The Long and Short of It

August 16, 2010
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The other day a man asked me what I thought was the best time of life. "Why," I answered without a thought, "now."
~David Grayson

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I agree with that one absolutely!

"Why, now?" Because everyone's journey is completely different. Even in relationships we might travel alongside another for a short period of time or for a long period of time, but we all experience the epiphany of life at different times and always in our own unique circumstance and experience. Hence, my later, can be, and will be someone else's now.

No 2 situations are going to be alike for sure. I have seen many amazing attitudes that vary greatly based on life experience, education and many variables that shape the foundation of how things develop between guys. It doesn't take long to see that no stereotypes exist as seen on TV or in the entertainment industry. Some guys grab the bull by the horns and others are more slow going and so on. That's what makes this an interesting site where there is more variety within the mature crowd than within the younger crowd because there has been plenty of time for character to build through time and younger ones are just learning and going through booboo's that mature guys have already been through before.

Anytime could be the best time of my life, you just never know until looking back, always in mind there is still the future to come.


you are so damn right! :-)

Age is just a number. counting days and years means giving up life instead of living it!

The best time of my life? I have had many "best times in my life"...when a good looking man winked at me while grocery shopping, when I looked up one night and saw the Northern Lights dancing in the sky, the time I saw the Shuttle atop a 747 getting ready to land, standing in a field of wild flowers in Texas, being hugged tightly by one of the residents at the nursing home where I work, getting licked on the tip of my nose by my dog, when the temperature is neither hot nor cold outside, when a movie makes me laugh so hard I can hardly breath, or a movie causes one of those good boo-hoos, a really good pizza, an orgasm that makes me smile for a long time afterward, and when someone tells me they love me. The best time of my life? Every time I stand still long enough to be thankful for what I have.

I've always said "tomorrow" to that question...

My question is why does there have to be a best time? Why can't your entire life be a best time in and of itself? I celebrated 50 years of life on August 1st and as I look back to all that I can remember of my life it has all been a best time. There have been days, months, and sometimes years back to back which I wished, at that time, could have been better, but as of now I embrace and celebrate them all. Why? Because I wold not be the human being I am today, should I have been able to trade in any of those moments which seemed to offer me less than what I thought was a good time. Those times which appeared and felt like less than a rose garden at that time has led me to a place where I can smell the roses and look at the thorns and see that even they, the thorns have their place and purpose in the protection of the rose from those animals that would otherwise literally devour the fragrant delicate bloom.

1 million years passes quite fast so have a bit of fun before continental drift brings plenty of change :)

yesterday is gone, tomorrow is uncertain, today is a gift that's why they call it "The present"!

Oddly enough the yesterdays keep cycling around because of human nature even as the vocabulary shifts to sell new types of products and services to enhance the shopping mall experience.

How true!

Carpe diem! Tomorrow always turns into yesterday.