Daddy Gets Caught up in Gawker's Manhunt Bash

August 12, 2010
Daddy Gets Caught up in Gawker's Manhunt Bash

Hey Men --- On Tuesday, poly-sexual blog Gawker included Daddyhunt in an article entitled:

What Does Your Gay Hookup Site Say About You?

Here's how they characterized Daddyhunt:

Daddyhunt: It's like Manhunt but for mature guys and the men who love them.

Who You'll Find: Old guys (sorry, "silver foxes") and young bottoms looking to either get roughed up or snag a meal ticket.

Best Thing: Who doesn't love a hot daddy? Also, if you're under 40, a lot of the guys will be rabid for you.

Most Annoying Thing: The daddies on the site aren't nearly as sexy as the daddies in porn.

Chances You'll Get Laid: Pretty good, but it might take awhile.

Guys Who Use Daddyhunt Have...: Cialis.

Like any vain website, we love the attention, but we think they got a few things wrong :

  1. Who are they calling "Old Guys"? Yes, many of us are over 25 but come on, don't they know that 50 is the new 35?

  2. Gawker either didn't spend much time on the site or is watching some very bad porn. There are loads Daddies on Daddyhunt that blow porn stars away in looks and talent!

  3. Guys who use Daddyhunt have: Confidence, Less Drama, More Stability, Wisdom, Authenticity and Hotness. Sure there may be a few little blue pills in the medicine cabinet, but we call that 'being prepared'. Daddyhunt men don't mess around.

Don't worry Gawker, we still have lots of Daddy love for you. In fact, we want to be included in any article that slams our competitors. We know all about your ultra-snarky sense of humor and read between the lines to get a wink and a kiss. Right back at you. You snot nosed brats.

Tell us 'Cialis popping old guys' , why are you a member of Daddyhunt and how does your experience on differ from that on other sites?


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Lol he's right most of the daddys aren't hot there grandpas lol ... where are all the hot built muscle daddys at!

well.. we cannot all look like "Snooki wanna-bes" ....

LOL scruffy! Njhotesttt is bring the attitudes fo the twink bars into here- needing to insult those you don't find attractive.

Try looking at the site and people before making snap judgments based on ageist and juvenile stupidity......and DUH this is the site for Grandpas......I'm one and proud of it......alot of guys here look better than guys in their 20's....and for the record it is "they're" not "there".......another advantage.......english education.......and maturity......


Thank you SIR,
you are so right on so many LEVELS.

I concur with sirSF. I'm certainly old enough to be a grandpa as well and I still get carded at the bars. I have met several young men here who greatly (and equally) value maturity, education, monogamy, stability & staying healthy as much as nice physiques and good looks.

Well if you don't like what is offered here...Why are you here?
Besides what 21yr old boy has experienced enough to actually know anything?
Not trying to be a jerk, but you are insulting.

love the misspellings, sweetheart! Good luck.

Not here njhottestt. You got it right, granddaddies to say the least or they look like they been cracked out for weeks. LOL

Um, what site are you two on? There are all types of men here to suit all tastes and none of the people I've met here look "cracked out for weeks". And how can looks mean so much to you when you don't even have a profile picture of any kind? If you two gentlemen - ha! - are not finding what you are looking for, why bother to be so childishly negative? I think all would agree that now is a great time to move on and bless - ha! - some other site with your superficial and boring presence.

I've never seen a grandfather on crack. I believe he is referring to his own family situation, in which case someone needs to call Children and Family Services to have him removed from the home.

And the misspelled and misused words in the first post on the topic suggest an eighth grade education, in which case someone should take extra steps to verify he's over 18.

I suggest they switch to Manhunt, where the average age is 25 and average mental age is 17.

Obviously you haven't been looking in the right places. Personally I'm not the hottest Daddy type in town, but there are Daddies here that blow away any porn stars I've ever seen. I am getting a lot of action, and I'm just an average guy, enjoying the attentions of some of the hottest younger guys it has ever been my pleasure to meet, so if you can't appreciate this sight, I suggest you go back to jerking off by yourself, and let the rest of us here have fun with each other. Daddy Hunt has some of the hottest, least judgmental, most open minded, sexiest guys I have ever met.

Hey Guys,

Just want to step in before this gets anymore heated. We really appreciate you all defending the virtue of the DH community but lets not make it personal. Please remember our commenting rules - No flaming.


Gawker obviously doesn't know Daddyhunt since every point is pretty much off the mark. Most importantly, while some people use it exclusively for hooking up, unlike Manhunt, there are lots of people here looking for relationships and friendships and they even politely respond to messages!

Gosh.. I'm HOPING that I don't look like a cracked out grandpa... hmmm...

Far from it!

I second TroyM- very handsome man.

"Third-ing' TroyM (if that's at all allowed in the Rules of Order) .. VERY Handsome. Not a 'cracked-out'grandad' at all!

Actually....your pretty Hot! ;)


Operator7G can operate on me yum yum

You're looking pretty tight to me, Seattle!

my experience on any of these sites is that there are nice people, and then there are very angry people. the nice people will usually respond to you in one way or another, whether it be no thanks, or not my type, or not a match; as opposed to the angry people who somehow have come to believe that ignoring someone is the acceptable way to say no thanks or really feel the need to call you grandpa, or some more vicious type of slur. either way i miss the days in the 70's and 80's when EVERYONE hung out on christopher street on a sunday and we all go along pretty well.

If you want to meet a "hot" daddy, then watch porn guys who are only as real as their next paycheck.

Daddyhunt is for real daddies; if someone doesn't like it; then go somewhere else. There is a great variety of men on here, but I do get disappointed in how many don't have photos to view. But life isn't perfect. If you find one, fine, if you don't find one fine. The name "Gawker" actually say a lot.

Blogging is hardly scientific, and all too often an expression of personal prejudices. Since daddyhunt continues to row, that should be the answer to Gawker and all the other naysayers.
Finally, I am a real dad & grandpa; if someone likes me, good, and if not? also good.

I don't what Gawker is talking about. There's plenty of hot muscle daddies on this site. I haven't had a nasty experience in messaging other men and everyone seems polite.

ps; I meant "grow" not "row" sorry for error

I found Gawker's comments completely unfounded in any semblence of reality and truth relating to this website. I have met many people - both Daddies and Hunters who are polite, extremely well-educated, financially stable & employed (unlike many other sites I don't care to mention..MH) and eager to meet other MEN for more than just sex. As far as "cracked out for weeks" members...I have, unfortunately, found that description describes more younger members of our gay community than it does to our more mature members, although this is a very small number here on SD. Perhaps Gawker needs to put his pipe down and clear his head. Maybe then he would see how many great guys there are to be had (no pun intended) here on this site.

Sorry fellow members: I'm not usually this rude, but this guy just ticked me off!

Damn...And here I thought I was at my prime and "aging gracefully" Guess I will have to re-evaluate my mindset...

You REALLY do not have to reset anything, it's the S&M (stand and mode crowd) that needs a button pushed for a reset - pun intended. Hot Hunter, any time you're near the beach...

You're still a kid to me and a very handsome one, too.

"Second" LAmuscle4fur ... Given what I've seen on here - I think we're in our 'Prime' at 40-something (obviously the 'New-30') and that I'm looking for guys in their 50's as well as back into the late 30's - ages I thought were attractive on a one-off basis when I was young & dumb - but always worth checking-out. They're now well worth exploring.

'Age is a number' - all too few sometimes grasp that (I find it amusing when someone handsome and 63- sends a shy note and says that the 'Profile says up to 62' in the Age Preferences). Damned the preferences - I think that was automatic or something! If you're bright, outgoing, stable, sincere and interesting - attractive is a bonus ... hit me up and say 'hey'. It's sad that some don't take a compliment well or see 'age' as so all-important a factor in meeting a 'person'.

I dont know about you guys , but I have met some really hot and rock hard men on this site and I am still friends with all of them. I think the guys on this site rock and I havent met a cialis poppin bum yet. I have found the men to be smart, funny, creative and a gass to talk to .

Sup Gawker. cum see me!!

One of my favorite sites...the daddies outside of Chicago are for me...New York, San Fran, Fort Lauderdale, Montreal...all the places I travel to see my sexy men strut their stuff...I only hope they are looking for me as well ;-)

It's plain and simple: That which one does not understand, is most often ridiculed without merit or justification. (insert eye roll here)

Just because Gawker personified the website as being basically the online trolling ground from grandpas and money grubbing chickens, doesn't mean it's true. Personally speaking, I've met some most outstanding gents here, and I'll back my word up by saying I'd rather meet someone HERE than in a bar full of S & M (stand & model) queens, or as someone coined it "snot nosed brats" who have nothing better to do than thumb their noses at anyone less than an Adonis. One of life's gifts they still don't day, their looks will fade. A personality is timeless.

Must we give them airtime? I gave up trying to watch Twink TV years ago...surprised it hasn't been cancelled yet.

Gawker is just out to publicize his site, which he's done, obviously. I am one of the Daddy/Grandad types (almost 71) and have been very successful on this site with meeting some very nice guys. I'm off to South Florida tomorrow to attend a festival with a guy I met here just the other day. Some pleasant chatting, telephone numbers exchanged, an invitation offered (and accepted), and I'm off to an adventure. Hopefully, he will have an adventure also. He's 44.

BTW, I have been very surprised at the remarkably good shape the guys have been on this site. Of course, there's always a few, to my eyes, that are not so hot but as they say "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder."

This has been one of the very best older/younger sites I've ever been on.

I have to agree. I have said it time and time again that this site is a testament to how well we older men are not only keeping in shape, but getting better all the time. Also, the remark about beauty being in the eye of the beholder is so true and shows what a diverse group of handsome, sexy, cute, rugged, thin, hugely muscled, short, tall, blond, bald, shaved, hairy, tatted, pierced, young, middle aged, and older wonderful men there are on this site. Sorry Gawker...but dadddyhunt is just the best of it's type out there. Period.

The slogan here says it all, Real men, no attitude. Every email or grope of mine here has been answered and all the guys are nice...

Eat your heart out Gawker!

There are very great men of character, wisdom and life experience on here and that takes years to acquire and is what is ultimately the most sexy thing of all. Whether they are hairy, smooth, tall, short, skinny, large etc does not matter when you connect with what you can''t see in a picture at all.

As a longtime member, I'm neither a daddy or a boy... stuck somewhere between. I for one have seen, chatted with and met some Daddies who are far more hot and sexy than most porn stars, or many other sites. Many of our members are members of muscle sites, other than DaddyHunt, but most prefer DaddyHunt because the majority of our members are real men. Not pumped up twinkies with vanity issues. Being just a normal guy, myself, I cannot say I get more attention from any other site, than here on DaddyHunt. I've made some great friends, and some friends I have yet to meet in person, but I'll always support DaddyHunt and everyone who calls DaddyHunt 'home.' How many other sites can make that claim?

It's only a blog. Not to be confused with reality.

I for myself can say that I basically only made good experiences and made some really good friends here...not only cyber friends, but real friends.
and I can actually check and friendship, cyber and real life...worked pretty good for me.

...and I dont really get this all-pumped-up-guys thing...for me the average "guy from next door" is pure porn!!! of course the muscle guys are hot to look at...I am gay after all :o)

point is...there are so many members here - in all shapes and know what I mean.
I am sure there are guys for every taste!

...have a great weekend guys!
wolf from Austria

Not only are the Daddies here smokin hot, the Grandads are equally hot and all the hunters here are superfine and into those Daddies and Grandads so yunz can go back to those other sites and have at it cause DaddyHunt is the only place you will find these ultra fine, ultra hot, ultra sexy rock you all night and make a porn star beg for mercy Daddies and Grandads. NUFF SAID!

There are a lot of sexy men- daddies and hunters- on this site. Like to think I'm one of them- at least for 62. But it is still a hookup site- at least in my neck of the woods. I've sent messages of friendship to several profiles that say that is what they are looking for( I run the local glbt library so I have something to offer) But most of the time I don't get a response at all and even the ones who say they are interested never show up.If you aren't interested in sex you can't be friends? I wish Daddyhunt was as "attitude free" as it claims- but it isn't.

indydaddy - I agree with you although DH is a nice site, it is not attitude free. Gawker was obviously expressing his own opinion and not speaking for the gay population or the fine men on this site.
Although we do enjoy DH we have been slammed with rude comments like "How can you be like or be friends with poz guys" - ok grow up. We have sent out gropes and have had responses like "This site is not for bears or fat men" - seriously this did happen. The best one we got was from a 45 year old on the West Coast (San Fran area) "You are way to ugly to be on this site, why don't you just delete your profile, no one will be interested in guys that are not well built." It just shows the immaturity of some of the members of DH. This is not Manhunt (thank god for that) or even A4A. We respect everyone's opinion and we do realize that we are not every ones type nor is everyone our type, but to be down right rude is unacceptable and shows how you truly are. Again those comments sent to us are from our own personal experience and does not always reflect the experiences of other members of DH.
We feel that we are attractive men and have much to offer in ways of friendship or more. Look we are all men gay/bi or otherwise seeking acceptance from our own, and its our own that are shunning us, and telling us that we are not good enough. I reccommend to those of you (and you know who you are) who chose to send us or other members rude and nasty comments because of a "grope" re-evaluate yourselfs, you feel superior because you are hiding behind a computer screen in the safety of your closet, are you that insecure that you lash out at people who show an interest in chatting? (if so they make medication for that).
For all the wonderful Men/Daddy's/Hunter's/Otters that have conversed with us via email and phone, "Thank You" you are the exception to the rules and a break from the norm.
Gawker said what he wanted to say,did what he wanted to do-now let him face the backlash of his choice.Remember what he did do though was bring Daddy Hunt out into the light to show real men that there is a site for them and their admirers -
With Respect

Way to say..Woofdudes.
I've lost count on the rude comments, games and BS from the "Shoppers" on this site. The "maybe" dance of endless emails in hopes of something better jumping into the cart, and the snarls from sending a grope. Give me a break already.

I've never actually posted a comment before, but I have to agree with you, Woofdudes. I've stopped sending messages to people, because I've gotten extremely rude and sometimes violent messages back ("you're so ugly, why don't you just kill yourself already?")...not only on this site but others as well. When you're already self-conscious about your appearance, that's the last thing you need to hear. The one thing this site has over most others is that the people here almost all have life-experience, and most can actually spell and use decent grammar as well! That's quite refreshing, and I really enjoyed reading the comments on this topic. Oh well...I guess I'll keep trying. :-)

I think there are some hot guys on this site and someone for everyone, however, if you look at the age preference for most of the guys my age here, they are looking for younger guys not guys their own age; with exceptions, everyone lists age ranges younger than themselves.

I would say that this is a great place for guys my age (55) to post their profile and find younger guys who are into them, which happens but does not interest me.

If someone were to sit down and tally the score, i am sure the statistic would reflect that once you are over a certain age, not even the people your own age want you. I do better on the street where the number is not posted and people assume i am younger. Only a number? don't kid yourself.

btw, i did meet a nice guy here who i am seeing and like very much. but also i did cancel my membership. best of luck to all

Well, the comments were funny at first. Then someone had to get serious and ruin the joke.

Gawker - u also had a typo on the word" daddyhunt", it should have been" silverdaddies"

What Gawker described can be found at ANY gay male site! Older men...check. Young bottoms...check. Guys that wanna be "roughed up" (sounds hot to me, but whatever)...check. Guys looking for meal tickets...check.

And what's with the knock against older men? Seems obvious to me that anyone on a site called DADDY HUNT would expect older men to be there (which I like, btw). And an older daddy? Even better.

Also, I've seen plenty of porno's with older men that were NOT hot at all, and I'm not really hung up on looks (more of an attitude guy). There are plenty of great looking guys on this site.

Making broad assertions based on age is as tired as it is inaccurate.

Especially the idea that age indicates a sexual role. Trust me, being 23 doesn't make me a bottom nor does it make me docile--several older men can vouch for me on that, without question.