Daily Daddy: Guys With iPhones Edition

December 13, 2010

Sometimes you just need a real man in your life (or on your screen), so for this week's Daily Daddy we decided to pluck at random from everyone's favorite Apple endorsing site, Guys With iPhones. Celebrities and public daddies are all well and good, but it's nice to see some genuine hotness in the real world as well (not that you need reminding, you're already on this site browsing hotties as we speak).

We get so obsessed with public perfection that it's nice to catch up with what the "amateurs" are up to. Most of the time they're just as amazing as all the gods we worship on magazine covers, if not better, because at the end of the day they're pretty darn tangible.

For next week's Daily Daddy, it's members choice. Sound off in the comments below who you'd like to feature. Start a new thread or comment in agreement under an already existing pick and we'll tally the votes at the end of the week.

gay personals

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YUM I WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That guy is hot indeed!

The best time to bump into the God's of perfection out there is before they spend 5 hours in the bathroom or as they are running to the pharmacy to fill up on prescription courage as prescribed by professionals who never had a social life outside the office. The way life goes usually means throwing out the book of dating rules and just go for it with whatever ends up happening for sure.

Next week's choice should be a daddy truck driver...on the road a lot and in need of some good
T LC...

The guy in the photo is hot but trust me has issues and will not be willing to settle down just like the guys on here ...

Happy Holidays !

he he who on here doesnt have issues?
it seems to be a prerequisite for gay urban cyber-obsessed life these days...we are all obsessed with masculine IMAGE. a picture is just a picture. nothing more than that.

The I-phone can waste battery power on video and picture viewing so I maintain a separate IPOD 64gb touch screen for such purposes along with a regular phone that performs just the basic phone thing so that there is plenty of battery power even though am not a heavy phone chatter. Visiting friends in Colorado every year means that don't want to get caught with a dead battery while showing up at the airport for sure but the interface on IPOD is quite kewl along with the extended life battery from another company which makes it last for about 9 hours per extra battery.

ShyPup, this was about the image we all want to see, not your damned electronics. Put the phone down and enjoy the view!


mm good what a hot man

The hot man may be holding a phone that is soon to be obsolete according to planned obsolescence marketing schemes. OMG. What about the tons of phones that end up in the landfill and floating on barges looking for a place to be dumped. Oh Noohh! Millions of progressive IPADS already need to be thrown out and replaced.