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September 16, 2010
Category: Gay Culture
My First Leather

So I ended up at the Eagle on Friday night, and happened to try on my first harness (thanks to the guy at the shop for documenting). Just curious, how did leather become so intrinsically linked to being a daddy?

While not heavily into the lifestyle, I do find myself curious but had little rationale to back up the buy. On the other hand, I've thought of it often since then. Is this how the tactile leather obsession begins? Start throwing some of your stats out and maybe, together, we can get to the bottom of this.


September 16, 2010
Category: Relationships

Before I begin this post, I have to credit pt_boy (a member here who made a comment on my inaugural post) for presenting the intergenerational dynamic in a great way. To sum up, he says the older/younger dynamic works so well because each are providing what the other lacks. In the case of the younger man, the senior of the two often times provides wisdom, protection, and comfort. On the flip side, the older man can thrive off the vivaciousness and curiosity of the youth. pt_boy equated the relationship to a ying yang, which in some ways is very true. There’s obviously much more to it than that, and it’s not always the case, but it’s an interesting way to look at the pairing.

This particular relationship works so well among gay men (and lesbians too) because we’ve all been initiated into the same minority. Think of being gay as a frat, and the pangs of discovering our sexuality, of coming out, etc. are all part of our initiation. It’s because of this, that right off the bat we share a common bond. In any relationship you look to that mutual reference point as a foundation to grow on, and despite generational differences we always have the shared experience of being gay and what that’s like in this world. Our experiences may vary greatly, but all those feelings, of not knowing who you are, or figuring out who to tell first are all part of the shared building blocks of our gay lives. Whether or not you’ve seen every episode of Saved by the Bell 5 times over might be a deal breaker down the line, but at the basic level we’ve got more in common then most. And...

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September 14, 2010
Category: Site News
Hi, my name is Rob and I'm a Daddy Lover.

It was my 12th grade earth science teacher, who helped ignite that initial spark of daddy love that now burns so brightly within me today. With his thick furry forearms and light brown chest hair that peaked out from the top of his tight polo shirts, Mr. Bell was my first real man crush. As he would sit on the radiator by the window teaching in his laid back manner about earthquakes and El Niño, I would entrance myself in his khaki covered crotch. Using my mental x-ray vision I’d determine what kind of underwear he was wearing that day under his finely pressed pants. Always white briefs. Daydreaming the stuff that porns are made of, I would be the student he kept after class for tardiness, or disrupting his lecture with playful geisha-like giggles. Countless nights I would fantasize him reprimanding his pupil in the naughtiest of ways. Did I mention he was also a volunteer fire fighter? Oof.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that type of man –the older, masculine, thick, hairy type – would be the crux of my attractions for the remainder of my life. Which is why today, I type before you a welcoming woof. When I heard about, I thought the site had been created just for me – but I knew better than that. I knew there were hundreds of thousand of daddies and daddy lovers out there in the world. I was just happy they were all in one place and easily accessible from my laptop. It’s my hope that through this blog, Age Appropriate, we can talk about all things daddy and share our love, stories, questions, and even frustrations with the increasingly...

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September 14, 2010
Category: Site News

In the coming weeks, we’ll be upping the ante with our blog, Age Appropriate, offering more posts, more new features, and more variety. It’s our hope that with this new frequency of posts we can provide our members with a hand-tailored take on the things that matter to them. In addition to engaging our members in thoughtful posts about sex and dating, throwing in more current events and pop culture and featuring more hot daddies for your ogling pleasure. And where would we be without a few hundred thousand hot daddies?

We Want You!

In an effort to connect with our members even more, we’re looking for users to submit their ideas and give us their input. We’re looking for daddy-centric bars, events and restaurants and twice a month, we’ll be featuring a traditional advice column to help our members out in anyway we can. Shoot us an email at with subject line “Nightlife” and “Advice,” respectively.

September 13, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

This year we want to do something fun and different at the Folsom Street Fair and we need your help to make it happen.

For starters, we are GIVING AWAY FREE DADDYHUNT T-SHIRTS to anyone who wants to wear one while at the Folsom Street Fair.

There is a catch.
There is a prize.
Still interested?

This is how it works :

Step 1: Are you going to Folsom this year? If so, read on.

Step 2: Request a FREE DADDYHUNT "I HEART DADDIES" T-SHIRT from us before September 18th and we will send it to you.

Step 3: WEAR that t-shirt at Folsom as a proud Daddy or Hunter.

Step 4: TAKE A PICTURE of yourself doing something fun/crazy/absurd wearing the t-shirt at Folsom or MAKE A VIDEO.

The Hottest Daddy and Hottest Hunter Picture from Folsom becomes Daddyhunt VIP and gets a lifetime Daddyhunt Membership and your profile featured on our Blog with an interview.

The catch is you need to be wearing a DH t-shirt. We know there are plenty of devious minds here on DH and we are expecting some real creative moments.

In the end this is about fun so we want to see smiles. We want to see mischievous twinkles in the eye. While we are not sure what we’ll get, the feeling that you are having a blast is one factor that we are definitely looking for. Enjoy yourself!

We are sending up to 25 t-shirts in good faith to all who want to play. It is first come first serve. In the end we will post all the...

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September 10, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

Leave Taking...

In 2005, I woke up from a deep sleep and knew my life had to change dramatically. I had recently celebrated my 60th birthday. I was ten years into a career change that paid well but had become increasingly uninteresting.

I lived in a lovely suburb of San Francisco in a tiny attached house that had quadrupled in price since I bought it 10 years earlier. My boyfriend of six years had moved clear across country. I was a complacent 20 lbs. overweight. I had the sex drive of an oyster. On the dating scene, I was invisible.

Anything that had previously held any importance had lost its, well its importance.

The first 60 years had been eventful. I grew up in a suburb of Washington DC. After school I went to New York City arriving just in time for Woodstock, cannabis, Stonewall, free love, and possibly the best time in history to be a young gay man. After four years of work in publishing, summers on Fire Island, a whole lot of recreational drugs, and a whole lot of sex partners, I left Manhattan for Los Angeles. After a year of trying to break into the film business, I left Los Angeles to go back to DC. For the 17 years I lived in the nation’s capital. When the plague broke out, I made a sincere but ultimately unsuccessful attempt at being a heterosexual married man. I became a member of a spiritual community and tried to renounce sex. I had a succession of interesting and lucrative jobs.

In 1988, I made another move to Los Angeles. Six disastrous years in the restaurant business later I made a final move (or so I thought)...

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September 8, 2010
Category: Dating

As a gay guy who’s been living in New York, I have slowly started to put a cash value on my time. It has become increasingly valuable, and I have less and less interest in wasting it. It’s unfortunate, because I now seem somewhat abrupt and come off as rude, but I really just don’t want to spend my life doing something I don’t want to do.

I’ve also been dating online since I moved to the city two years ago. That’s made me deal with a great volume of heartache and unnecessary pain, because people seem to be pretty happy to lie, waste time, and sometimes even scam others online when it comes to dating. Inexplicably, the lack of face-to-face contact somehow engenders a sense of protection against reality.

I’ve decided it’s time for that to change.

Are you having trouble finding a date online? Are you a lonely heart hoping to make a connection but just can’t? You may be unhappy with what this Hunter is about to tell you, but you’re not dating right now because you’re doing something wrong. Don’t worry though. This might be a tough love guide to gay online personals, but I’ll still help you. The difference between tough love and an outright insult is constructive criticism. Well, that, and being somewhat nice about it. I’ll offer you guidance to what you’re doing wrong through all the hard knocks and mistakes I’ve made myself. Hopefully what I’ve done and seen will make all the difference in the world.

One huge mistake guys make is sending cut-and-paste stock letters as an email of intent. You know the ones I’m talking about, right? It’s a...

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September 6, 2010
Category: The Arts

Hello Men! We hope everyone had a sensational weekend.

We came across the work of William Hairyartist earlier this summer and wanted to save his watercolor, acrylic and ink depictions for a rainy day. His hirsute studies are perfect for this moment, helping to ease us back into the work week. Not to mention the artist himself caught our eye. Enjoy!

September 3, 2010
Category: Wellness

You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.
~Walt Disney


September 1, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

I came of age in the 90’s, out and proud and fifty pounds overweight, and spent the entirety of high school knowing exactly what I was missing and why. I wasn’t what a Gay boy was supposed to be, and the idea that even on the fringes of society there was a dress code, a role I had to play, just supremely pissed me off. A few years later, I found myself drawing the attention of older guys, and one day this guy was flirting up a storm with me, and then at some point, to illustrate his attraction, he “woofed” at me. Woof. At the time, I didn’t know it was a thing. Seemed pretty harmless. I didn’t get why Bears would go “woof.” It was a fairly simply mistake, certainly nothing a few hours of Animal Planet couldn’t fix, but no big deal. Still, something didn’t sit well with me.

I didn’t get it. I still don’t. What does a “woof” accomplish that a “rowr” or even a “grrrrr” doesn’t. Most guys say “woof” just seems more masculine. Putting aside all the “walk like Tarzan, talk like Jane” Bears that make this claim inherently ironic, I find the idea kind of, well, stupid. First I was rejected for being gay, then for not being some cookie cutter twink, and now I find myself being culturally bullied by this forced masculinity, this gay machismo, and all I can think is… “Seriously?!”

I know there are plenty of gay men out there who legitimately care about pro football and motorcycles, but if when we see straight men with a kind of affected manliness we question what they’re overcompensating for, why don’t we ask the same of gay men? What’s up with that? What...

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