Sleeping Beauty Was On To Something...

December 23, 2010
Category: Wellness

For those of you who think getting eight of sleep isn't necessary, think again. Apparently getting a good nights sleep can make you more attractive. Well, more attractive than a sleep-deprived you. Still, it's something to think about the night before a big date.

According to a study, which will be published in the British Medical Journal's Christmas issue, "when untrained observers were shown photographs of the faces of volunteers who had been deprived of sleep, they judged them to be less healthy and less attractive than photographs of the same volunteers when well-rested." Now this may seem kind of obvious, but now beauty sleep can't be as easily dismissed as myth. Seems as though we're able to sub-consciously pick up small visual clues in those that are sleep deprived. So a good night's rest could be the difference between getting a number and getting shot down.

You can read more details about the study here.

Now go get some rest.

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Getting sleep is about overall health where the body restores your energy and alertness for a lot more than a date. A person without a nights sleep can be a bit fidgety and jumpy not unlike someone who craves a stimulant. You will get over the flu faster and feel better in tons of ways due to getting sleep for sure. The solution to feeling good is not always at the doctor's office where some professionals will actually receive injections of vitamins to keep them awake and busy late into the night which won't have an overall positive effect over time even if it artificially boosts alertness and sense of bliss in the short term.

It annoys me no end how stuff that has been known all along is not legit or credible until there has been some study that cost a good chunk of change to validate it. From now on, if you have money to burn on a study, just give me the money instead and I'll tell you what's what.

As for getting a good night's sleep: Duh. It may not be as easy these days as it used to be, seeing how many folks are addicted to their smartphones, video games and Internet, but it can be done. Just turn off the damn gizmos and go to bed at a reasonable hour. The vast majority of people *are not* that important that they have to be accessible to everyone at all times. Instead, make your personal time off the grid more important than other people.

I enjoy getting my 7 hours + sleep per night. I rarely stay up...It is so good for you !
Trust me you will feel better.

Well, makes sense. The mental process of "attraction" is based on subconscious criteria of seeking out a partner that will provide good genes for one's offspring.

Truth be told, though, I'm more interested in "playing" with a hot, sleeping daddy (yeah, like the one in the pic). >=3

An added joy in retirement. As my favorite well-wisher said:
"From now on, your afternoon nap will no longer be disturbed by a pesky boss!"
So true.

your like a model,,i like the way you post,,i think your sex apeal is very strong,,


They are finding so many of our modern day ills are related to lack of sleep and stress it is amazing we can still function.As a person who always lived a fairly healthy lifestyle I thought diabetes was the end result of gaining a few pounds but research is showing how just a small amount of sleep deprivation can lead to insulin resistance. So it may have been the hours of my youth in the entertainment industry (working round the clock) and the late nights out with friends that may have contributed more than we know.

Apparently it is common for people of all ages to want to postpone the act of sleeping in order to get in more hours at night and be at optimum brain power for longer than what is good over the long haul. Lounge environments that provide stimulants in many varieties can enhance alertness for only so long and then nature takes over after the laboratory solutions over time result in burnout. Better to let nature do its thing and submit to the need for sleep as nature has its way with everything eventually.

If I was in bed with that guy in the pic to illustrate these blog posts - there would be no sleeping at all. Who is that?

i get tons of sleep so i have no bag under my eyes plus i drink a lot of cold brewed green tea but i still have lines and wrinkles from aging.

However when someone watches me sleep because i do it so deeply i feel dead. I have been told more than once I don't look dead, I look peaceful.

Wonder where they are now lol