Daily Daddy: One for the Daddies

November 29, 2010

You may have noticed that this week's Daily Daddy isn't a daddy at all. This fine specimen is Cam Gigandet, whose ass and charm are both on display in the gay wet dream Burlesque (No, it wasn't a train wreck. Yes, I really paid money to see it. No, Cher's face didn't move an inch. Yes, she's still got it).

We're featuring Cam for two reasons this week:

1. Some eye candy for the daddies who love sexy younger men was long overdue.
2. As someone who's mainly attracted to older guys, I find this fella extremely hot. Why is this a reason you ask? Well I'll tell you.

After seeing the movie this weekend I was the first to speak to Cam's hotness which was met with a surprising reaction from my friends. It seemed as if my predilection for older men meant I wasn't allowed to want to bone this younger, smoother, hottie of a man. Now it's true, I do have a type (hi daddies), but I'm also open minded. I would never write someone off just for being outside of my type-zone. At the end of the day attraction is attraction, no?

Have you ever found dating outside your type to be somewhat controversial amongst your friends?

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Thanks for the HOT pic of Cam! That's the sort of candy I wish Santa would drop into my stocking this year. I wanted to see Burlesque (yes...unapologetically, I love Cher) before I was aware he's in it (bare ass you say?!)...now I'm sure I'll be off to the theater.

The strip tease he does from Mom's pajamas to naught is great fun.

Is he hairy enough for this site. The mention of Cher is unusual for a Daddy site but its good to see some sign of the less macho elements on here for sure. Some Daddy's won't admit it until you stumble across the collection or bedroom poster of stage characters that would never make it to any Daddy site (Cher, Adam Lambert, Gaga, etc).

YUM. this daddy, for one, appreciates this daily daddy (JO inspiration). Now I AM going to see the movie.
So, yes, I usually like to date younger men, who now seem to be attracted to me, after a youthful paucity of attention. I couldn't get arrested by hot guys until I was well into my thirties and my salt & pepper, so all you younger guys have lots to look forward to. My friends know I skew younger, and tease me when I date somebody my own age.

I've dated 50 year old guys that act like they are 23, and 23 year old guys that acted like they were 50, so age is really a state of mind, and it's good to mix it up I think. I love this site and have met some real hotties and friends here. I'm off to the gym now...cause if you want sex...you gotta have pecs.

I prefer Chris Evans and his beautiful hairy chest.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! As long as I have a face, that boy will always have a place to sit! (But the same is also true for Chris Evans.) ;)

I saw the film on Sunday, and OMG! he is so hot!! I have gone outside of type a couple of times, with mixed results. Doesn't mean I will never do it again, just really has to be the right guy.

I have to admit I never heard of Cam before seeing him in Burlesque a couple of days ago. But seeing him as the bartender with the heavy eyeliner and the bowler hat (very Kit Kat Club a la "Cabaret") and his dazzling smile I was hooked. I'm not really into smooth, young guys but, gosh! What this guy can do with a box of cookies! Yum!

Oh and btw: 'ya better lay off the Cher jokes...the "Committee" might take back your Membership card! (us older guys will understand that reference...) lol

Oh, and btw2: As hot as Cam is there is another very interesting point to the film: Stanley Tucci once again plays a middle aged gay man. Yeah, in my opinion nobody plays hot gay man better than Tucci. He refuses to submit to the stereotypical characteristic of asexual confidant to lovelorn women or prissy comic relief. In Burlesque he portrays a middle aged (Well Aged is more like it!) Gay man who actually has a sex life and the audience actually sees him in a post coital scene with his last night's "romantic encounter"! Its great to see someone portray us older guys who are still vibrant and attractive and desirable - just like here on this site.

Yes it must be an early christmas, send him to me, and If I forgot thank youuuuuuuuuu

Nice to see someone young and smooth instead of old and hairy. If I wanted that I'd just look at myself. ;)

Wow! He's a hottie now, and I bet he will be smokin' in a few years.

Not at all interested in the film, too stereotypically geared towards making money off of gays and he's a bit too feminine for my own taste, like a plastic Ken doll, but enjoy guys, that's what life is all about.

I saw Burlesque the first showing when it opened on the 23rd. My jaw dropped when I saw Cam. I had never seen him before and thought, "where in the hell have I been." He is absolutely gorgeous and sexy. That pajama strip tease he does is fun and topped off by a shot of his smooth bare ass at the counter. And yes, I will gladly take one of his cookies any day! For those of you doubters about seeing the movie, Cher is Cher and Christina Aquilera does an awe inspiring performance of vocal power and control. It was so entertaining that I know I will see it at least a few more times. You won't be sorry if you see it. Enjoy the movie and most of all, enjoy CAM!!!!!!

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Cam is HOT and I thought he was very cute in Burlesque. The scenes where is changed from the PJ's to nothing was mouth watering to say the least. The Movie was wonderful.
Thanks for sharing the picture of Cam.

Rob, as always you are on the cusp of what is hot. Saw the movie, Loved Cher, but Cam certainly was a scene stealing hottie. As noted by everyone here, the pajama scene is worth a second look. Spend another twelve dollars just to see this scene. Will wear the repeat button out on this scene when released on dvd.

Well after seeing Cam and reading the comments, I'm now going to have to go see it just for the pajama scene. This is one hot boy...damn

Give him a little more muscle and a little more body hair he would be really hot!

The idea that a macho look is best has been proven wrong with the guys in the military that are smooth as babies and very sensitive and sweet in the bedroom while being every bit as able to take part in war games. Being thin doesn't mean weakness. Some large ones simple eat a lot of cheesecake and the face or pose looks more tough than what is the case.