Daily Daddy: Zak Spears

November 22, 2010

Have you guys met Zak Spears, porno daddy extraordinaire? He's been around since the 90s and has become one of the sexiest daddies on the scene. He was even part of the porn meets soap opera project Wet Palms, a sexy concept with even sexier executions. Someone needs to revisit that format soon, because it was a great idea. But Back to Zak, if you've never seen him in action, be sure to check him out. He's got a beefy look and a voice so strong and deep you may not even need the accompanying visuals to bust a nut.


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i am one of zak's biggest fans... to have a daddy like that is just simply a dream cum true...

I agree Zak Spears is one of the most handsome and most beefy men I have ever seen. He does have a very beautiful body but I also see kindness and caring from this handsome actor as well. I wish Him the best during the holiday season and thanks always for entertaining us Zak-You are appreciated.

Ur certainly one of the finest Daddy ever made dude!!Those juicy arms of Urs are spectacular bud!!
Wanna cum all over Ur chest too!!

Zak can Top me any time any day!!!!!!! He has always been a HOT DADDY.....that look, that voice those muscles......the fur..WOOF and of course his Cock....its an all day sucker!! YUMM
Thanks Zak for being you!

I've seen and talked to Zak several times while he tended bar at the Faultline in Los Angeles. Just a super nice handsome man!

Not only is Zak one hell of a good looking (and sounding) man, he's genuinely a nice guy. No pretentions, just a down-to-earth Midwestern muscle dad.

Whose not been a fan of Zak's over the years ??? They don't make 'em like him as much anymore.. His versatility is what gets me hard.. Thanks for posting Zak here..

How bout some eye candy for us Dads?

nothing really special.. but maybe a nice man.. :)

If he is a nice man then his level of hair would not be what counts most for sure. Dont stay in too many hotels in the USA these days because the news reports of buggers is huge - eeks!

Zak - not his real name - was actually my trainer at Gold's . . . about a hundred years ago.
After two weeks, he wasn't really doing much more then counting my reps, but I was still happy to pay.
Back then, I believe he was more interested in Daddies himself.

He is so damn sexy. I agree with everyone--- a dream come true for sure.

Zak was a stud from day one. I'm old enough to remember him from the start in porn. I've always thought he was the perfect daddy - but I especially liked it when he bottomed - which was rare. I recall him taking a load in his mouth -- which is especially rare -- but as much as that turns me on, I would much rather know him as a person. Something that I hope he gets from others. No one should be "hot" based on their physic -- because it won't last. Truly sexy changes as you age. "Zak" has been sexy for decades. I wish I could have a chance to have dinner and talk to him as a person......

He is hot, But! There are hotter guys onsite here @Daddyhunt......FACT!

He use to bartend in Los Angeles. I had the pleasure of meeting him at IML 25th Anniversary. Went to "Leather Church" with him, his boy and the owner of the bar he worked for. A pleasure to hang with all. And to those younggins out there, introduce yourself. You may enjoy the opportunity too and meeting him. Looks just as nice in person, too.

Very nice guy. Great to look at. And sexy in all roles, always at his best. Someone you want to see again
And so nice in person (a flatterer even).
Nice people like that are few and far between.

A boy's dream. He's about as hot as they get.

The most obvious thing is a persons eyes to a certain extent and wondering what it is he has going in his mind just like the nature of what is guy is thinking about is more of the interest when knowing he is excited rather than the simple physical aspect..

About 10 years ago friends of mine on holiday in hawaii got into the hot tub at their resort late one evening and he came along and asked if he could join them. Of course they said yes and ended up hanging out with him for the next few days - they said he was on every possible level a joy to be around.

Bald, beefy, sexy and a daddy is a combination that is hard to resist and Zak has all of that. Now imagine that strong voice just whispering to your ears.


Zak is not a man! Zak is a dream !

I remember being turned on by Zaks assmeat from way back in the porn of the 1980s. Hell, I'd still pound out that mancunt any day now as well !!!

I've enjoyed Zaks Spears work for years--Handsome and Built yes-but that smile and gleem in his eyes are what make him so special

The thing that makes such things special is the fact that we don't see a certain thing as common therefore it stands out from a crowd rendering it as "special". If everyone became equally special then no one would stand out from a crowd and therefore everyone being equally special then means no one is special and then standards have to shift again. that's why old things become new eventually and nothing under the sun is ever as new as it may seem to new young people.

Zak is the epitiome of tha saying: "Things get better with age".

I dont find his face to be nice or attractive but I'm glad he is a nice guy underneath the posing!

Yes he is one hot daddy. Love watching him on PantheonBears.com in action. Lucky boys that get to play with him.

Go through his hair with a comb to check for whatever he picks up from the boys who are quick to meet. Being careless about meetings leads to aftereffects that show from heavy use of special shampoos over time and be sure to take care of oneself and it will be obvious over time as to who takes care of oneself.

Great looks from a great guy....Minnesota roots...can't be matched!

Well I agree with all the above comments. Zak being from Minnesota to boot where G. Keller is right saying on NPR " Minnesota where all the women are strong and the men are good looking".............

Good looks can be interpreted based on geographical areas but sometimes thats because the one doing the evaluating is of a certain culture where a certain ethnic style of look is preferred and then that's where the basis of personal preferences comes from sometimes whether is Minnesota or European looks and so forth. Still what remains is wondering if the look will be a good person over the long haul for sure.

Wow, a few of you sure are judgmental! ShyPup4LTR, here's a news flash for you: just because a guy has done porn doesn't mean he has sex with every "boys who are quick to meet." You are confusing the fantasy projected by an actor on-screen with the reality of the person off-screen. And if you think viruses or STDs only happen to promiscuous men, and that "slow to meet" men are somehow exempt, you are living in a dangerous fantasy world.

I used to work behind the scenes in porn. There is no one "porn type." There are guys who are monogamous in their relationship except for what they do on-screen for pay. There are some who are monogamous and only will work on-screen with their partner. There are guys in porn who only do J/O shoots. And yes, there are straight guys in gay porn, because it pays a lot better than straight porn.

Zak's a friend of a close friend of mine (Will), and the two of us went with Will and held his hands as Will got his PA piercing. Zak's a very very nice guy, bright, and as others have said, sexy as hell.

Don't judge people because of what you see on screen, and if someone isn't your particular type, at least have the grace to shut up instead of being negative. Bitchy queens are profoundly unattractive, on every level.

If he would hold my hand I would get a pa. Your friend is a favorite. I always wondered how he is in person. He looks like he would be a joke-ster and laid back.

When I met him at the Faultline (before he was working there), he was more of a boy than a Daddy, despite is imposing look. I found him utterly charming.

One of the very best! So sexy and rarely disappoints. Now if you could just show some love for Hank Hightower I'd be appreciative...

I had the very real pleasure of meeting and spending some social time with Zak several years ago. He was a gentleman, intelligent, funny, polite, kind, approchable, not full of himself (or believeing the porn-star hype the studios put out about him), but most of all a friend. I've run into him once or twice since that initial meeting, and he flatters me by remembering my name, asking how I am, and asking when he gets to see if what Michael Brandon, Simon Cox, and Jeff Stryker said about me is true. He is one of THE sexiest men in porn (inside and out) and has a voice that could make your clothes dissolve into ashes and your cock immediately get rock hard!

Had the fun of meeting him several times. Actually, he really is a good guy. Even out of character.

he looks better than he ever did but he is also more tight and muscular and bald


He is one fine looking stud, I would love to make a Porn with him any day

I love you Zak Spears