Tis The Season To Be Daddy

December 25, 2010

Here's hoping Santa brings you everything your daddy/hunter heart desires this year.

Merry XMas from the Daddyhunt Team!

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Don't want to get everything for sure. A total surprise may be even better than what one thinks is the sum total of what they want. I hope many guys get surprises that end up being more than what they expected where even apprehension about trying something new may give way to squeals of delight when the right guy introduces something new that they may have had initial doubts or analysis about but it just depends on who is doing it, their attitude and how it is being done.

This year I want love , love and... let me think... love!

Shypup -- you hit the nail on the head....hope 2011 is a fantastic year for you!

What are you doing with a picture of MY Christmas Present?!

Wow !!!!

thanks a lot!!!!

hey man ! what a delicious daddy you are !!!

Well, it's official - I want love, love, love, and a ltr. Now why wasn't that under the tree? Maybe there is someone on daddyhunt that wants the same thing.

I have a lot of love to give... ;)

cum down my chimney

Decided to make an effort to give what I want this season. Trying to be a guy who's friendly, solid, playful, laughs a lot, treads lightly and gives as well as receives.

Being merry and kind and friendly doesn't always have to stimulate retail business for Santa's Hoe's. Humping like bunnies doesn't have to be restricted to Easter. Givers and wide receivers are not just in football games for sure.

that santa is delicious
santa i have been a good boy

I would suck out that Santas load for days. F*ck the milk and cookies!

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