Longest. Kiss. Ever.

September 20, 2010

Look's like the attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest kiss was successful. Better yet, it was a couple of gay guys who did it. Matty and Bobby, two gay friends, decided that they wanted to "queer up the Guinness World Records" with a record-breaking 33 hour long kiss. Talk about a stiff upper lip!

Men Break Guinness Kiss Record

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Probably the upper lip wasn't the only thing stiff during that marathon :O)

A cute feel good story for our community. Awesome we need more of the same.

A-Men ! Nice sacrifice guys! ;-)

Gay men set records on a daily basis. Finally one is awarded documentation. Keep up the good work guys.

If it caused excitement lasting longer than 4 hours then be sure to consult a doctor for sure - hehe.

i bet their lips were like rubber after it

Theirs no way for a book of records to be that accurate on such things. I hope they are still together for sure.

Matty and Bobby did far more than break a record; they showed they were not ashamed of their sexuality and love as friends.

A tiny percentage of adults let alone gay adults would have the courage and ability to do something similar so congrats Matty and Bobby!

You have my respect totally.

All judgment by 'others' that somebody has done wrong - is totally evil... so guys stand strong in the truth that Satan is hurting by your stand for truth and affection so he will find many who will judge and condemn you - but what you did was beautiful!

A breach of your own monogamous relationships can only happen with a wrong attitude by you as an individual, not through a public exhibition of an affectionate act not a sexual act.

Love you guys!

Affection can be applied in a generic dress rehearsal broadway show way like being ready to kiss every guy on the street based on generic ideology and stimulants rather than personal connection with any individual.