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August 23, 2010
Category: Wellness

The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow into our company, pets we allow into our solitude.
~Robert Brault

gay bears

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Pets understand their place without having a ton of issues. They sense your nature through actions and instinct without needing to understand a "State of the union" speech. They know what they like and need without a professional service handing them a program guide. They don't give advice. They are simply there for you and so forth and so on............

A man is alone because he wants to be, he is always looking for someone better than what he has at home, commitment phobe, open relationships, gay marriage are seriously!! Not for men, all men are dogs, regardless of sexual orientation. Enjoy the silence, we all leave as we come alone.

I am alone with my 2 cats. They love each other and I love them. I know they love me too. Animals are a lot better than most humans. I had 2 loves that died on me, one hiv and one just cancer. I am alone, but not really lonely. I find that dog people are different from cat people. Just like people with hiv are so different then the hiv neg ones. (So they say.). All the guys who used to be so negative yrs ago all died of aids. odd huh? Maybe they should have had a cat. I have lived with it for 25 yrs, never been sick and am undetectable. You can't love a cat or a man til you love yourself. My last love was neg and i buried him. Neg didnt seem to help his CANCER of the brain.

Actually, regarding CATS, I'd paraphrase Robert Brault's quote, to whit: The difference between friends and CATS is that friends we allow into our company, cats -- they allow US (when they so choose) into THEIR solitude. Or to quote my favorite feline-oriented bumper sticker: "Cats don't have owners, they have STAFF."

Cats also will warm up to anyone with a can of "fancy feast." They can become very finicky and then the disturbing thing is that there are some people who will let the cat or pooch loose in the woods after the pet got used to that lifestyle. Someone should take those people to the woods of South America and let them loose so they can't find the way back home :)

My dog doesn't care about looks, riches, status, material stuff (other than 1 toy, water, food, and a few bed places) or dick size. He doesn't lie to me about how he feels. He is my alarm clock, personal trainer (you will go for a walk NOW!). A friend called him my domesticated partner.

lovely, well said; i'll be re-quoting

For me, there is something wonderful just watching Fish swim around in a home aquarium. Mesmerizing and peaceful too. Not as interactive as household pets in my life, but just as worth the effort.

Just ending a nine year plus relationship. Coping with many feelings and just trying to get through it all one day at a time. Thank God I have my two Yorkies, Will and Grace, to keep me company and love me unconditionally.

I do not have a pet. It takes a lot of commitment and time to give a pet the care and attention they deserve. I enjoy traveling and live in a flat. I enjoy the dogs and cats of friends bit I think it is important to weigh the benefits of pet ownership with the the responsibilities it entails. I hate seeing animals poorly cared for and sometimes abandoned.

Most landlords wont allow for pets because of the scratch marks.

Dogs & cats are fine, I agree they must be properly cared for (regular vet, shots, food, water, not left in vehicles, backs of trucks, not on the drivers lap, etc), but VERY important ***TRAIN THEM***, you might like them, BUT, they don't need to jump & hump others!! Don't expect others to like your animal just because you do!! Personally, I'm alergic, take that into consideration when you have pets & visitors combined!!!!!!!!

Oh My gawd. Those pooch's are lucky to get trained but don't keep them from humping each other. That is what the website is all about. Oops! Not very intellectual for sure - hehe.

Our home is not the same since our little dog passed away over a year ago, i guess Cats have a soul and personality, Dogs just show it more in their lives, wonder if the movie "Cats and Dogs" has influenced this blog?? WOOF!

It is also true that some people have a limited circle of friends because they don't obtain grooming services for the dogs. I have personally seen dog enthusiasts have a house full of pets to the extreme where if you visit then a large parrot comes over to nibble your ear and dogs sniff and poke your seat of pants as the owner thinks that is just so cute and then gives a guy a ride to the office in fancy pants with the seat still covered in hair. In one case a guy had 4 large wolfhounds that were about 150 pounds apiece and they slept all around the bed and in the bed as well so taking a shower had not much effect for any humans sleeping in the bed. It was a very nice family between him and the large poochs and always would be and that's what counts most. However grooming them to the extreme would be as silly as a guy starching his collar twice a day to impress office people at the coffee machine who could care less how stiff the collar is. The warmth that is derived from any situation is more important than appearances. There was a British sitcom about keeping up appearances and its not worth it for sure. Just be oneself regardless of aromatic environmental issues.