Daily Daddy: Sexy Santa Edtion

December 19, 2010

The original polar bear is this week's daily daddy for obvious reasons: it's almost Christmas! He's got the beard, the build, and from what I hear, quite the lap to sit on. If only he didn't live in the freezing cold. Though I guess that gives you more opportunities to snuggle by the fireplace (and you know Santa likes to cuddle).

So what's everyone asking sexy Santa for this year? Toys? Boys? World Peace? Sound off below and maybe he'll make good on it.

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Has Santa been naughty? Surely his elves have been naughty enough to get a rosy pink bouncing bum over his knee. Slap that submissive elf's seat with a wet fish and he will sit on Santa's lap for a long time for sure.

Where did he get THOSE boots??

Truly? I'd like some help with self-discipline so I can stick to my diet and drop the weight I need to drop for my health. This is the season with the highest temptation to cheat, everywhere you look there's some treat you only see once a year, and resisting is very difficult.

By the way - do you know why Santa is always smiling?

Because he knows where all the naughty boys live!!

Wish Santa would CUM down my chimney ........

Would ask Santa for my soulmate, but the guy would probably have no means to make good on that delivery.

Dont ask him when he is weaving around in the sky. Ive heard the testing done at checkpoints is so sensitive that someone who is having "low sugar" from diabetic issues can get apprehended and also people who rinse with mouthwash according to a forensic lab friend. Sometimes common sense is put aside in order to go strictly by the numbers instead.

Would prefer these Santas:


There was one other picture I wanted to post, but I can't for the life of mefind it since the artist got taken off of DeviantArt. -_-;;;;

OH!!! Add him to the list! =D~~~~


what a sexy santa I want to catch him

Very naughty Santa for sure. If you been good then he will just pat your seat even if you want a more of a little slap.

Dear Santa...SIR! This year I have been very, very naughty, which in "Bear language" means as you very well know, that I have been very, very good...mm hm. So please, please, please come on down and land hard on my "woof". Make sure you have had a lot of milk and cookies before you arrive, cuz Nick, you will be needing as much energy as you can muster...I'll be chowing down on those popcorn balls and candycock the second you arrive!!

Before you chow down make sure that he doesn't itch to excess. Life is short but that idea can drag others into drama that they don't need. Hope everyone has a nice day and be careful because next year is as important as today's spur of a moment impulses.

Santa hope you stop on by my place and bring me a nice big load of that Santa cream for me to suck up on, then you can spank me with that nice "tool" you carry in your pants but make sure you can unload it all in me and make me fell real good, then I`ll return the favor for you. Be waiting

Santa looks like he may have slept late and may need to obtain extra stimulus from the local coffee or herbal shop in order to get wired up for a long night. Santa doesn't have to worry about availability because the herbal mix will always change ever so slightly in order to keep it on the shelf in one form or another for sure.