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RP Andrews
August 30, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

We all think we live in an enlightened age in this, the beginning of the second decade of the new millennium. After all, it was just two generations ago that gay bars were being raided and individuals – citizens of the United States – were thrown into jail simply because they were gay. Now, the fact gay marriage is even being debated in state houses across the country is an achievement, and a handful of progressive states have actually “sealed the deal.” I firmly believe that, with the new members to the Supreme Court, it may only be a matter of time before marriage becomes our Constitutional right. After all, in 1973, in Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court ruled that women had right to choose their destiny, and largely based its historic decision on one phrase in the Constitution: “the pursuit of happiness.” Is the “pursuit of happiness” by possibly one tenth of the U.S. population any less worthy?

Having said that, we also are painfully aware that homophobia in this predominantly heterosexual society is still alive and well. While Congress and the Armed Services “study” the issue infinitum, thousands of highly qualified, highly skilled service men and women are being forced to resign in disgrace because of their sexual orientation. Twenty nine states, largely as the result of direct referendums by their constituents, have banned same-sex unions; viscous hate crimes continue, many unreported or not fully prosecuted; and every day those of us who are homosexual are exposed to snickering innuendos in the media, television, and movies, or around the water cooler...

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August 25, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

OK, there I was recently, a gay man firmly in place in the Daddy camp, just a few months shy of 50, in gay Paree and looking for love in all the wrong places. Or, well, looking for love in the famed, romantic City of Lights. I am a bit of a Daddy-lite or Baby Daddy in appearance, but with the perspective of a mature man, I took the to the streets and bars of Paris to explore what’s going on these days for Daddies my age and for my Bear brethren.

Given the popular image of Paris as a center of art, fashion and culture, I thought it might be akin to West Hollywood or Chelsea: a youth-centric culture full of body-conscious men. Instead, I learned that gay life in Paris is one that very much embraces, if not celebrates, mature men, masculine male culture and Bears.

Through my recent experience I came away with the impression that the French are much less a youth-centric culture than Americans. I have always had the impression that in France women of all ages are adored and appreciated; this certainly includes mature women. The same appears true of men. I love the fact that in many of my visits to France I find that young men for, if they are attracted to whatever you are putting out there, are not necessarily worried about your age. A world of young French men find mature guys attractive. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that in French society mature French men are appreciated for their experience, their wisdom, and, well, sexual proclivities!

Let’s start by getting our bearings. Ahh, that’s funny, non? The city is organized by...

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Chuck Forester
August 24, 2010
Category: Entertainment

It was a couple I saw at the street fair last night eating chocolate coated bananas on a stick that prompted me to say something about the penis.

This proud symbol of our greatest pleasure has been getting attention ever since a caveman shaped a pole and stuck it between two stones and was pleased with what he saw. Obelisks littered Rome and sprouted the kingdoms of the Middle East; tribes around the world worship penis totems to assure a next generation of virile men. Now that the penis has its place in history; I want to talk about its place in our pants.

We handle our penis as if it was separate and independent from the rest of the body, and tugging it reassures us. When it stands up on its own without our permission we shove it down and lodge it in our underwear hoping it stays there. But we should be gentle with our friend and settle him to one side of our briefs where he will be comfortable and may stay tumescent. It’s as much a part of our identity as our eye color or our build and should be treated as we treat a loyal friend who doesn’t always do what we expect and sometimes refuses our entreaties.

Your hairy joint needs rest but he also needs recreation and a few good pulls with a bit of hand cream after your evening shower is good exercise as well as a great way to relieve tension. Or do it in front of a mirror as he swells and if you don’t close your eyes at the time, you can watch it pump spurt by spurt.

Some may want us to believe penises are dirty, which they aren’t but good hygiene is always a good thing. Give him a...

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August 23, 2010
Category: Wellness

The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow into our company, pets we allow into our solitude.
~Robert Brault

gay bears

William Shindler
August 19, 2010
Category: Relationships

I got into an extended debate on Facebook recently when I challenged the notion that unrestrained sexual expression is more ”natural“ to humans than monogamy. I don’t deny that humans have engaged in non-monogamous behaviors (note I avoid the pejorative term ”promiscuity“) since the dawn of time. What I challenge is the usefulness of the notion of ”naturalness“ that implies there is some hardwired, biological justification for the choice gay men make to seek sexual experiences outside their primary relationships. The current science on the human brain informs us that the only thing natural about the brain in terms of sexual behavior is that it is nearly infinitely adaptable. If a society has promoted monogamy as an ideal, people have chosen, with notable exceptions, to embrace monogamy. If the societal attitude toward sex is some alternative to monogamy, the human brain adapts to that, too. Short of pathological sexual compulsion, in other words, human beings can choose how to behave sexually, either to remain exclusive to one partner or to engage in sex with many. Nature has nothing to do with it, and arguments employing “naturalness” as proof have been used to support both monogamy and polyamory, depending on the agenda of the one making the argument.

My position that I expressed in some detail in a previous Daddy Hunt blog entitled The Curse of Casual Sex is that, given our current sexual ecology, that is, the undeniable prevalence of incurable and in many cases life-...

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August 17, 2010
Category: Relationships
Daddies and Hunters and Bears... On Twitter and Facebook. Oh My!

The Advocate had a recent article about openly gay Congressman Jared Polis’ Twitter feed. If even Republicans in Congress are Tweeting daily then it’s probably time to admit defeat, accept that Twitter and Facebook are required reading in Digital Life 101 and update my Status.

I tried my darnedest to resist social networking. I didn’t understand why people couldn’t be satisfied with phones, texting and mass emails. But apparently they're not, because not an hour goes by without one or another of my growing circle of friends invading my digital consciousness with any number of opinions, observations and referrals.

So here at DH headquarters we’ve decided to jump into the deep waters of Twitter and Facebook and see if we can contribute to the conversation to make sure Daddies are given their appropriate ‘place at the digital table”.

What do you think are some of the pros and cons of social networking? And who do you think is shaping the online conversation for Daddies and Hunters?

August 16, 2010
Category: Wellness

The other day a man asked me what I thought was the best time of life. "Why," I answered without a thought, "now."
~David Grayson

gay personals

August 12, 2010
Category: Site News
Daddy Gets Caught up in Gawker's Manhunt Bash

Hey Men --- On Tuesday, poly-sexual blog Gawker included Daddyhunt in an article entitled:

What Does Your Gay Hookup Site Say About You?

Here's how they characterized Daddyhunt:

Daddyhunt: It's like Manhunt but for mature guys and the men who love them.

Who You'll Find: Old guys (sorry, "silver foxes") and young bottoms looking to either get roughed up or snag a meal ticket.

Best Thing: Who doesn't love a hot daddy? Also, if you're under 40, a lot of the guys will be rabid for you.

Most Annoying Thing: The daddies on the site aren't nearly as sexy as the daddies in porn.

Chances You'll Get Laid: Pretty good, but it might take awhile.

Guys Who Use Daddyhunt Have...: Cialis.

Like any vain website, we love the attention, but we think they got a few things wrong :

  1. Who are they calling "Old Guys"? Yes, many of us are over 25 but come on, don't they know that 50 is the new 35?

  2. Gawker either didn't spend much time on the site or is watching some very bad porn. There are loads Daddies on Daddyhunt that blow porn stars away in looks and talent!

  3. Guys who use Daddyhunt have: Confidence, Less Drama, More Stability, Wisdom, Authenticity and Hotness. Sure there may be a few little blue pills in the medicine cabinet, but we call that 'being prepared'....

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August 10, 2010
Category: Entertainment

I work in television, and one thing I often get asked when talking about my job to guys I meet from around the country (as if I run a network and can make like, actual decisions) is “Where are the gay guys on TV like me?!?!” And I totally get where they’re coming from… why is it that even though gay characters and gay men on reality shows has increased over the last ten or fifteen years, we are still subjected to one basic type… the nelly queen. Now both you and I know that gay men come in all shapes and sizes, and while I am not one of those gay men that abhors my swishy-fabulous counterparts, I do gotta wonder… does Hollywood not know that Muscle Bears and Daddies exist? Where are the butch homos?

While it’s a bit harder when it comes to fictional gay characters, which live to serve the writer of the story, in reality television one would think that, like the real world, we’d see more of an… (ahem) rainbow in terms of diversity with our gay brothers and sisters. But it seems that what we are given, despite the boundary-pushing use of homosexuals on TV at all, is a pretty limited box of crayons. Take for example Discovery’s Planet Green program “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” a reality show starring a gay male couple who (mostly) leave their big city lives (one is an advertising art director, writer, and former drag queen while the other used to be a physician and Martha Stewart Executive) to become farmers at a picturesque Upstate farm to build a lifestyle brand of soaps and cheese. Farming in itself is pretty butchy work, but as you can imagine, the joke of the...

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August 8, 2010
Category: Eye Candy
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