Daddies and Hunters and Bears... On Twitter and Facebook. Oh My!

August 17, 2010
Daddies and Hunters and Bears... On Twitter and Facebook. Oh My!

The Advocate had a recent article about openly gay Congressman Jared Polis’ Twitter feed. If even Republicans in Congress are Tweeting daily then it’s probably time to admit defeat, accept that Twitter and Facebook are required reading in Digital Life 101 and update my Status.

I tried my darnedest to resist social networking. I didn’t understand why people couldn’t be satisfied with phones, texting and mass emails. But apparently they're not, because not an hour goes by without one or another of my growing circle of friends invading my digital consciousness with any number of opinions, observations and referrals.

So here at DH headquarters we’ve decided to jump into the deep waters of Twitter and Facebook and see if we can contribute to the conversation to make sure Daddies are given their appropriate ‘place at the digital table”.

What do you think are some of the pros and cons of social networking? And who do you think is shaping the online conversation for Daddies and Hunters?

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Eventually actions speak louder than chat services. You can meet good people that way but then it gets time to leave the computer and go groping in person. Sending electronic kisses around the world is as easy as playing recordings of love songs in the comfort of a bedroom I've met some guys who have actually flown to visit acquaintances in Serbia, Jordan, the Philippines and Australia to visit someone they chatted to for awhile and taking some risk by doing so.

The problem is that the internet is global and dating is local, unless you only want to chat, are an airline employee, or very wealthy! While it's nice to know that somebody in Buenos Aires admires me in Seattle, it does not make for a probable relationship!

Each of them has their place, just as sites like daddyhunt do. Twittering makes sense if you like to keep up with people's activities and opinions in real time-ish. Facebook is very useful to find and keep in touch with friends and family (though it is NOT good for anonymous stuff.)

Then when you get to sex and relationships, the hunting and sex sites are where I put my efforts. When you are looking for a quick suck, announcing it on facebook or twitter is not a good idea for anyone. However, hanging on one of the sex/relationship sites gives you the likelihood that you'll get serviced or find someone worth the effort to be friends with too. After they blow you.

I look at facebook as more the 'keeping in touch' type of site, and so I don't look at it for sexual escapades. I guess I see it more as the local pub/community center; you just don't go cruising for dick there, but that doesn't mean you won't meet someone.

As for its relationship to you all, I'd say there are some aspects of your business that would make sense to link, however since many of your profiles are semi-anonymous I doubt most fellas would cross-link to you. However, it doesn't mean you can't have a presence, you just have to keep it PG-17 or so. Perhaps your blog postings and discussion forums and the occasional bear pictures.

I don't see that twitter would help you much, though.

Im looking for friends all over the World!

The internet is a resource to be used, I have collected some amazing tracks for my digital collection through Facebook, found links to DJ's, Clubs, Record labels, chatted with one of my favorite Producers, but if it is relationship/sex you want, it's not difficult to start a group for it on Facebook, but then why would you? If it's relief you are looking for? Hooray Daddyhunt, it's all here for you.

Ok i don't tweet, but if your a business, it's handy to have. "The DH get together is@Big Dick Joes, 8 pm-6am, DJ Big Dildo will be spinning etc etc. see you there!!!" as an example. Start an online group for your own interests, promote it, find followers, e-mail the link to friends and let them pass the word and promote whatever you are doing.

No, I'm in a bedroom spinning underground House and Techno, not love records!!! Yes i do send kisses to online friends, and a relationship has to start somewhere, i just don't burden the poor guy with any need for a loving relationship, easier to begin with friends and common interests, guess that makes me one of those dudes who don't know what they want. No wonder many looking for relationships are not in them, it's all they can see.

Another Blog, another 10 cents worth. Now, over to Facebook to check my social feed.


This is a link to the Gay Bears community page on Facebook

Stick with paper, pencil, cell phones, landlines, email and snail mail. With all of the negative press about Facebook and MySpace about how the owners of those sites retain possession of your pictures even after you delete or deactivate your account, you know your pictures and personal information aren't personal anymore... they now belong to the planet.

Is that really what you want? Think about it.

No, I'm happy with just email and my landline. My idea of social networking is going to church and having coffee after the service. :)

I think my main issue with those sites is that all of that messaging back and forth becomes "he-said-she-said"... not a pretty picture. The thing with Twitter, I guess, is that it's only 140 characters per "tweet/comment", and I prefer putting together words and sentences that have real content and meaning to them.

Lastly, I think it's a sad state of affairs that we've resorted to texting in short bursts, rather than actually carrying on a conversation with each other face-to-face.

LOL, says he commenting on a blog online!!! No offence.

Blogs are kewl as long as the variety of information entered by anonymous sources is not pondered to extremes. A good example is customer comments on online shopping sites where a product can be a customers salvation from office stress or totally useless in the practical world depending on the lifestyle and mood of the commentator. Movie revues are the same. Good movie or bad movie sometimes just depends on the critics personal issues. The whole idea is to occasionally get off the digital table and end up interacting at a table with a warm Daddy actually sitting there while the digital table goes into hibernating mode for awhile - hehe.

Something fun, courtesy of a facebook friend.

A funny from Facebook, was posted on the wrong forum, Sorry Guys.


What are you on, a paranoia trip?