Get Stuffed This Thanksgiving

November 24, 2010

I've got my sweatpants at the ready for tomorrow night's yearly gorge fest and I could not be more excited to stuff my belly with all kinds of Thanksgiving goodness. While surfing through some fun recipes for the big day, I came across the most amazing food mashup I have ever laid eyes on. It combines all the classic Turkey Day foods into one incredible (and most likely polarizing) cake.

It's three layers of turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes with a thin layer of cranberry sauce in between. Then - and this is my favorite part - to top it all off they ice the cake with mash potatoes! Mash potato icing! Why have I never thought about this before!? Genius I tell you. If you're feeling adventurous this year, you can find the recipe here.

Now the only question is, who's going to rub my belly after I go back for fourths?

Got a holiday recipe to share with the group? Post below.

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Mix up a batch of raspberry jello...while still liquid add a can of whole cranberry sauce and sliced red grapes, refrigerate until set and enjoy. Just a little nicer to look at then c. sauce shaped like the can, but if that's what your tradition is, then who's to argue. Being with friends and family is what it's about.

Friends and family is exactly what it's about for sure. Theirs nothing better than feeling really connected with who is at the table and having lifelong friends is a special thing indeed. I've not ever known what it's like to be alone because am always helpful to people who have become best friends as a result and its not about turkey or even a culture. Its just about a feeling that would be nice if everyone could hold on to that feeling all year round for sure. My family is friends apart from biological family because being gay is not accepted by fundamentalist ways but I am happy to have friends that understand me more than anyone online ever could.

Shy, fundamentalists, whatever that means really, may not accept you, but God does. He made us all, and loves us as he has made us, and has a great future planned for us. Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm ready to get stuffed on Thanksgiving. I'm not talking about food either. ;o)

Amen to that - I think I'm off to the bathhouse! :-)

Eat the yams FIRST if your going to get stuffed the other way.

A good stuffing on Thanksgiving (or any other day for that matter) is always a good thing. But as "Julia" would say......."make sure you fill every inch of the cavity!"
Whatever you do today, just enjoy the day, share your table with friends and family, or just call someone special to reconnect. And oh yeah, don't forget to call your mother!

The huge apple pie today was great and I have to run and help clean up for friends now. Hope everyone had a nice day for sure.

The best thing about the holiday was a feeling of best friends that got reinforced when a bossy friend started to have a diabetic reaction and was able to pull into a variety store parking lot and I ran in to get the candy bar (even though should have thought to get the juice) and felt that sense of friendship that no manner of fuck buddies can provide and that is something to be hugely thankful for most of all.

A good choice for that situation is always a handful of jelly beans, works faster than juice or other candy, and satisfies that craving to eat and eat and eat. 15 Jelly Bellies, or 9 or 10 of the big generic kind works great. (I know from experience, as a diabetic myself.) You are a good friend.