2011: The Year I...

December 30, 2010
Category: Wellness

Resolutions are dumb. Most of the time we end up breaking them about a month or two in and feel bad about it when we do. Which is why last year I decided that instead of hard, defined resolutions, I would make loose goals and guidelines for myself that I could carry with me all year long. And after reading my journal this week and looking back on the year, I actually stuck with all of them. Even my soft declaration that 2010 would be the year I got abs came to fruition. Well sort of. Let's just say that if 2011 is the year I cut back on burritos then this would be the year they show through.

The end of the year is also a great time to look back on your relationships. Whether that's looking at the familial, the friendly, or the fuck buddy, they're all deserving of reflection. Mostly to fully realize what lessons you've been able to take away from each. Was there something about that guy you went on a few dates with that you want to find again? Maybe you found yourself in the middle of a breakup and didn't treat your ex with the respect they, in retrospect, deserved. Whatever the case may be, this next year is a great place to continue molding yourself into whoever it is you want to be, and surrounding yourself with the kind of people that will appreciate it.

So besides meeting the perfect daddy or hunter on Daddyhunt, fill in the blank: 2011 will be the year that I ______________.

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I love myself even more and stay true to my core values.

If your travels ever bring you out to Arizona, I'll show you some Mexican food restaurants you'll fall in love with. Many thanks for your efforts on this site and here's hoping we all share a healthy and prosperous New Year!!!!

...let go of my past, stop worrying about the future, learn to live in the moment, stop worrying about what others thinks of me, stop "being" what others expect me to be, and realize that I cannot be good at everything I do or try and get over it!!
In other words...take a deep breath, relax and smile. Life's short...try to enjoy every damned moment you can...

Be true to yourself is the key but so difficult to retain or keep up with. New resolutions should show self compassion and be realistic so that they can bring into reality.

The last comment is correct about being true to oneself. Don't get on a bandwagon for the sake of acceptance into some mainstream social behavioral click since human nature is the same with different styles of social lingo that come and go for peddling various products and services over time.

Respect and love number one, "YOU".....Happy New Year....

Also be sure to not see oneself as number one where a sense of brotherhood is more meaningful than stepping on people in order to get to the special seats everyone feels they deserve - hehe. To help others means that others will do the same for you for sure.

... buy more lube ... :)

...spend less time online at "dating" sites and more time interacting "live."

This one commentator hit the nail on the head about interacting live rather than online. It is indeed a great feeling to be appreciated in person for the actions we do rather than all manner of comments online. If you went by the customer comments on product blogs then you would never buy anything ever again.