Daily Daddy: Random Daddy From Tumblr Edition

January 2, 2011

Let's give a warm welcome to the first Daily Daddy of 2011. A fresh new year deserves a fresh new daddy, and assuming you don't know him, we have a perfectly clean slate to fantasize all the amazingly wonderful details we want about him, much like the coming year.

For instance, it's my hope that this sexy beast of a man is one of many just waiting for me to send him a message and/or grope on here. It's also my hope that I come to find he loves dogs and eating almost as much as I do. And in a perfect world we'd meet up for an all you can eat buffet (falling in love somewhere between our third plate of crab legs and the tummy rubs we give each other back at his place), and get engaged on New Year's Eve 2012 under the fireworks on the beautiful beaches of Brazil.

See how fun being hopeful can be? Now you go!

**Whoops! Here he is fellas!

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About this author: Rob lives in Manhattan with his black pug Riley. When he’s not thinking about daddies, he enjoys writing, eating burritos, watching copious amounts of television, and thinking about his next meal.
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maybe if you posted a photo we could all join in on the fun...Ooops!

awsome...posted pics...wink

Hi LittleIta ... photo had to be approved first ... now posted.

Sounds like my kind of guy. I hope he finds you this year or vice versa.

Happy New Year!

don't look like a daddy to me....more like a wanna be lost son

Thank you Bear ... I don't consider myself a "Daddy" either and certainly don't look the part. But I do secretly love it when co-workers or patients of mine find out my age and their mouths drop open as they ask what the secret is. I blame it on the paternal grandmothers genes I inherited. LMAO :)

Yum. Well worth the wait.

Someone here commented about how some people don't look the part because of a certain look in the face. Its attitude that makes everyone what they are for sure. I get comments when anyone meets me in person but I remind them that what we see is not what the guy is on the inside and not what his DNA may contain for certain physical attributes. If the guy pictured here could talk to a group in person then his maturity might stand out more than what can be seen in images.

Oh my, what a beautiful man you are. I have this overwhelming urge to feed you some beef to help build your nice muscles. Then maybe rub your belly and have a fun conversation up close.

what a hot man....come on over I am waiting.

wao --- what a great daddy specimen !

The guy in the photo above - sexy, sexy, sexy! Maybe he's a daddy who enjoys being the catcher rather than the pitcher. Well, I can only hope. :)

i like your photo you look so handsome,,can you add me in my yahoo?? its trijohn_76@yahoo.com and thats my account in facebook too