Daddy Destinations

September 17, 2010

Every Friday we’ll be featuring a great destination for daddies. Whether it’s a vacation spot halfway across the world or a new party popping up in a neighborhood near you. Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why we’re counting on our amazing members to help steer us in the right direction. You can submit your destinations to with the subject line “Nightlife” and we’ll help keep the daddy/hunter masses in the know.


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About this author: Rob lives in Manhattan with his black pug Riley. When he’s not thinking about daddies, he enjoys writing, eating burritos, watching copious amounts of television, and thinking about his next meal.
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I'm going to be moving to a new area (close to DC) soon, so this will be great for someone like me who will have NO clue of where to go. Also, you daddies out there are more than welcome to show me around, too!

Nice smile and nice comments. Look forward to being in touch especially after your move to this area. Hope to have the pleasure of receiving an email with a few more details.

Bearaccuda tonight at MJ's bar in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. I've heard it's a fun event.

There's always about a hundred daddies and hunters every Friday night at The Slammer sex club in Silverlake.

Saugatuck-Douglas, Mi is always enoyable to vacation, nice beach(gay area), and wonderful bar. The Dunes

I am pretty much an expert on current southeast Asia - Thailand, Bali, etc....

Check out Ogunquit Maine. Great place. Only 66 miles north of Boston.
Blog about Ogunquit....

Hunters should all go to Palm Springs every weekend!

why, wassup in palm springs for a hunter? n where to go?

Can't wait for some very naughty events. Yes siree for sure.

In Fort Lauderdale its Georgies Alibi and Bills

There is a rest stop on the Interstate that is a destination for chat room Daddies but it's best to avoid unless one has the philosophy that the world is ending in 2 months and hygiene with strangers is not of importance. I hear there are regular bear conventions near Key West but the hotel of choice each year may change perhaps.