You Fleshlight Up My Life

December 29, 2010
You Fleshlight Up My Life

We've mentioned Fleshlights on here before, but it wasn't until recently that I fully experience their pleasure and power. The nice folks over at with their adult toys, did me a solid and sent me the original Fleshjack Endurance and let me tell you, it more than lived up to the hype.

I had done a lot of studying up on Fleshlights, mainly the interwebs and some friends who swore by them, so I knew a few things going in:

  1. You must, must, must use water based lube with it. Apparently oil based lubes will eat away at the squishy, flesh-like texture.
  2. Clean it when you're done. I've been cleaning it out after every, er, deposit, but I know one friend who waits till the next day. Either way, keep it clean so nothing mars that incredible feeling of smoothly sliding in and out.
  3. Give it a name. (I named mine Mason).

As for the actual fun you can have with it, the release is way more intense than I imagined it to be. I found myself getting a bit lost in it, more so than when I just use my hands. It really is true to form, with one wonderful twist. You can control the suction by adjusting the cap at the top which is pretty fun to play with as well.

I should also say that because of the lube and clean up it's a bit more of a process than my usual nightly routine, so you may need to factor in some extra time for it.

By the by, has a bunch of other fun toys (including the Fleshlight ice which lets you watch), see anything you like?

What are your thoughts on these kinds of toys? How many of you have tried a Fleshlight or wanted to?

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I didn't know about the carious...textures. How about a review on all of them?

<sigh> VARIOUS, not carious. =P
Wish we could delete our own posts!

I'd like to see a demonstration of you using it, Rob....

I second that motion! Happy New Year Rob!

FLESHLIGHTS ARE GREAT... been using them for years and recently they came out with new textures and the ICE versions are great if you like to watch

I recieved a FleshJack for Christmas as a gift (the clear one) it is quite amazing, I was very rocked the house lol! Double WOOF!

Yes, a demonstration would definately make me grab my plastic shaft! Think they should make them with dual ends, for an interesting stroke with a pal!!

A video demonstration is called for Rob........

With sound please


I've had a fleshlight (the ice one) for a few months now and I have to say this thing is better than 95% of the men who have ever been in my life! Not sure what this says about me, or about the men I have known.... but I'm a happy customer, at least.


I bought mine (Ice) about 3 months ago. Damn good investment. Cleaning is really simple, quick and easy. It feels great.(which is better than some of the guys Ive been with). Although I havent named mine, I just imagine its one of the "jonas bros". hahaha!


Well......anyways.......that oily stuff can end up being a mess for sure. Water based stuff will need to be replenished more often but may be less effort to clean up when the excitement turns to raiding the fridge and turning the computer volume up to hear the alert signal for incoming messages but with the screen dimmed till sweetie leaves :)

Well I will attest that even as a total bottom, fleshlights are like none other!

With a price very near $80, you'll not see me switching from the good ol' hand.

My hands seem so useless now!

Fleshjack is def worth the money if you want a great way to blow your mind and your hot wad..I've had one since the summer and it fills in the gaps when a hot bud isn't readily since I am a 'thruster' I place it between two foam pillows with a bungee cord so it is 'hands free' and damn if I can tell the real thing from the to use water based lube and clean with a little mild liquid soap afterward or like a bud of mine,leave your 'deposit' for the next time and feel and smell your own cum as you slide in and out...Toys like this make it difficult to leave the house sometimes..but when a bud is in need..Fleshjack will make you drop your seed...WOOF!

If someone can blow that wad without chemical assistance or poppers then it is more special when the mind itself is the only stimulant needed without a trip to the little shop of herbal awareness :) Hope everyone has a nice New Years Eve and no headache in the morning would be a great start too for sure.

Tried one (the clear one). While it did feel great, and it was a turn on watching my cock go in and out, having to take it apart and clean it seemed a bit more trouble than it was worth. Advice to those who are looking to get one, get the "tighter" version insert. I'm large, so I thought the standard insert was best. Wrong! I wish I had bought the tighter one. Hmmm...maybe I need to try one again and get the tight opening!

I see some guys on the blog here expressing the idea that they meet many men for sex that they then would not want to be a regular friend with I guess. The nature of hooking up brings that element into things. Some folks may be in love with a bottle or a generic philosophical idea without knowing someone apart from stereotype assumptions. Sometimes commonalities in attitude make things happen without a ton of issues.

Of course Rob loved it, he didn't have to shell out $70 or more for it!

definitely like to read reviews on the various types and how they differ. and yea rob ... love to see you trying out another model grrrrrrrr.

Rob come and visit me. you would never again have a need for a mechanical toy, I'm pretty sure I could keep you satisfied good lookin'

I would definitely like to try, if they would just come up with a blow-up guy doll with an amazing bubble butt built to accommodate the fleshlight in JUST the right spot..... ! Any hot young guy wanna prove to me he'd be better? ;-)

you call yours mason because you have a fiendish fascination with porn star mason wyler. It's ok so do i.

When i first saw the fleshlight I laughed and knew it wasn't for me. It looks and feels strange. The hand penis connection is just the best. It doesn't mean i condone others who use it.

Honestly though it seems like a portable version of the blow up doll.