The Leather Daddy Perspective

October 28, 2010
The Leather Daddy Perspective

I want to introduce myself to the Daddyhunt readership. My name is Ron, to some Mr. Ron, and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I‘ve lived here for over 30 years and have seen my life transition from one phase to the next, sometimes smooth, sometimes, rough but change has been the constant.

I am currently the President of our local LGBTQ Leather Club, SCORPIUS of CINCINNATI, and we are in the final stages of putting on the MR. TRI‐STATE LEATHER contest the weekend of November 12th. I’ve been involved in the leather community for the past 15 years, more actively in the past 5 years. Prior to that, my involvement was more on the periphery, going to functions, buying myself pieces of leather, attending IML, doing the photography for local leather events, and of course, meeting and playing with hot leather daddies and hunters. However, being part of , organizing and executing a regional leather event has forced me to think about my leather experiences in a much broader perspective.

Like many in the 70’s, I graduated from college, moved to a new city and came out of the closet. I went to the local hangouts at the time but found that I could not relate to most of the men I met. But then, I walked into my first leather bar and immediately, I felt a difference. Here were men who accepted me and encouraged me to be comfortable in my own skin.

Planning the MR. TRI‐STATE LEATHER contest has brought me to a place of warm memories but it has also increased my awareness of the fact that I am now sitting in a different chair on this journey. Now,I am the person who is showing the new people the ropes, the one offering support, affirmation, and guidance to those embarking on a quest for an identity.

I will continue to share with the Daddyhunt readers my insights as yet another path unfolds before me, that of a Leather Daddy. I welcome feedback from other Leathermen as I think we have a unique perspective and can be a good source of information, not only to those interested in leather, but also those who are trying to find their own power, whatever that happens to be.


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About this author: Mr. Ron is a member of Daddyhunt and the President of the LBGTQ Leather Club SCORPIUS of Cincinnati.
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Many folks could use real friends beyond professional group hugs for a fee. The mainstream scenes are just a place for personal grandstanding. I've always done as good intelligent people want all my life even as haven't been the total leather style. Dom/sub exists everywhere in life whether its the physical sense or intellectual verbal spankings. Self-indulgence isn't the way to fulfillment for sure.

Thanks for your post, Mr. Ron. As a younger guy just getting started with leather and dom/sub relationships (fingers crossed!), I'm really looking forward to hearing your advice and perspective.

I applaud you for embarking on this truly wonderful journey. I encourage you to reach out to other leather folk in your community

I've always thought leather men were hot, but haven't really had any contact with them till a couple of years ago when I met a couple who have now become my 'daddies'. They are both big into leather and I've enjoyed dressinf in leather and playing with them and others and I look forward to getting into the scene more and buying my own leathers once I can afford it (I'm a student and entertainer... not alot of money) I've always been into dom/sub type play but not in a relationship sense, this is something my ex struggled to understand which is why we aren't together anymore, lol. the two men who introduced me to leather are such great guys and have introduced me to alot and been very supportive and respectful and given me great guidance. I'm also happy to say that I am MCing the inagural Mr Leather Western Australia next month.

Congrats...let me know how it goes

AWESOME! Ron, your words resonate with me. I'm 28 yr old and recently discovered the Leather Community here in NYC. I've been making some great friends and finding a wonderful place to explore...a whole new part of the gay world is opening up to me. It's still very new, but I like the community a lot. Looking forward to more of your posts.

There are a lot of elements of the leather community that can carry over to other segments of the community as well like the value of compromise and self sacrifice for the benefit of others.

I also look forward to your perspective on things Ron since I have been in the Leather Community since July 1974 first as a fisting bottom boy living communally in a family of 5 boys and a SIR and later on for the past 26 years as an evolving Leather SIR/Daddy.

I do have one question for you...
What is your opinion on the EXHAUSTIVE amount of contests where if it were possible to attend them all, most guys would have their bankbook drained of any savings.
Do you feel that its getting a bit out of hand? Do you feel that with ALL the contests seemingly on every corner now, almost EVERY weekend somewhere in this country, that the meaning of the WIN has been lost?

in Brotherhood..
Daddy Jim

Daddy are correct. There are lots of contests out there and somehow the meaning of what the title represents has been lost. I've seen many men win a title in one competition and the next month, compete in another contest for a 2nd. title. It seems that entering a contest isn't about working for the title, it's about competing at IML.
There has been a lot of discussion about old guard and earning your leathers. I think it is an important step that is missing.

Segments of the leather community realize the value of solidarity and true bonding of the deepest kind where the mainstream is where peoples deepest feelings are eaten up like human resources to consume. Such bonding exists in many places but certainly is not the mainstream.

After being in the leather seen for many years and working at a leather bar in DC for years i,m very desinfancized at what the leather seen has become. Seem any one these days can put on a pair of chaps and a hat and there a Dad/Boy there so much more to it than that. it,s not a frame of mine it,s a life style. Well thay say thing come back round well see. Mike

Mike...I am seeing a deeper understanding of what it means to be a part of the leather community. That it isn't just about the wearing of leather and calling yourself Sir or Daddy, it's about earning that title through thought, deeds and actions. As seasoned leather men, we need to help that energy grow and flourish.

Thanks for your reply and i hole harted agree with the growth and flourishing of the community.I guess all i,m saying is that i,d like for all local groups to take a good look at there pleges and truey ask there self what this person brings to the group and the community not worry about the numbers. Go back to are roots and rember ho we are and what we are. i would like to say that i,m glad there are guys like you out there doing what you do for the community and bring these young men along thanks Mike

Such bonding is lacking in today's society where reliance on pharmaceutical assistance is one's crutch for stability where the idea of character, trust and reliability is getting replaced with cynicism and robotic messages from a drug store reminding when its time to refill.