Here Comes Santa Claus...In A Speedo!

December 13, 2010
Category: Eye Candy

Now this is something worth converting for. The 10th Annual Santa Speedo Run, a fun run that raises money for Boston-based non-profits every year, was held this past weekend in Boston. As you can see in the video, all kinds of men (and women) come out for the run donning their best gay apparel, the eponymous red speedo. The parade down the street, in presumably freezing cold weather, probably doesn't work to their advantage when it comes to stuffing their stockings, but they certainly have the jingle balls for doing it in front of so many on-lookers. Okay, I'm done with the holiday puns.

Any good streaking stories out there, be it speedo or speedo-less?

You can find out more about the run (and to check out more fun pics) here.

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Santa Daddy's elves in red speedo undies is great! Im sure most everyone wanted to sit on Santa's lap in the shopping malls back when it was more common for posing on Santa's knee for a picture but you couldn't pose leaning over Santa's knee unless arranging that in private. Santa Daddy's and their elves in red undies could build a float for a parade to be quite festive even if the elves freeze their skinny bottoms. Heavenly eggnog would enhance the Xmas cheer too for sure.

Hmmm.....just not sure what to say about that.....except....Why can't they do that where I live?