Fall Into the Gap

September 24, 2010

Now that Fall is up and officially running, it reminds me of how many amazing date possibilities exists after summer. From hayrides to pumpkin patches, it seems like things tend to slow down in the fall and relationships start to get serious. Summers tend to be an overload of fun - in a great way for the most part, but sometimes things are just too busy for anything to really solidify. That’s why the juxtaposition of Summer mentality versus Fall is actually quite optimal.

I know a good destination-less walk ending with a long chat on a park bench under the fall foliage is a favorite Fall date of mine, but I want to know: what are your favorite season specific dates? Let’s get some good ones out in the open so the rest of can be inspired (and occasionally steal some great ideas).

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Well, I live in Babylon By The Bay, also known as San Francisco, and when all of the rest of you are beginning to hunker down to cold weather we are just getting our first truly glorious days and nights of sun and clear skies. A favorite fall walk of mine at night after a luscious meal somewhere, perhaps even my kitchen, is just wandering the neighborhood and smelling the night blooming jasmine, talking about whatever comes into our heads. We might look up at the grand painted ladies and talk about the City and its bawdy history, or pause and stare at someone's orchids growing out in front of their home.

can i get the date first!

If people getting serious is a seasonal event then wait till summer and the moodiness may shift - hehe. I visit an acquaintance in Colorado every year where it's not a sex or relationship pursuit and not based on weather patterns. A circle of good friends is more permanent than most LTR's in the gay community.

oh dont say that, i need hope of being in love!

A serious interest isn't going to be based on temperature variations in our pants at the computer induced by seasonal climate change for sure.

I know for me that fall in New England is so awesome. After enjoying the summer and the beach it feels good to have the cool crisp windy days of fall. I think there is something to the seasonal change in that the fall can be a time to reflect and smile at those summer memories and a time, a calm if you will, before the holiday rush sets in. How great is it to get in the car and drive in the country and see the foliage, stop at small towns steeped in history. Walking on a trail and hearing the leaves crunch underfoot. That sound transports you back in time to being a kid and making a huge pile of leaves and then jumping in it or kicking your way through a pile of leaves. How awesome would that be to do with someone you care for. Horseback riding on a fall day is amazing. Salem is a fun place to spend the day before Halloween comes. It's a great walking town with much to see and do and has great places to eat. I know for this guy, each season brings different feelings.....................perhaps it would be boring if we did not have them and lastly think about it, how many of us have not said when we are in a particular season.......................................boy I can't wait till (season) is here?????