Is Every Guy Crazy For A Sharp Dressed Daddy?

September 21, 2010

With the passing of another New York Fashion week, and the literal passing of many a hot model on the streets, my brain is just starting to digest all the new trends to come. But what struck me most this year, is how the simplest pieces of clothing and accessories tend to turn me on the most. Take my recent obsession with dark framed glasses. If I see a man in these Buddy Holly-esque frames, it’s an instant head turn for me (throw in some facial hair and you’ve got yourself a sealed deal). There’s not much to them, and they’ve been around for half a century, but lately they’re doing wonders for making some men instantly appealing. Maybe it’s the lingering geek association or the perceived wisdom that comes with them. Perhaps it’s the hope of hopes that the man behind them could be an intellectual capable of deeper thinking and higher learning. Whatever it is, they’re working for me in a big way this year.

It doesn’t take the latest looks from Milan or Paris to get my catwalk up and running; a Daddy in the classic jeans and t-shirt look is usually about all it takes to get my sexy meter at full tilt. I guess when it comes down to it, comfort and the way someone wears a look is worth a lot more in the end then that $700 sweater from Barneys. If you’re most relaxed in a pair of sweats and a torn up T, then that may be the sexiest of all.

Of course, naked is fun and underwear is a whole other post unto itself, but leaving even just one piece of clothing on - whether it be a tie, tube socks, or even your pants can sometimes make things even hotter then taking it all off.

What kind of clothing styles on a man make you do a double take? Is it the suit and tie look? Chunky cable knit sweaters? Or does everything just look better on the bedroom floor? We want to know.


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hey buddy....interesting....wwhen the need calls...I also enjoy dressing up....i think it's a lost art for alot of guys.....but......enjoy my jeans n tshirts profile pic BTW.....look me up if your ever in Boston.......Ray

I think a hot construction daddy smelling of a hard days work is the hottest

I like a daddy in leather :)

Well, I couldn't care less about the "In Style" fashion subculture, but I love sing daddies in business suits, tuxedos, etc.

What we should be concerned about is the man IN the clothes. A well-dressed man can turn out to be an absolute prick, just as a casual or sloppily dressed man can. It's like all of the cock pics I see as default pics in profiles: I want to see the man behind the genitalia, behind the facade of "in-style" or "out-of-style" clothing.

I subscribe to many of the so-called "gay" magazines; i.e., Out, Instinct, etc and when I see some of the fashion shots, I say to myself "Geez, that looks so faggy." Unfortunately, many of the guys want to be "in-style" and will run out to buy that stuff, which, of course, makes the clothing manufacturers and retail stores quite happy.

I look for a man who sticks to basics and is not a label follower. It's the man I cherish, not his clothing.

I think all of you have hit on something: its the man and not the clothes ultimately. However, I believe that you are missing the true meaning of what is style and what is fashion. "STYLE" is inate, something that a man is born with. It comes from within and, in moy opinon it gives a man that special "oomph" that we all look for and wish we all had. Some call it "class, elegance, manners, politeness, whaterver..." style comes from the soul of a man. What you decide to wear that particular day is "fashion". Thats the difference. Some men wear fashion better than others. Some dress to impress and do it very well. Others folow the current trends and look like circus clowns. WHen a man has that inate style he has the knowledge and finesse to know what looks good and can carry it off - whether it is an Armani suit or a pair of torn jeans and a raggedy t shirt.

Know the difference. Cultivate your inner style and your personal fashion sense will evolve.

I completely agree. Fashion comes and goes like the wind, but style... style is innate, not learned behavior. Style is each individual's self expression on the outside of how they feel inside.
There are those jeans and tee shirt days that say, "Hey, it's a great day with a casual, pretention-free air that exudes a confidence that the wearer is comfortable with his or her inner being. Then there are those days that warrant a dressier attire. While there are do's and don'ts that people fail to pay attention to, like not wearing socks with a tuxedo, those occasions are where we, as human beings, can really express ourselves and show some flair. A trendy addition to a classic and well tailored wardrobe is all anyone needs to discreetly say to the world "I keep up with the current trends. Tailoring is the key. Everyone's frame is different and NO man, regardless of who they are, can wear a suit off the rack and expect it to fit him perfectly. Gentlemen, the choices are endless, two button, three button, one button, break, no break in the pant, consult a professional if you are confused, but there is no excuse for a saggy pant seat or a crotch down to your knees!
What it boils down to is, be comfortable. Be comfortable in what you wear, who you are and in your surroundings. When you do, you will exude a personal style that shows the would that you are confident, put together and on top of your game, whether the attire is Denim or Diamonds, wear it with pride.

Its not surprising that a week of fashion shows would come to an end in New York with the issues of hygiene currently spreading amongst New York's Manhattan elite fashion shops according to news reports. Style certainly doesn't guarantee its all peachy underneath the suit in such cases.

Just about everyone looks good sharply dressed in a suit. Not everyone looks good in leather. Tetherball anyone? Sportswear, uniforms and practical gear can be hot too. I like clothes on a man and making out with them on.

I like different looks, appropriate to the age & body type of the guy.

Business or formal attire looks good on some guys, but only starts to ring my chimes when the tie is loosened/removed, the jacket is off, the shirt is in some stage of unbuttoned (maybe the shirt tails pulled out of the pants), or the pants have been removed & folded over the back of a chair, leaving the guy in underwear, a fully unbuttoned shirt & dress socks. Tom Cruise in Risky Business comes to mind!

I like a trim-to-muscular guy of most age groups in faded jeans and a tee shirt (sleeveless on some). Labels mean nothing to me. I also like jeans combined with a flannel shirt (esp. solid red) or the top half of thermal underwear, if the guy has a very masculine look.

Applying the faded jeans to 20-somethings, give or take a few years, (and still using the trim-to-muscular criteria) a few worn-thin or "holey" areas are hot, as are tops that are a bit short-waisted and tend to give peeks of the belly and waistband of the underwear when the guy moves just right.

Finally, I love the look of the guy whose appearance turned me on from the beginning, and whose clothing is now lying on my bathroom floor as he steps out of the shower with a small white towel tied low around his waist and clinging nicely to his privates.

Fashion Warning: New York's elite clothing shops are experiencing lack of self esteem due to hygiene challenges according to recent reports. Stay away from the opera and broadway for now till the suits can be sanitized for your protection.

In all honesty, I really don't care much about what a man wears; it's the man beneath the clothes that excites me most of all. It's things like watching the way a man moves in his clothes to try to figure out what he's got underneath them. Like looking for striations in a man's shoulders or back muscles is a HUGE turn on... Or seeing a buldge in his crotch when he steps forward as he walks or looking for that classic 'V' shape thanks to his latissimus dorsi muscles being well-developed.
To me, it's the thrill of getting those clothes off, like unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning, to see what's inside.

It's like staring at a de-badged BMW and wondering if it's actually an M-series car like the way it looks or if it's just a run of the mill Bimmer that someone has dolled up to look like an M. (An M-series car is BMW's performance version; yes, I love BMWs.)
Or it's like looking at a de-badged Mustang and wondering if it's got a V8 under the hood or a V6.

Usually there are ways to determine what's under the hood by looking at the exterior, and that's really all I see clothes as: a mild presentation of what's on the inside. There could be a lot more, or it could just be a big bluff... But you'll never know unless someone makes a move.

I think it depends on the man, what looks hot or sexy. Have seen men dressed in suits that look sexy, but have seen sexy men in suits that just doesn't work. Jeans and a nice t-shirt can be sexy, or jeans with a dress shirt can be a turn on also. Shorts with a tucked-in t-shirt can really be sexy if the guy has nice leggs. Have seen chubby guys, skinny guys, short guys, and tall guys who all looked sexy when dressed right. Have been turned on by men who don't look sexy in their clothes, but when you get to know them they turn out to be very sexy.

My ex-boyfriend was 52 when we started dating. The first time I saw him, I fell in love. T-shirt and jeans, shorts, casual dress, suit, All of these styles turned me on. I never dress up unless I have to, but when I did, he expressed that it increased his attraction towards me.

Even hanging around home, Dockers and an Oxford broadcloth shirt are most comfortable to me. Wearing a suit or a tux just makes me beam... I feel great dressed to the nines.

A real turn on for me are jersey boxer trunks that hug a guy in all the right places. And if he's completely nude, nothing hardens my wood more than if his only accessory is a formal, around the neck bow tie! Damn HOT! :-)

The ultimate look on a man are a pair of jeans, casual shirt open just enough to show a hairy chest, nice sneakers (not what he wears every day) and a baseball cap. A vest would do well also. The topping a couple days stubble with aviator glasses, and I'm hooked.

i love undressing a well dressed man!

Personally I don't mind the wearables (I'm not sure if that is even a word!) on a guy. But experience often leads me to think that clothes cover more than just our naked bodies. It could be our need to portray ourselves a certain way, disguise a "bodily defect", or just plain overly obsessed with wearing what new item the world of fashion creates. Because of this, I tend to admire (more) a guy in just plain old jeans and T shirt. Interestingly enough, what I find most appealing is the manner a guy carries himself in whatever piece of clothing he's wearing...and that doesn't have to be a $1000 suit and tie from Gucci!

Sharp Dressed! Yikes What a Huge turn off! What I want to see a guy in are Carhartt Jeans, a John Deere Baseball hat, or something that says Cummins, or Stihl chainsaws, along that line, Definitely he's gotta wear Romeo Boots, absolutely required. preferably a button up shirt with cut off sleeves or flannel and logger suspenders. and the Best prop of all would be a lifted 4X4 Diesel powered pickup with a confederate flag liscense plate on the front. Yee Haw Git'r done! Oh yeah and of course he's also not a day over 30 years old. So that would be the ideal outfit, but as a second choice I melt for a dude in shorts a T-shirt and flip flops, BUT only if he's got really nice feet

I don't like a man who is 'fashionably' dressed because I think he's too much influenced by superficial things. I like a young man who expresses himself in how he dresses and isn't too, too concerned about what that is. I've known some Pretty Young Things whose vapidity was manifested by their devotion to luxury brands, amongst other things.

Many suits are not earth friendly once they hit the landfill. Should we be more concerned about the environment or about how our bum feels in a synthetic suit in the short term. Yellow warning labels on seat of pants might help :)

It depends on the mood how to dress. If I have somewhere cool to go I love to put on a black jacket with a black shirt and jeans, I also like wearing a white or black tee shirt with blue levis, I've always said use fashion don't let fashion use the way I used to be in fashion big time haha

The focus should be on the man..PERIOD. The proverbial old addage, you cant judge a book by its cover applies here. You can wrap a present up in VERY expensive gift paper, put on hand made bows of wonderful color and texture but when you go to open the package, if there's nothing in the box but dog poo then that's all you get..DOG POO. On the other hand, you can put a ten thousand dollar diamond ring in a box wrapped with newspaper and when you open the box you have a JEWEL and despite gay men and their silliness with whats on the outside, i.e. muscles, hair face, you can still have DOG POO on the inside. When I was studying for my PH.D my then professor told the class...its not your yellowing teeth that keeps you from finding love its you yellowing personality !!!

Who cares what people wear??? It all ends up on the bedroom floor anyway !

Regular-fitting pants and t-shirts are nice. I cringe everytime I see another daddy in a muscle shirt and ultra-tight jeans. Also, just say no to low-rise!

Tweed sport jackets and button down casual shirts on guys can be very sexy. As long as guys dress naturally and don't try to overdo it, it's fine with me.

I don't usually like "trendy" clothes. Men's classic business wear has not changed much for 50 years. Gray, black or blue suit, white shirt, black lace up shoes, a silk tie with a bit of color. Khakis and a polo shirt or jeans and a t-shirt for more casual wear. Add a sport jacket to make things a bit more dressy. Form fitting clothing should only be worn if you work out and have the body for it. And all guys look good in a well fitting classic tux for formal events.

clothes can be a representation of someones mentality, mine are and sometimes they are all a pretence. big heavy glasses are such a turn on, the idea of brains is the best but often its not true, its all an affectation. a big no no for me, 40 year old men in dunks and bad denim with a printed tee, puh-lease, grow up! does nothing for me, to totally hit my nerve of lust, chunky warm knitwear, slim jeans and brogues, well im drooling at the thought! where are thee!!!!

A person's demeanor is more likely to get my attention than what they are wearing. Although I do have to say that the picture of you in your superman underwear definately got more than a passing glance.

Not having any clothing fetishes gives me the opportunity to be attracted to a wide variety of men, but if you forced me to choose an item of clothing, I would say that a smart suit has universal appeal because it can look good on both older blokes and young ones. It is usually the person in the clothing that makes the clothing look good though opposed to the other way around.

I don't get the whole glasses thing, the link to intelligence is a myth certainly with older blokes, most of us will experience failing eyesight after a certain age, more so as we spend more time sat in front of a computer screen, which requires little intelligence these days. Most intelligent people I know are more inclined to wear contact lenses, to my knowledge their intelligence has not suffered as result.

for me, I got so irritated with the fetishes be it a tshirt, or leather or other things that I would ask are you interested in me or just have sex with the clothes?

I much prefer au natural. No clothes no boots no jockstraps....