Caption This Daddy and Win Tickets to the RIDE Biker, Bear and Leather Party in Asbury Park

November 19, 2010
RIDE Biker, Bear and Leather Weekend is Asbury PARK NJ

Hey guys.... who wants to win tickets to one of the steamiest Biker parties on the East Coast? All you have to do is comment and caption this image and the best 2 will get tickets. One person will get a pair of tickets so they can take a buddy and the another will get one ticket so they can run stag - be sure to state which you prefer. Winners will be chosen on Monday afternoon and notified via their inbox. Good luck! Here are the details on the event :


After Thanksgiving when you've satisfied your appetite for turkey and are hungry for something ELSE you should join over two thousand men heading to Asbury Park's RIDE PARTY WEEKEND sponsored by Daddyhunt. This is one of the biggest Biker, Bear and Leather events of the season on the East Coast and you want to be there!

Three years ago on the Saturday after Thanksgiving when a popular biker club benefit moved from New Hope to Asbury Park bringing over 1,500 burly men to town, the idea for RIDE PARTY WEEKEND was born. With the addition of the RIDE PARTY at the famous Stone Pony club, and the WOOF! ASBURY Kickoff Party at SWELL, plus shopping, dining, cruising, boozing and tons of men in hotel rooms, the weekend has now become three days of men, muscle, bikes, leather, and sexy furry skin.

Saturday night's RIDE PARTY at The Stone Pony ($15 cover) will feature six erotic live photo shoots by outrageous photographer, Joe Oppedisano (author of Uncensored! & Testosterone) and his crew of sexy beasts, including Mustang Studio Exclusive Samuel Colt, Raging Stallion’s Allessio Romero,’s Chris Porter, and Daddyhunt favorites, the brawny Dru Bruin, and Torez Bandeira. Checkout the video of RIDE PARTY '09 below.

Learn more about the RIDE PARTY WEEKEND

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I have YOUR gravy waitin between these leathery legs!

The next best thing to being in Santa's lap is being biker beetch with a man of wisdom and down to earth attitude at the same time. I am as conservative and fairly silent as it gets when on the back of a bike and the feeling of the power of the group is hard to explain where the vibrations stay with you long after getting off the bike. Worlds greatest vibrator. I dont need to fuck the turkey because the turkey is good after vibrating ones bum in jeans on a bike., Im surprised that chaps are not banned due to being an obvious attractive framework for the seat of pants. Surely it drives people horny all the time and must be banned - lol.

"Santa Who?? Sit on this... " ~ 2 tix please

Anybody need a ride?

Yeah I need a ride, NYC to Ashbury and then take it from there,

"What are you waiting for?" ~ 2 tix please

"Get ON... or get dragged... " ~ 2 tix please

Giving thanks......for bikes and leather!

Climb on my hog, Boy!

Meals on Wheels!

Come ride the beast !

Hop on. Dive in. Ride your ass off.

LOVED it!!!

What you looking at?

Pony Up and Ride...

Did you bring the lube honey?

This is a parking zone if I say it is a parking zone. Now come park it here.

Easy Rider? I don't think so. You'll take it long and hard as often as I say and you'll love it!

Saddle in...

"CHAIN...CHAIN...CHAIN..Chain of Drool"!!

"I bring all the equipment for a real good RIDE."

Those biker events are great because of the vibrations and its always a kewl thing to be a part of "spanky and the gang" as it's natures natural calling of the wild. It can be hard to know which of the bikers are the dentists and podiatrists as I've discovered. Guys banding together in a common style of dress whether its urban cowboy boots with white pants or chaps with not so cheap rugged looking jeans. Kewl stuff for sure.

"You're in luck. I have two hogs you can ride."

It's time to get the holidaze started for this hot leather daddy. There's room for more on this crotch rocket and it's gonna be a long, hard ride to Asbury Park. You comin'?

Stop Crying, Boy, about not getting the drumstick on Thanksgiving. I got a drum stick and two big yams, and the yams sure ain't candied. Now douche your behind and behave yourself.

RE CONTEST RULES: Didn't you say that we are supposed to indicate whether we want two tickets or one. I haven't been prompted to answer that question, and oddly enough, none of the preceding comments address that issue. In any event, I prefer two tickets, but I will setttle for one.

Now that it's known what you're Thankful for - come get the present that you've been waiting for ....... i'll take 2 tickets

Who says only country boys ride Hogs ?

Biker from Boston here. VTX1800. Interested. This a big bash?

"Cum on... and don't make me pull over (either)!!" ~ 2 tix please

Hold on boy, you're gonna get the ride of your life!

Stud Power

2 tickets please

Daddies boy is gone...he broke his chain!

Big pistons, big chests, BIG fun!

would love two tickets

"I've got a hard, throbbin' piece of steel between my legs. Get ready to ride!"

2tickets please

i dont know which one will be harder on your ass.....why dont you ride both and tell me?



Hop on it boy


FUCK the vanilla, cum ride my greasy, big hog!

Booted up and Full throttled.

Wide Open for a Hard Ride

If love is blind, why do motorcycles and leather make me drool?

Watch out for the real rough riders on the Honda Gold-wings with electric pants this winter. They look tough until they get off the bike and the electric under-gear gets snagged on a bush. The wave of the future maybe is a lot of snagged pants that hopefully have emergency cutoff controls to prevent short circuits. Im sure ingenious German engineering maybe can make the underpants better, stronger, more durable and snag-proof eventually, but for now remember to pull down those hi-tech pants very carefully and slowly before the real rough ride begins or it may be an electrifying experience to remember.

Hey BOY!!!.....You got what it takes to ride THIS??!!

Hey BOY!!!...You got what it takes to ride THIS??!! - forgot to include my tix preference....2 tix please.

Great to be on back of the bike in skinny jeans and grabbing onto Daddys waist for dear life. Have fallen off once but the bike wasn't going very fast and the driver doesn't speed along even as once in awhile the friend would say "IS THE F**iNG BITCH STILL THERE?" and then I say "NO!" Its not the words spoken..its the way stuff is said and who is saying it.

Hello everybody Latin boy here
for fun and more

Wanna talk about what's between my legs?

would love either one or two tx...

Grease it up skin it back ride it RAW you man enough to make me squeal like a hog?

Much hotter than Six Flags; this is your Daddy's ride! 2 tix please