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May 24, 2010
Category: Site News

Hey guys, we are just about ready to launch the new messaging system and we’d like to give our loyal Members and Supporters a special SNEAK preview!

Before you check it out, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. This is a TESTING server so any content you create (messages, unlocks etc.) will be temporary. Your old messages will also be outdated. Any actions you take will not affect your “real” Daddyhunt profile.
  2. Set your ONLINE NOW settings to WORLDWIDE. Otherwise, you may not see all the other members online.
  3. Photos will not appear anywhere on the TESTING site so please don’t be surprised that photos are not showing up. Don’t worry, they will work fine when we finally do launch.
  4. To activate the Sound Alert for new messages, go to your Account/Preferences page and look for the option to activate this feature. Try it out!
  5. Please send lots of emails to people you see on the testing server and ask them to respond back. We need your help to test the system and make sure it works properly. Try moving messages around. In other words, make sure to “bang on the tires” as much as you want.
  6. Let us know if you find any bugs or have any feedback for us. We really want to know what you think and we’re relying on your help to identify any hidden problems before launch. Email with any comments.

Thanks again! Click the link below to get your sneak peak of the new Daddyhunt messaging system.


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May 20, 2010
Category: Site News

Hey guys, thanks for all the great feedback and suggestions on the new site. I'm happy to announce that we are almost ready to launch a number of significant improvements to the Mailbox and messaging system. In addition to a more intuitive interface and navigation, we have resurrected features from the old Daddyhunt. Our Beta users are currently testing the system. We hope to be in a position to launch very soon.

Here are some of the features you will see in the new Mailbox:

  1. A fresh new look and feel
  2. A SOUND alert for new messages
  3. A VISUAL (blinking) alert for new messages
  4. A VIEW HISTORY button to see all prior conversations with members
  5. A checkbox to UNLOCK your photos while sending a message
  6. The ability to permanently save messages (SUPPORTERS 0NLY)
  7. The ability to see who read your messages (SUPPORTERS ONLY)
  8. A "bigger" inbox that stores messages for 90 days instead of 30

Thanks again for your support and patience. We apologize in advance if any of your suggestions did not make it into the launch list.

Carl and the Daddyhunt Team

May 14, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

While I might not spend more then a few seconds thinking about what I wear in the morning, and a few wrinkles in my shirt does not ruin my day, I enjoy looking nice. Now, don't go geting your knickers in a twist because I have a credit for the Tom Ford store for a birthday gift gone wrong that I'm looking forward to using and I stop by the Paul Smith store every fall to see whats new. I still love my boy, my beard and my brew. There nothing wrong with Daddy looking like he just stepped out the pages of a high fashion magazine once in a while is there?

I couldn't help puff up my chest with a little bit of pride when I heard about the Walter Van Beirendonck fashion show. With all the hoopla about fashion these days it is about time I see people like me walking the runway rather then some scawny guy with not a chest hair in sight. Check out the video clips courtesy of DJ Rotten Robbie.

Chime in if you want on the our Weekly Buzz topics and have a great weekend!

  • Walter Van Beirendonck Bear Fashion Show [BUTT]
  • ...
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Nathan Manske
May 6, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

My name is Nathan Manske and I created the website It collects true LGBT stories from all over the world. The stories come from every age, race, sex, culture, community and background. Daddies included.

Lots of things make Daddies hot. Manliness. Brawniness. Sometimes hair and sometimes muscle. But what really makes a Daddy hot is confidence, wisdom, experience and perspective, which usually (though not always) come with age. Doesn't this video story make you look forward to growing gray and wise? Not to mention, it will probably make you want to change your "Looking For" status to "Long-term Relationship." Until you get groped by a hottie, anyway.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more!

May 1, 2010
Category: Gay Culture

Happy Saturday Men! We're going to start putting together a little review of things we come across as we surf the web each week. As always, feel free to join the conversation.

Daddyhunt is based in the Big Apple and yesterday, St.Vincents Hospital shut its doors after 161 years. St. Vincent's has been an amazing resource in the West Village for gay men, women and people living with HIV and we  always found comfort knowing there was a welcoming, community-based hospital available to us. We are very sad to see the Hospital close its doors.

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