end of a bunch of guys contributing to his facial.

interesting, i wonder if a vasectomy would correct that problem?

Why would it? A vasectomy affects neither the prostate gland nor the seminal vesicles, which make up the majority of semen production.

Being allergic to your own semen just doesn't make sense to me. The semen is inside of you anyhow and your body would be aware of it's allergens and react. Why would the allergy only spike after you've ejaculated? Could it be that once semen and sperm are combined there is a chemical reaction that creates the allergen? I wonder how much of it could be psychosomatic?
Reminds me of a guy who thought he could get HIV from his own cum? How could you recreate this condition and pass it on to conservatives and homophobes? lol.

There is an enzyme in semen that breaks down the barrier of the egg to help the sperm enter. Often the first sperm that reaches the egg does not enter but only a later sperm once a number of others have weakened the egg membrane enough with the enzyme.

There are two elements in semen that very quickly combine to form the jelly-like globs, which helps semen to stay in place closer to the egg. There is no way those globs could pass through the urethra.

I also have a sensitivity to cum on my skin, but nothing major.

I found this article interesting, and the part that stated treatment was, "Hypo-sensitization". I know that usually means that the patient is exposed to ever increasing amounts of the alergyn. does that mean he's cured when he can have a group circle JO on him? If not what does "Hypo-sensitization involve?

My brother had allergy reaction to semen when he was 13 and it was very hard on him as there were 5 of us boys! Of course we all knew what was happening and he got lots of ribbing for us all and that was very crule but we were teenagers. He woke up one morning after having a wet dream and had a very bad rash between his legs form the semen. My mom had taken him to the doctor. He had a rash and fever form contact to the skin the doctor at the time said that he was sentsitve to the fluid the proctect the sprem. He did grow out of it over time. But as a child we use to call him supersprim man! He would get so mad at us. But it really ruin a mans fun so i feel very bad that i even made fun as i love to swollow and have very hard time if i was unable to do it when ever i wanted lol!!

I used to have the same problem from time in my teenage years. Fortunately the older men I went to bed with were understanding and they told me it would pass. In october,1979 when I was 14 years old the problem stopped. Used to meet older men in the public toilets for sex and had a great time

I also like to swallow......"BUT" I am allergic to tobacco and guys that smoke or chew
I can taste it on their body, usually it is in the pores and the smell alone makes me sick!

That's Zackary Quinto in the photo. I think he would be too young to have been in an old porn film. As for the allergy, I used to get a sore, burning like sensation in my throat when I would swallow cum. My immune system must have adjusted to it over the years.

I've heard of a few women that were allergic to semen, but this is the first time I've heard of men being allergic to it, especially their own semen......Glad I'm not. Line them up and Squirt away fellows.

I hope that guy in the picture takes a shower once in awhile. Remember that sticky stuff will not always be around forever and is not what counts most for sure.

i've always thought this was an urban legend for those with too much time on their hands and ran out of gossip.