Blast From The Past: Santa's Got A Boyfriend

December 16, 2010

Straight out of the Daddyhunt video archives, we're re-running last year's holiday hit Santa's Got a Boyfriend! for those who may have missed it (or want to see it again).

Who knew the Claus' could be so sexy?

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OMG !...Santa is such ManCandy !......THANK YOU !

Oh, how I wish Santa would leave a boyfriend for me under the tree.... Or anywhere else for that matter. You leave him Santa and I'll find him. Deal?

LAME! doesnt even look like santa

I would love to see some of his toys.

A lot of bear personals web sites have a few cutie Santa's who are are hunting for the holidays for those who are into it!!

i don't believe in santa but it would be nice with a bear under my tree ;D

a hot bear under me on top of me all over me - you can have the tree LOL
happy holiday

WWOOFF love to sit on that Santa's lap just to get a gift!!!!!!

Everyone wanted to sit on Santa's lap in the shopping malls at one time even if now it may be incorrect. Hopefully he will slightly warm their bottoms before the lapsitting and they might not want to get off. Hope everyone has a nice day for sure.

Just like that guy Jesus and that chick Mother Nature and that Asian dude Buddha, since they are all magical and mystical, we have to use our imagination and decide what they look like. So here goes...hmmmm, oh my, whoa! Santa but what huge pecs you have and Santa, now that's a six, eight pack to die for and Santa, those huge muscular thighs and that furry bubble butt and....OMG!!!! about your North "Pole"!!!! Something I never noticed before, those elves may be short but they are insanely hung!! How bout a group ahhhh, hug, yeah that's what i was going to say, a group hug.......


The idea of things is the more sexy part of anything where confidence and a concern for fellow folks is the strongest point of the Santa image beyond simple packages, treats or parties. I know from experience that some of the best stuff that happens in a community is not done with consent from Congress or known to entertainment media. The Santa spirit of brotherhood is out there and doing things that never will be on any news bulletin. The most commercialized events and advertising campaigns are not what counts for sure. Children's hospitals and many places benefit from such efforts that go unseen by cosmetically correct news media. I am thankful to know Santa has many forms that are at work behind the scenes all year round. I hope everyone has a nice day for sure.

i dont get lol