Maison Du Butch

August 2, 2010
Category: Porn, which started in 2008, is all about celebrating the masculine. Hairy, beefy, muscled guys in all shapes and sizes can be found on the site in completely exclusive material. It’s a “bear” site in the more European sense, as these are fit, tough looking dudes, that you certainly want to see more of… and Butch Dixon gives it to you.

The set-ups are usually fairly simple, wrestlers that get a little closer in the middle of practice, sweaty construction workers taking a break on a roof job, or simply two guys in bed, but some go further from a jewel thief that gets more than interrogated to two left-alone soldiers looking forward to a break from their current tour that decide to blow off a little steam on their last night. But again, this site is all about the guys and each video highlights two masculine men enjoying each other to the fullest.

In terms of manly, big strapping-man porn, is a premiere site for exclusive material. With ample content, hot guys, and variety of download and streaming options, it’s sure to please. The only negative to is that there are still only twenty-four hours in a day. (NSFW)

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Yes I've known about for a long time, it's a great site
with great looking hairy, masculine men. WOOF

nice guys and wonderfull actions..... mmmmmm

Woofy woof for sure.