Cut For Content

November 21, 2010

Having the double-whammy of American culture and a Jewish mother on the same side, there was no way I was making it through my first week on Earth with my foreskin intact. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy with my endowment, but I’m kind of annoyed I never had a say in the matter, especially when all reliable accounts report the same thing: a massive decrease in sensitivity and pleasure. Kind of a personal decision I’m rather pissed was made for me, but what can you do? I’ll admit, I’m a wee bit jealous of the uncut, but I don’t begrudge them their foreskins just because I didn’t get to keep mine. Good for them. There is, however, an issue.

Every time I’m with an uncut guy, I think of it as a treat, something special like finding a Toblerone somewhere outside an airport. It makes hand jobs way easier, and the head, not being dried out by rustling up against cotton all day, is nice and smooth. Really, it’s a great time, but… how do I put this delicately?

I’m a man of varied tastes. American, Provolone, Cheddar, Gruyère; it’s all good… but I’ve never quite acquired a taste for dick cheese. Now, I celebrate the natural scents and flavors of manhood as much as the next. I’m all for a little salty skin and man musk when the mood strikes, but I simply cannot fathom how that particular flavor is a turn-on. If you are indeed a smegma enthusiast, God bless. I wish you all that you desire, but given the law of averages, until one is given the green light to act otherwise, it’s just more considerate to, you know, swab the deck, hose down the sidewalk, wipe down the countertop, just to err on the side of caution… and hygiene. Just sayin’.

There is, of course, the possibility that most guys with that particular issue don’t intend to smell like they’ve passed their expiration dates, but it’s your penis for fuck’s sake. You see it every day, touch it every day, sometimes several times a day. It is incomprehensible to me that a guy can make it to his second sexual experience, much less full adulthood, without knowing how often and how thoroughly to clean his junk. How does that happen? My relationship to my penis met with exactly one complication – puberty – and after that learning curve, I was right back on track. It did not take that long. Really.

See, the thing about gay sex is that it’s all about the cock. I mean, for straight people, it’s a give and take, and for lesbians, a complete non-issue. But for gay guys, come on! We love it so much that just having our own ain’t enough. Whether you’re using it, sucking it, or taking it, gay sex is all about the cock, so I don’t know about anyone else, but I make it my business to keep that shit pristine. It’s just good manners.

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It surprises me how often cut guys associate uncut guys with people with poor hygiene. It's almost that feeling of "better-than-you" that you get from many Americans. Like any other human smell, it varies from person to person. It's like smelly feet: some people have them, some others don't, even if they run a marathon every day.

I would like to clarify, just in case I wasn't clear (which is a distinct possibility), that I'm not anti-foreskin by any means, and I've certainly been with uncut guys whose junk was just fine. It just hasn't happened often. Oddly enough, the uncut guys who tended to have less offensive junk were not American. I wonder if that's a coincidence or something cultural.

Again, I'm only working off my own experiences here, and I don't claim that they're universal.

Hygiene is imperative... for SOME! It's all about different people with different tastes... Finding what works for you in conjunction with another person's taste can be a treat. There are people who like the sensory assault of a rank odor, I'll admit to have tolerated it a great deal when the CHEMISTRY was right. But, Monday to Friday, I have to wear deodorant since I have to work for a living... But on weekends, I "may" forget.

As an uncut man myself, I'd have people ask me if mine smells and if they could take a whiff... I'd thank them for the attention and politely decline. It's a state of mind, and I personally wouldn't feel very sexy, but I'd feel hypocritical knowing that I wouldn't put up with it myself! To each his own... I guess.

Eloquent post, and you make some worthy points but there's one point, I believe, that trumps all others and that's a health issue. There are studies out now that indicate the incidence of AIDS is higher among uncut men than among those cut. It's no doubt controversial as uncut men get defensive about it, but I can't imagine it isn't in the back of their minds.....and the minds of their sex partners.
That aside, I got too close to a smelly one once and nearly gagged. Needless to say, close was as far as I got. That was when I was young and I've been very careful with uncut men ever since. When they're bad, they're truly awful.
But when they're good, they're great fun.
So you uncut guys, keep it clean please.

I lived and worked for a good number of years in Russia, and the countries that emerged after the collapsed of the USSR.

Whenever playing football (soccer), or swimming, and then showering afterwards, men would stare at me, I being the rare cicumcised man they saw----in these countries even Jews are not 'cut'...

Occasionally a brave man would approach me and say to me, 'your penis head looks like a big pink mushroom with thick lips'...and even bolder one would say to me, 'perfect for making love'......

As it proved to be. Indeed.

And my British doctor telling me, for some reasons, 'cut'men have a lower incidence of HIV/AIDS in the UK, than cut....

I have no way of knowintgwhat uncut means...Cut as I am, lovemaking always is a joy.

Well, call me vanilla if you will, but my sensitive nose has a direct link to my dick. In an intimate encounter, If I get a whiff of something I find unpleasant, my dick will immediately wilt. I like my guys fresh out of the shower. I'll admit there can be a positive response to the scent of a little fresh sweat, but I'll never complain when a guy is sqeaky clean with a light scent of the bar of soap he just lathered himself with. And getting back to the main topic - PLEASE, NO CHEESE!

Even when you're uncut, but you make sure you just shower everyday, there is no way your cock will get this unpleasant smell. Defending circumsition on the grounds of hygene, like many people do, is really not a convincing reason. I've been with many uncut guys, and I never once had any suprises when it comes to that. Just make sure you meet the people who keep their personal hygene IN GENERAL.

i am cut so dont have smell problem but having cut cock means i cant wank or pull get off on head caz got no nerves on my knob where they cut me so yes good to not smell but rather fell the head thanks mate.

I too lament being cut and envy uncut guys. I find the look of a (fit) uncut guy with soft dick showing foreskin to be highly erotic and love the natural look of it. So ... I have a strong favor toward uncut guys and seek them out (but have had many cut boyfriends too). In all the years I can recall encountering a smelly uncut cock with cheese only once. It was awful, but it was only once (on a nude beach in France no less). Have I been so unusually lucky or are the encounters with cock cheese exaggerated?

I can't speak for anyone else. You've likely just had much better luck in this area than I personally have. I like the sight of uncut cock myself, especially with a little head coming out the tip. It's a lovely sight.

Sometimes its comes to down to pure "ignorance" in regards to cleaning one's dick (and ass for that matter). My first lover's parents had no business having a bird, let alone eight kids. He was never taught proper hygiene. The first time I got close to his dick, I almost ran for cover. It shocked me that a 25yr had no idea how to clean his own penis. But after teaching him how ( I actually got in the shower with him) we were fine for the next 5 years, and we're still friends. So I say to those that run into this particular problem, dont toss him out the door, he may be worth the time:)

@Swimmer - i agree, i think the encounters may be exaggerated. I am uncut, and i have never produced any cheese or anything close to it. Hello - people are different. Maybe i would if i didn't take a shower for a week... but then even i couldn't stand it ;-)

Blogger is correct in the main theme of the blog in that it is true that it is a good idea for naughty peasants to keep that shit clean, including keeping the front steps and sidewalk efficiently power-washed so the ole bags in fur coats and silly hats can stroll along without falling down and having to wave an exotic cane and shout about your naughty peasant behavior deserving of a good verbal spanking for not power washing your part of the sidewalk efficiently enough at regular intervals when birds do their nasty deed of nature. KEEP THAT SHIT CLEAN and remember to drop the ole whinny bag in the snow after carrying them across the street - hehe.

I have to say I look at it a different way I was cut at 14, mainly because I was starting high school and my mom happened to be a nurse. She went to a new urologist and asked if he could do it. Rather than cauterizing it, which would have been normal process, he stitched it. It turned out looking quite good, but I agree with the loss of sensitivity that comes with being cut, especially at that age. Imagine not being able to jack for several months at age 14. I look back now and wish I had more info, but my choice was based on the lack of any other guys being uncut that I saw at that time in life. Hell I was in my 40's before I saw and sucked my first uncuts. Their foreskin was able to be puled all the way back, so it does not look like they are uncut when they do that. In my case the late timing is obvious, that when you see my dick, I don't have that darker/lighter skin under the head for a couple inches, it is the same shade from head to balls. The uncuts I have been with are ok, but I guess I prefer cuts if given the choice.
Just wanted to give a comment from someone who was sexually active (well with myself) at the time I was cut.

I think I was traumatised, at an early age, by an uncut cock and I was uncut at the time. I don't remeber the situation but remember this person pulling back there foreskin to reveal a smelly cock with this white substance. From that point on I hated my cock and wanted to be circumsized and always thought that when the head is exposed it is a thing of beauty. I was married for24 yrs and early on I finally got my wish ( a long story ) and that was the happiest day of my life. Some many years had past and after a divorce ...many dicks past thru my bedoom. I have eased my feeling about uncut to some degree. If it has alot of foreskin then it ain't happenng but with just enough over the head and peaking out I can handle. Maybe someday I will totally get over the excessive amount of foreskin but I really love a cock showing it's head and if it is a mushroom head a then I go crazy. I do feel tho that guys are more aware of and diligent with keeping clean. It "is" all about the cock with gay men.......

I agree who heartedly I'm cut and I don't think it matter to me cut or uncut both are nice but in this day and age it's not hard to keep it clean. I would never let my Huswolf go down on my with a dirt peener. I keep that things clean and pristine at all times or it ain't happening, cause I don't want him going down on a nasty peener. So cheers to you for bringing this out in the open cause I have been with some men that didn't keep things clean "down there" and it was like no way is that going anywhere near my mouth it stinks!! Cleanliness is not just next to Godliness its a considerate thing for the person you are with and not hard to do. Just a little soap and water and the right attitude, and you have a clean nice smelling edible peener, whether cut or uncut.

I am uncut and I'd say that it takes about a day for it to start smelling a bit off. If you shower daily then you are just about OK but unless that shower was only an hour or two ago I think it's only simple good maners to give it an bit of a wash if you're about to get up close with someone, just as you might have a quick go with the toothbrush (not too hard - yes I know you don't want to cause any bleeding). I have once or twice been with guys who were cheesy and it was no fun at all - one, curiously, had just had a shower and I guess no one had told him about pulling the skin back while you wash; unless you do that you might as well not bother. Despite these little extra duties I am happy to be uncut and it seems to me much better for wanking, although at times that extra sensitivity may have a downside - I think I might last longer with fucking if I was cut.

Cut or uncut, it's good manners to make sure you (especially your cock and butthole) are clean before having sex--unless otherwise requested.

Most people have the misconception that smegma is a dirty byproduct. It's actually a secretion with several purposes. It helps keep the glans moist, and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is also rich in pheromones. If left on its own, people who don't have another person put his/her nose or mouth next to it don't really have any big problems.

But if one knows one is about to have sex, certain conventions are usually followed. If one plans or hopes to bottom, he makes sure his rectum is empty. If one plans or hopes to kiss, he brushes, flosses and garles. If one plans or hopes to have his uncut penis sucked, he rinses well with water. Smegma is completely water-soluble, a good water rinsing is all it takes. The glans/inner foreskin being similar to the skin inside one's mouth, regular soap can be irritating.

Yes, there are cheese hounds out there, but if one doesn't know this in advance, he would do well to err on the side of convention.

I'm natural (you choose to call it uncut, as if cut was the normal state, for some unfathomable reason), and let me tell you, I've smelled my share of stinky clipped dick. If you don't wash yours, it stinks too.

The HIV stuff? Nonsense. The studies were done in Africa, on straight people, and are now being called into question. The numbers they used to come up with their results have now reversed. It was a temporary fluctuation. Every medical society says being clipped has absolutely no bearing on gay men.

Yes indeed the humble peasant woofs can be just as sweet smelling as the legal woofs. As a naughty peasant of incorrectness I find a spank on the bum more fun and to the point as opposed to the verbal spanks at a law office that can spin circles around the head for a heck of lot longer than it takes the pink color to fade from a slap on the bum.

Dude, you're clearly intelligent and you seem to have a healthy sense of humor, but I have to confess... I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.'ll get used to his ramblings. Occasionally, mostly rarely, he has a point. lol

I am surely a "hairy chest" man lover.
The dick...I can take it or leave it.
Too many other great features to touch.

I would say that I do find cut a lot cleaner and easier to handle.

I am cut and maybe that is why I think the way I do.

Being a clean freak that showers maybe too much...perhaps this is another reason why I never found uncut dick attractive.
BUT, keep bringing on those furry chests, legs and asses!

I was 32 yrs old when I had my dick cut. It was for hygenic reasons: I was being stationed in hot, tropical countries (Korea, Turkey, Vietnam, etc) and had one hell of a time keeping clean. As a gay man, it was imperative I have a clean dick. My foreskin was very supple; you couldn't tell I was not cut until I hooded myself. However, by noon I stank to high heaven. I couldn't abide it and so made the decision to have my foreskin removed. I was in the Philippines at the time, stationed at Clark Air Base. The Air Force doctors tried to discourage me, but I won out. Yes, I am "clean" now but the price is that I am much less sensitive there, and I need lots of lube to jack Yeah, I kinda regret it now. I appreciate an uncut cock but insist on it being washed thoroughly before I play with it. It's a house rule: shower before play and, If I'm going to top, a thorough cleansing must occur. This rule has worked well.

A certain cultural thing is obvious here where its actually a bit superficial to emphasis everything apart from what matters most as far as being good human beings for sure.

It sounds to me like you're getting mighty defensive on the issue, and if this post was interpreted as an attack on men with foreskins, well... then it just sounds to me like you didn't read the first paragraph or so where I talked about how much I like them and how nifty they are.

More to the point, this isn't an attack on the uncircumcised. It's a complaint against the unhygienic, and even then no one's putting a value judgment on these men's character or worth as human beings, aside from being slightly inconsiderate. This isn't a rant against the uncircumcised, or even foreskins themselves. It's a rant against smegma, which, while it may have certain biological perks, is not most fragrant nor sweet substance to deal with. Mucus has a perfectly legitimate biological function. Does that mean someone's shallow if their partner's snotty nose is less than a turn on? I don't think so, and I hardly think it's superficial to have someone not grossing you out as a requirement for sex.

If we were talking about what makes someone relationship material, I would agree with you, but this is a post about a specific area of sexual attractiveness and repulsion, the terms of which are different for everyone. And not every sexual encounter is part of some kind of life partnership hunt. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes a fuck is just a fuck, and all that matters in that scenario is what pertains to that fuck. Now, a DATE is very different story. But I'm not talking about dating; I'm talking about sex. If we were talking about dating, then the list of shit that I've put up with because I thought the guy was worth it, shit that would send most guys running on the second or third date, would be as long as my arm, and "superficial" would be the last word on anyone's mind.

I dated a 24-year-old man, grown and on his own, who was mortally terrified of not only introducing me to his mother, but letting her know that I even existed. She knew he was gay but couldn't know he had a boyfriend, so he could never tell her what it was he needed to start making time for. I often got calls from him while he was hiding in her bathroom so she wouldn't know. I put up with this for over a year.

I dated a guy who'd been in college -- undergrad -- for the better part of a decade due to admitted substance abuse problems. I found this out on the first date, but I gave him a shot because he was smart, funny, sweet, and told me he was in recovery. It took him two weeks to relapse. It took another month of him letting me down for me to ditch him.

I'd been with one of my ex-boyfriends for nearly a year when I proposed to him, only to have him say that while he did want to marry me, he didn't want any of our friends to know about it for a while. And I *didn't* break up with him right there, something that he himself admitted years later (we're great friends now) he would never have stood for if put in the same position.

I'm willing to put up with a lot of bullshit to find the right guy, but if I'm only looking for some booty, I don't think it's criminal that some guy's funky-smelling dick (which he should know the quirks of by this point) is a dealbreaker.

Not everything is an epic romance.

Anything that appears to be an epic romance is something you usually have to buy a ticket to see performed or shown in a screen. That's why the song and dance at gay bars is about as real as a cher concert and the people who collect those CD's and cant wait to collect Oprah Winfrey shows on DVD - YIKES!

today's 'what the hell is he talking about? comment' brought to you by....

I have the answer to your question, "It is incomprehensible to me that a guy can make it to his second sexual experience, much less full adulthood, without knowing how often and how thoroughly to clean his junk. How does that happen?” It happens because there is a generation of guys who have been taught that the western cultural attachment to frequent bathing is 'bad'.

I am a 48 year old, uncut, Irish-Italian Daddy. Many guys, American guys anyway, my age are cut. For many years of my formative dating life, by the Hunters that I dated who were much closer to my own age, I was considered a bit of a novelty. Often, in fact, guys sought me out because I was 'natural' rather than 'unnatural.' I am told the feel of the skin rolling back and forth between someone's lips during oral sex or when surrounded by a sphincter during intercourse is quite pleasurable.

The novelty began to wear off when I started dating guys a generation or more younger (such as the 26 year old I am dating now). It is much more common for American guys of those generations to be uncut, many of them having been raised by parents who grew up essentially as hippies in the late 60's and 70's. The good news for those guys: mommy and daddy left the just the way nature intended. The bad news for those guys: mommy and daddy also taught them that bathing as often as we American's tend to do is bad; it ruins the natural 'oils' of one's skin.

How do I know this? Well, I've gone through this over and over again with the Hunter I see. He is one of those boys who grew up 'natural' and being taught that bathing more than every couple of days was 'bad'. I love being uncut. Except for a brief period during junior high school when I was the only uncut guy I knew, you know how hard it is to be 'different' in at that age, otherwise, I've always been glad to be uncut. He is also glad to be uncut. So, here we are two uncut guys together. Our 'uncuttedness' is different (my foreskin pulls back all the way when I am hard, his doesn't), but still, we are both happy to be just the way god made us. The one area where we differ, though, is how often we give the undersides of our foreskins a good scrubbing. He believes it is damaging to use soap in an area of such sensitivity (even when he does shower, he doesn't use soap down there), while I scrub that area to within an inch of its life. This is one of those relationship things about which we often argue. I believe his being 'musky' is less than appealing and he believes I am destroying the skin on my pecker which he loves so much.

That said, as big a supporter of 'natural' versus 'unnatural', I get why people don't like it. Take it from me, when you are in bed with someone uncut who hasn't taken a shower in a couple of days, when they peel back that foreskin, you KNOW they've not bathed. Don't get me wrong, I like natural smelling guys as much anybody else. The natural smell of someone who's just worked out can be hot. Heck, as a guy who loves rimming as much as I do, while I like a Hunter's hole to be clean, I still know that an asshole is going to taste like an asshole. But, the intense smell that can come from an uncut guy who hasn't bathed in a while is a major turn off.

Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting people keep the areas under their foreskins constantly spotlessly clean. Being uncut, I can tell you that isn't always possible. But, I do agree that if you are an uncut guy, unless you know your partner is really, REALLY into 'natural' smells, perhaps a little rinse under the tap or the quick, subtle use of a baby wipe before an amorous encounter will likely make your partner happier and therefore your time together more enjoyable for you both.

At least that is what THIS DADDY thinks.

So far I have never met anyone who was unbathed and smelling like cheese and that is because when you hook up with anyone and everyone then you can get introduced to all manner of disease and bed-bugs that are much worse than the cultural issue between the chosen ones and the naughty peasant populace talking about foreskins - LOL.

Get to know a guy over time first and you will be able to tell such things BEFORE you are undressed and not liking the smell - EEKS! Its as simple as having a brain and not just hopping into the bed the first day in the first place. Simple intelligence solves this issue and not being so quick to flirt and then complaining about the results from overnight meetings after some exotic wine tasting. I'm a very naughty peasant but I got cut anyway because of so many doctors that have Harry Potter style fantasy delusions of grandeur waving a magic wand to make amazing drugs appear to give you a new dependency after getting deprogrammed from your former culture at the office and then they are ready to provide the expensive services to deal with the resulting anxieties from losing grip on old ways that are cheaper to maintain. I must admit to having a holiday tree complex with romantic era syndrome. Some doctors believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness right while wearing a very stinky cologne that makes you gag right after they take the shower. The effort to smell pretty will simply choke you up for sure.

Never been with an uncut guy that smelled bad and have been with many uncut guys in our time. Did it ever occur that some guys like a natural manscent?

If you ever attend a bris, you will see the incredible value of circumcision for spiritual reasons, hygiene aside.
As for uncut men, two out of three have smelled of stale piss and something else, really disgusting, so it is due to getting stuff trapped under that skin, and this was after washing, too. Never again.

If you ever attend a bris, you will see the incredible value of circumcision for spiritual reasons, hygiene aside.
As for uncut men, two out of three have smelled of stale piss and something else, really disgusting, so it is due to getting stuff trapped under that skin, and this was after washing, too. Never again.