Daily Daddy: Warm Weather Edition

January 31, 2011

Doesn't this photo just make you feel all warm and tingly in several places? With a fairly brutal winter for many of us across the country, I figured we could all use some warming up courtesy of this random teasing daddy from Tumblr. In the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go to there. Between the white briefs and the think-you-can-see-it-but-damn-that-clever-use-of-shadow set up of the photo, there's no where else I'd rather be right now than right there next to/on top of/underneath/in between this man right now. Wherever he is.

For those of us counting down the days till we too can strip down in the sun, where would you go to the escape the winter blues?

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This just became my MOST favorite photo ever!! Oh, thank you ever so much!!

HI HANSOME MAN,do u like to continue corresponding?

well good morning Sir , how are you doing on this fine Monday morning , the start to a new week. Are you just getting out of bed or have you got the poached eggs ready with fresh holandaise ,english muffins, exotic fruit , and fresh juice waiting for you????

that is a great pic of a handsome man getting ready to glaze his body in the afternoon sun, wow
It just makes you want the sun to move just a bit to give you a glimpse of the hidden treasure just so slightly out of view, grrr
Oh what bedtime fantasies are made of, :):):)

I wish he wasn't wearing Calvin Klein underwear. That ruins it for me. Jockey Pouch would have been better.

Yes, but Calvin Klein is famous for their hot underwear ads. Think Marky Mark in the early 90's! The only more provocative ones are Dolce and Gabbana. Can Jockey produce the same? I think not.

DAMN Daddy......love everything from head to toes......that hairy chest made me wet!!!!!!!! more pics are needed of his hot hot loveable man! WOOF GRRRRRR YUMMMY and YES SIR

great pic and great use of my favorite show.

I don't know why straight people think gay men are obsessed with sex....where does that come from?

From all the people who wish they were getting more.


Going to Florida...St.Pete's, in March. Last time there I went to the waterfront to visit the aquarium in the upside down pyramid. As we were walking towards it, there to the left was this solidly built, rugged, hairy bear of a man just a leanin against his Harley, legs crossed showing the nicest bulge you can imagine, wearing leathers and a big ole smile aimed right at me......and I was with my sister and brother in law!!!! Oh cruel world! All I could do was smile back and groan softly to myself. So.....I'm going back!! The weather was awesome, the water so nice and...oh what the hell am I saying...I want that man!!!!!

Come to Australia! Here in Melbourne the temperature's hovering around 40 degrees C. The only place to stay cool is to go down to the beach and have a swim.

great pix...... plans include orlando, miami and negril .

The idea of the "blues" is a mood we can choose to get into. Going on vacations can be fun but if you dont know anyone in the area then the weather is not a big deal. When you are attached to someone then the warmth generates no matter where you are. Florida can be fun for a few days in winter but dont get caught in the humidity and heat in the summer or the flies can end up doing a lot of biting and then you have to use many chemicals to keep bugs away and then the sunblock and bug repellant makes skin pretty leathery so be careful as to all the stuff that is rubbed on the body apart from just the warm nice spooning of a mature sweetie.

I seriously thought it was Jason Statham for a split second. Not that this guy isn't hot but it would have been AWESOME if it was Jason! :)

This sure does make you feel warm especially on these cold days in Ohio. Great picture.

For those of us counting down the days till we too can strip down in the sun, where would you go to the escape the winter blues?

Lol that's the question yet they are all talking about the guy......lol. Yes he does look like Jason statham and i suppose I could look like him with the right motivation.....

What i fantasize about is Australia but what i can afford is Vancouver, BC not Washington state.

I used to escape to vancouver for a few days and it was wonderful and broke up winter really nicely.